Christina Czee Zulu with Forest Rangers


The 2019/20 season is on our doors, it will be a complete new calendar altogether. As a nation we are accustomed to the season running from February/March to November/December. That has been the norm, that has been the culture.

But change is on our cards, and everyone is looking forward to it. Especially, the local football followers. Much as I will be joining the bandwagon, I will also be looking at what the media officers will be doing to bring out the untold stories of these clubs and the game.

These will be people like Gwen at Napsa Stars, Allan Matiya and team at ZANACO, the media team at Power Dynamos and of course our own Lilian Musenge at Nkana.

But today I concetrate on Forest Rangers with Christana Czee Zulu who was instrumental in bringing out the insides of Forest Rangers last season and actually did an excellent PR for Austin Muwowo to dispel some of the rumours that were loaded on the boy.

She remembers everything:

“We needed to be on top of things to help the lad concentrate on the team and field of play. As Media Officer I needed him to tell the people the truth,” said Christina.

She is looking forward to the new season

“It will be a massive season and the pushing of the season kick off to month end, makes us prepare more. I am looking forward”

Christina is looking forward to the team doing very well and at least to participate in the ABSA CUP and ultimately make it into the top four.

“Bwezani, am not the coach but as a media person my wish would be to see the team in the ABSA or CAF slots. That’s a dream that can become a reality.”

On the technical bench and players

“We are a family Bwezani and you should see how we relate and move on after disagreements . Proper family unit.”

Her views on the Media Coverage of teams

“Teams should invest more on media, of course we know its a new dimension on Zambian football but we are getting there and soon it will be sail sailing,” concluded Christina.

She did some tremendous work last season for Forest Rangers and as observers, we shall ask for more gains from what she did last season .

Well done Christina and looking forward for more updates and news in depth of Forest Rangers.

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