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Road to self-sustainability: Green Buffaloes and Queen’s Academy build Chicken runs

In the recent past, there has been a lot of talk about Zambian clubs becoming self-sustainable due to the changing economical sphere.

Women’s football has not been left out despite it not having even 10 percent of what Men’s football receives in terms of sponsorship. 2019 FAZ Women’s national Championship winners Green Buffaloes and Central Province’s top club Queens Academy have embarked on business ventures as they look to move towards self-sustainability.

Col Priscilla Katoba who is the President of Green Buffaloes and the owner of Queens Academy initiated a project to have the two teams build Chicken runs to help them increase their income base.

Queens Academy team manager Sackson Kavimba believes the venture will help the club with its operational costs.

“The Chicken run will act as an income-generating activity for Queens Sports Academy. We have a lot of costs that we incur to implement our activities like football training which requires us to transport the players to and from the pitch. We also have about 8 students that are rewriting GCE, we provide food and accommodations for them so that profit will get from the Chicken run will help us do that,” Kavimba told the ZamFoot Crew in an interview

“The ladies and boys team also plays in Central Province leagues which also comes with costs like fuel, food, and accommodation. So we thought we could start a money generating venture which is a Chicken run and we all know that Chickens have a market and we can sell to individuals, schools, and lodges,” he added.

Green Buffaloes Women’s football club head coach Charles Haalubono who is also Zambia U20 Women’s national team gaffer is confident the money made from the Chicken run business will help the club take better care of the players before and after matches.

“It will help in a lot of ways, As you know women football does not receive the same funding as men’s team’s and most women’s teams are not treated the same as the men teams. Hence the money teams receive is very little that you don’t have enough to take care of the expenses before and after the match,” Haalubono said.

“So an initiative like this is a plus because instead of just depending on the sponsors you have extra income which will lessen the burden and help us a lot.”

” This is an initiative that we should emulate and improve on and make as much profit from as we can and put it to good use. On my part as a coach, this will lessen the dependency syndrome since the club can generate its own income like how European teams do it. Like I said earlier, Sponsorship in women’s football is not that much and the girls only play for the passion,” he added.

Coach Charles Haalubono

The two ‘sister’ clubs met in the final of the inaugural FAZ Women’s National Championship tournament with Green Buffaloes thrashing their young sisters 9-0 to pocket K40 000.

Green Buffaloes is arguably the best team in Lusaka and contributes over half of the Zambia Women’s national team players and technical bench. Queens is Central Provinces’ topmost Women’s team and contributes aa number of players to junior Copper queens.

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