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Nkana unveil weird tri-coloured Umbro shirts

Record league winners Nkana have unveiled their 2015 kit but the design is horrible and has deviated from the traditional red of the Kalampa, the Red Devils of yesteryear.

The Umbro-designed white-maroon-red strip has already received widespread condemnation among the huge army of Nkana fans on social media. Some irate Nkana fans have threatened to launch a campaign not to buy the triple-coloured replicas but stick with the club’s tradition of “complete red”.

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10 Comments to Nkana unveil weird tri-coloured Umbro shirts

  1. Billy says:

    Ugly jersey to say the least.

  2. Shi Mwewa says:

    It’s not a bad jersey in my opinion, only that this one could have been used as an away strip or the third strip.The home strip could have had more red than white.!

  3. Discipline says:

    Ifyabupubafye,even if it is used as an away jersey it has to be white and an all red for home games.O.k they have started coping Kalu’s rubbishing as far as the jersey thing is concerned.

  4. Judge Joe Bidden says:

    Were they sewn pa Soweto market by Amayi Agness? I wonder how soccer commentators will be saying… “Coming from the dugout Nkana is wearing… hmn… maroon, white… hmn… berge… No!… hmn… red jersey!”

  5. Atase says:

    Even the Mopani logo is ugly.

  6. tatu saad says:

    You must appreciate we leaving in a modern era now y limlt urselves to all red do u sponcer or contribute finacialy too the club just accept it its lovely designed u love too local and cheap stuff

  7. Naked goal says:

    it is better than the current chipolopolo jersey.It is not as bad as some people say.

  8. petrol says:

    Its nt de rit jersey 4 nkana.nkana wear a red nd white nt maroon.

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