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NO STUPID TALK – SVEN…as former African Champs to miss AFCON 2019 finals

Zambia coach Sven Vandenbroeck saw his tactics backfire as Chipolopolo put up a dismissal performance to miss the Cameroon 2019 African Cup of Nations for the second consecutive time after losing to Mozambique on Sunday at Maputo’s Estadio Nacional do Zimpeto.

And Vandenbroeck said it’s not the time to start saying ‘Stupid things’ and it was to early to to talk about his contract after failing to guide the team to the African Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

Vandenbroeck’s delay to substitute early the ineffective Emmanuel Banda and Augustine Mulenga cost Chipolopolo as a lone goal by Renaldo Faite in the 63rd minute settled the match.

Zambia exit the qualifiers with four points from a possible 15 and a game to spare.

The Chipolopolo Boys are 4 points off Group K leaders Namibia and Guinea Bissau while Mozambique are on 7 points thanks to a double over Zambia.

The Belgian, who was hired to steer the mighty Chipolopolo to AFCON 2019 finals said there was no need to start saying about stupid things because everyone was frustrated with the disappointing result.

Chipolopolo faithful are in shock as they watch Zambia capitulate at Estadio Nacional do Zimpeto on Sunday

“I think at this moment we don’t need to speak to much. It’s too soon to start making conclusions,” Vandenbroeck said in a post match interview with the Times of Zambia.

“I think we need a few days to recover from the loss. Recover from not qualifying to the finals,” he said

Patson Daka prays after the match

The gaffer suggested that there’s need to go back to the famous ‘drawing board’ and chat the way forward.

“We need to sit all together and make a good conclusion. We need to cool down first instead of saying stupid things when we are still frustrated,” said Vandenbroeck

He added he could not say he deserved a contract because it was time to reflect on the defeat.

[Times of Zambia]

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13 Comments to NO STUPID TALK – SVEN…as former African Champs to miss AFCON 2019 finals

  1. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Would it not have ben best for this guy to take the apology route rather than use words like “stupid” at this time?

  2. 90minutes says:

    This stupid guy is stupid. Is he looking for war of word’s with spectators? Obino mind your language

    • Kuku says:

      You sink low on that albono derogation. Find better venom to aim at Kamanga or this coach. I tell you its disappointing to miss out twice in a role.

  3. CJ from RSA says:

    This coach is trying to be intimidating with his poor results. A coach can speak in this manner if he is delivering good results not like this. The contract he signed was performance based and he has not performed, so what does he expect from the employer and also the fans. Instead of being apologetic to calm the nation he his using very annoying words (stupid).

  4. STUMPY says:

    yes stupid. like how snow white you are.

  5. E B HIBALWA says:


  6. E B HIBALWA says:



    • augusto says:

      Hi guys, what you say is not fair, in football we have 3 results you got bad result, no problem remember that football is a game, I think Zambia played well but missed chances to score, and coach is guilty reason why should continue, most of mozambican plays in Europe their skills have been modified to European football standard.

  7. slim says:

    The exco has presided over two failures to qualify. The committee members Kamanga inherited were hell bent to ensure he does not succeed. Why hate the man?! Because he is a stumbling block to their vested pecuniary interests! No more printing of extra tickets for their pockets. What’s the solution going forward; get rid of the entire exco.

  8. Ngandu Joseph says:

    The problem is the assistant coach because the coach is new he needs same support from the assistant coach.i the assistant coach must pack and go.

  9. Ngandu Joseph says:

    The problem is the assistant coach because the coach is new he needs same support from the assistant coach.i think the assistant coach must pack and go.

  10. Logic says:

    Arrogance won’t get you anywhere baba, kuya bebele. This guy set the tone for antagonism with the press and that’s why he finds no friends in the media to back him up today. In all honesty, I have not seen such a clueless coach in quite a while. This stage is a bit too big for him and the sooner we part ways and regroup the better for all involved. Kamanga and company deserve a level of blame because if we are honest, he tried to do the same thing Kalu did with Renard but without admitting it. The difference is, Kalu was a student of the game despite his shortcomings so he had a bit more insight into the intricacies of picking someone who could bring the best out of a team. With Kamange, it seems like it was just a question of any available European who would accept to work for him and hope for a miracle. This is our own doing and we do not deserve to be at Afcon.

  11. Kanja says:

    Truth be told…It’s true that All the Coaches appointed by Kamanga Administration have failed to qualify Chipolopolo to the Afcon,,,the 2017 and now 2019…Equally,,The entire Executive has also failed to inspire the Chipolopolo to qualify to the converted tournament…as much as we have put the blame on the Bench,,the Faz Exco should also bear the blame…If the bench has to go,,then it will be morally right that Kamanga and his Executive also, must go…..Our failure to qualify to 2 conservative tournaments in a roll, is a clear indication that the there is underperformance by The Exco…..

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