Looks like Pivoty Simwanza has also joined the FAZ kerfuffles. A receipt of a payment made for arbitration between him and FAZ has landed on my desk.

Morning soccer lovers. I am at the hospital with flu and a cough. Hoping for the best. So am doing this opinion since I can be at my work desk where I do articles most times.

I don’t watch GOT (Game of Thrones) and I have never even heard anyone explain about it. From the title of the series, however, it sounds like a competition for leadership through wars or games. Online descriptions say it is about “Nine noble families [that] wage war against each other in order to gain control over the mythical land of Westeros. Meanwhile, a force is rising after millenniums and threatens the existence of living men.”

When I look at the current FAZ fights it’s basically another game of thrones. Those who support Kamanga don’t want the Kalusha group to win. And those who want Kalu want nothing to do with Kamanga and his people. Kufilila munsenga. It’s like the operational word is kulyamo. We have even heard words like “minions” being used to describe opponents.

Personally I don’t think Zambian football will not recover from these fights if they are kept on. There is no winner after these elections of 2020. There will only be losers one way or the other. The one who will be president has no choice but to unify the two camps and do his best to calm the waters. It’s impossible to get everyone to the table. But the winner has to get the willing souls to work together for the good of the game. He should look at himself as a transitional leader who brought the nation together while developing the game.

So hearing about Pivoty Simwanza’s arbitration smacked of camps but am being unfair to him before I read the details. I am not accusing him of anything. Am just saying we are so divided that anything you say is looked at in terms of camps. And even I who is preaching unbiased and objective interaction and no prejudices can help do it at times. Ndimuntu fye.

We need leaders to come together. Meanwhile let’s learn to love each other.

We should not look at the opponent as the mortal enemy. Why should one have a predisposition to look at those in the other camp as wrong at everything? Should I have a proclivity that Bra Gee is wrong in everything he does because he supports Kamanga? Or a predilection that Nkweto Tembwe talks about is wrong because he supports Kalu? The right thing is to listen to each other in full. Everyone has a point we can learn from. Let’s listen to each other without judging each other.

Let us avoid the cult of personalities. Support candidates based on their CV, personality and great selling point not based on the hatred of the opponents. Don’t look at those who have a divergent view as numbskulls who are not dogooders. Don’t “Defend the Indefensible”. Don’t lie to make your candidate look good. Accept when they are wrong but add why you still prefer them despite knowing their demerits.

In the end, we may need a special reconciliation committee after the elections which should go round hearing issues of aggrieved parties to sort out many outstanding issues. We can’t have a game where whichever group wins wants the game to itself exclusive of others.

If that fails, it may also mean that in 2024, younger administrators need to come forward and take over to start FAZ in 5G mode assuming we are in old FAZ now and need a new dispensation. Young leaders should try not to be in camps because tour careers will be still-born even before they take off because you lose the other group.

I will take time to read where this issue of camps started but the grapevine says it started with Michael Mwape’s FAZ. Maybe if we learn whence if came, we can find solutions.

Coming back to our articles, I will be posting about the court cases today. There is one court case Damiano’s and Kalusha Bwalya’s lawyers may file against Kamanga based on earlier correspondence. Kamanga was told to respond to a certain letter the day the Integrity Test was carried out. We need to find out what happened to that case. The USD 38*000 and Savoy Hotel case.. I will get to that lunch hour or early afternoon. Then there is the Ndola High Court inter-parte hearing in the Damiano and FAZ case later today. Finally I will try and get confirmation on payment to CAS from FAZ and Kalusha Bwalya.

Good morning.


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