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Nkana risk being docked points after defaulting on Walter Bwalya debt payment plan

Twelve-time Zambia Super League Champions, Nkana have reportedly failed to meet the FAZ player status committee deadline to pay Walter Bwalya US$32,000 owed to him in salary and sign-on fee areas.

They entered into a debt payment agreement with Walter Bwalya and his representatives for the money to be paid in installments over a period of several months on 19th June but they have since failed to honor the agreement.

The agreement was set with conditions that if they defaulted any payments the EL Gouna FC forward had the right to return to the players status Committee to enforce sanctions against the Wusakile based outfit

On 30 June Nkana defaulted on the first payment (paying only half of the $10,000 that was due on that date). On the 6th July Walter Bwalya Representatives canceled the payment plan outline in their agreement and-wrote to the association for an order request to impose sanctions on against in Nkana FC.

Bwalya’s representatives requested that Nkana be docked 3 points, cover the case costs and that they pay interest of 5 percent per annum as it exceeded a year that Nkana owed Walter Bwalya.

According to the news that broke online, Nkana completed the balance $10,000 dollar first installment. According to the information obtained by the ZamFoot Crew, It was only a reaction to the defaulted debt agreement cancellation and order request they received that was subsequently submitted to the association.

As of today 31st of July, Nkana has defaulted on the second installment. According to information from Walter Representatives, they have canceled the payment plan as Nkana defaulted already and are seeking for all Balances due to be paid immediately at once.


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