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OP-ED: Nkana President bungled?


The good intentions by the Nkana FC President Everisto Kabila to thrust his support on Zesco United; when they faced off with South African giants Kaizer Chiefs in their opening leg of the 2018/19 CAF Confederation Cup group stages playoffs – has ostensibly sparked a wave of anger from a large section of the Kalampa fans.


In the spirit of sportsmanship, Kabila is seen in pictures showing his not thinly veiled support by cladding in a shiny Zesco United jersey at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola yesterday.


Unfortunately for the Nkana President – his innocent intentions have been misinterpreted to be malicious – as such he’s been excoriated and labelled as a sellout by his club’s fan base on Social Media.


Nkana and Zesco United have in the past few years developed some rivalry of sort; both on and off the pitch. There has been even a verbal exchange between the honchos of the two giants in the local press.


I just didn’t thought this rivalry could be protracted to such an extent whereby donning the other’s jersey would be seen as a grave sin. Kabila is now being labeled as Judas Escariot with others calling for him to be martyred like Jesus Christ our saviour was crucified in the Bible.


Personally I reckon Kabila has committed no moral misdemeanor even though the moral police has already found him guilty in the court of public opinion. I do understand the chagrin by Nkana fans. However they need to approach this matter devoid of emotions.


Nkana fans need to comprehend that their President was fronting a good cause that will in the long run benefit our football. A win for Zesco United in continental football is a win for all Zambians in the CAF 5-year rankings. As such they need to cut Kabila some slack.


This rivalry should only be confined to the domestic scenes or indeed when they face each other in continental football.


However Kabila may have indeed committed a contractual bungle. In most cases Kit deals portends that parties involved in the contract should at all time not wear conflicting brands.


Zesco are dressed by Umbro whereas Nkana are proudly Mafro. The two kit brands should at no time get into each other’s terrains and as a Nkana official Kabila may have committed breach of contract.


As my parting shots on this matter, I wish to remind all club officials that they must not be carried away in the moment of heat – because their conduct shall always have far ramifications. Unlike fans, club officials must carry themselves in a manner that will not cost their team a sponsorship.


[The Author of this Opinion Editorial is an Avid African football scribe domiciled in Livingstone Zambia. A first ever FIFA Development Fund Media Forum in Africa attendant. You can interact with him on Twitter @SibelekiJames, WhatsApp +260975757824 and E-mail: jamessibeleki93@gmail.com.]

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