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Our target is to finish in the top-four- Fathi

The 2019/2020 Zambian Super League enters week eighteen this weekend with matches to be played on Saturday and Sunday.

Napsa coach Mohammad Fathi spoke to the ZamFoot Crew and gave his thought on how his team performed in the first half of the season.

The Egyptian born gaffer believes his side has had a good first half despite having some bad patches. He has reiterated his team’s ambition of finishing in the top four and playing Continental football.

“I think our performance was very good despite the break down we had at the end of the first round. I think we had the same breakdown at the beginning of the season after four games, we drew with Red Arrows, Green Eagles then we lost to Zesco. We came back strong and won 4 in a row, 3 in a roll till we had this breakdown. We finished in the top four in the first round and we booked a position in the Absa cup, we are planning to stay in the top four till the end of the season, ” he said.

He went on to reveal that strikers Bornwell Mwape and Laudit Mavugo will miss the match against Mighty Mufulira Wanderers over the weekend.

“Our target is to finish in the top four. In the last three games, Bornwell Mwape got injured, we tried to push him and he tried to push himself. He got injured in the Dynamos game and he played with an injury in the Nkana and Green Buffaloes game, Laudit Mavugo as sickness and he will be out for two weeks. We have a breakdown in the striking force and that’s why the problem comes in,” he said.

“I appeal to our management, sponsors, and fans to continue supporting us.”

Napsa started well and enjoyed a fair run of games and might go top of the table on Saturday with a win against Mighty Mufulira wanderers provided Green Eagles and Nkana drop points.


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4 Comments to Our target is to finish in the top-four- Fathi

  1. Pungwa says:

    NSCZ to deal with FAZ wrangles before March polls – MulengaBy The Mast on January 16, 2020

    [By Bright Tembo]

    SPORTS minister Emmanuel Mulenga says the government will put in place the National Sports Council board before the end of February to deal with the wrangles in FAZ before the elections.

    Speaking to journalists in Lusaka, Mulenga said it was the desire of the government to make sure that the wrangles are resolved before the FAZ elections slated for March.

    Mulenga directed sports director Bessy Chilemu and the permanent secretary to follow up on what was happening at the Football Association of Zambia.

    “Our desire as a ministry is to put the National Sports Council Board before the end of February because of one reason. We want to deal with the FAZ wrangles that are going on. We hear that some of them have taken FAZ to court and the provincial assemblies that they (FAZ) are doing are not according to their constitution,” he said. “Others have written to the courts of arbitration so that the courts of arbitration can intervene. We cannot encourage such wrangles in football because this is going to take football where it is not supposed to be, so we need to put up the National Sports Council of Zambia board in place as soon as possible so that wrangles can be handled and resolved conclusively.”

    He said the government cannot do anything until it receives an official complaint.

    “…because we are just reading it from the papers but have directed the (sports) director and the PS to make sure they follow the matter to the later so that we can deal with it accordingly,” he said.

    Mulenga said he had not received any report from FAZ about the appointment of the new Chipolopolo coach.

    “At the moment [we] have not received any report until such a time I receive a report I will not be able to comment but as at now I don’t even know the final three coaches and we don’t want to be cited that we are interfering,” he said.

    Mulenga said FAZ has yet given the government a technical report after Zambia’s poor start to the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

    “We are still waiting for the technical report and we wrote to them some two days ago to give us the technical report because we need to know what went wrong and tell Zambians what went wrong,” he said. “You know football is a second religion in Zambia so they need to know what went wrong because the money which is being used to sponsor the team it belongs to them. That’s taxpayers’ money and taxpayers’ money should be used prudently and the one paying tax should know how it is being used.”

    Mulenga said he expects FAZ to deliver the report before the end of this week.

    • FIFA will look at this from another perspective i.e. Government Interference in the running of FAZ that is that. Didn’t you guys learn from the Kalusha Bwalya saga, when the NSCZ suspended him? What happened? FIFA cracked the whip. You either lift the suspension of Kalu or get Zambian suspended from all football activities. This was before the game vs Egypt at the time of HR as coach. We all know what happened
      So what is this nonsense you want to bring up again? Fooooolish

  2. Pungwa says:

    This Minister has been anti Kamanga right from the beginning. His agenda is always negative. He should realise he is not Minister of Football. He should be telling us about how Gvt has mobilised funds to camp the Chan team etc, not getting involved in day to day management of FAZ. Lekeni Faz abombe please.

  3. This is from Enock Mwepu (Thought it would nice for some lads to read)

    Hey there!

    We’ve been training again for a few days and today was a big day of travelling to get to Qatar for our training camp. I woke up around 7 am and knelt down to pray, which is always the first thing I do in the morning. I then read a little of my Bible, which I like to do to give me insight on how my day might be – today I was reading the Book of Ecclesiastes. My religion is especially important to me when I have a big journey ahead.

    Then I chatted to my girlfriend, took a shower and started getting ready to go to Taxham. I called Masaya [Okugawa] to pick me up and we had a really good time talking in the car about what we can expect from the training camp. It was great to meet up with the rest of the guys too and talk about the camp while we had breakfast together. Then after breakfast we all lined up and got on the bus to the airport.

    As we have a big group of players going on the camp we needed two buses, and it took a little while for everyone to figure out who should sit on each bus and where. It took about an hour and 45 minutes to get from Salzburg to Munich, and I spent the time listening to gospel music on my phone and reading a book [The Power of Favour by Joel Osteen]. It’s important for me to plan to stay busy and to enlighten myself about how God loves me, and I’m really happy as this book inspires and motivates me a lot.

    I had a chat with Antoine [Bernede] too about how the holidays went and how we’re doing. It was good fun. Checking us all in at the airport took some time so we had to wait around and chill for a bit. I felt a bit hungry and had a great Apfelstrudel. I told Patson [Daka] to get one too!

    The flight was pretty long but we all tried to relax as much as we could as we know we’ll be training hard from tomorrow. We were happy, of course, when the plane landed as we’re all looking forward to starting the camp.

    I’ll write again tomorrow to let you all know how the first day of training in Doha went! Till then!

    All the best,


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