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New Chipolopolo coach & assistant to be paid USD25,000 salary

Sports Minister Vincent Mwale says an expatriate coach for national football team needs to be unveiled before the AFCON second qualifiers match because time is running out.

And Mwale has disclosed to ZNBC sports news in Ndola on Friday that the expatriate coach to be engaged by the Football Association of Zambia-FAZ- will be paid Twenty five thousand United States dollars per month.

He said the matter is priority and that his ministry has had meetings with a number of companies to help raise the funds for the new coach.

The Sports Minister said FAZ has done its part by identifying the coach to take over as Chipolopolo Boys Coach.

Zambia play Kenya on 6th September in Nairobi.

Vincent Mwale –

We are looking for USD25,000 for the coach and an assistant. Its not a little amount of money, that’s why it not easy to get this kind of money. You know that Renard used to get twice this amount of money per month. Its a matter of priority for us.

I am here on the Copperbelt to try and canvass for sponsorship for the coach. We ownt go back to treasury, the government does not have money from its revenue to engage an expatriate coach, we have to look outwards to the corporate world and the private sector to help us do that.

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  1. We are better off getting a local coach who can not be influenced by faz over team selection. By our standerds, $25,000 is too much. As public workers who spends 8 hrs/day on duty to develop Zambia gets too little compaired to a foreign coach spending 2 hrs to watch a game. We are a developing nation please, local is better.

  2. Boss our local coaches have failed.which coach?may be you re dreaming.nindalama za nyoko?if you want quality you have to die a little.

  3. No dying a little, 6 meters deep down is the same as dying more. Ghana tried that in 2014 wc when they air lifted massive $100,000 4 each player. but what happened? Boxing bouts btwin muntari & Moses parker and early elimination.

    • Iwe naiwe ni chani kansi? Local coaches are bimboheads, they can not read a game, much less make a sound starting 11 and are plain pathetic. Lets just pray that these idiots at FAZ will finger point someone that will make relevant again. The government is helping a lot, but corrupt kalu is negotiating with his appointed foreign coach(trainee probably) to see how much he will cut Kalu a check for. Kalu is calling for $10,000 out of that $25,000, but this trainee guy is saying $5,000. But it does look like they are leaning towards a $7,500 cut for Kalu. There you have head it first from me! That’s Kalu for you.

  4. Thinking about a local coach simply shows that us Zambians do not learn.How many chances are these useless local coaches going to have ? They are failures and forget about them, let them concentrate on useless clubs

  5. We dont need someone who is jst pulled by kalu and alwz a to b a bootlicker n’ told which players to pick per game. Lets b on watch.

  6. Paying some 1 handsomely does not alway translatet into better results. zambia had only 1 and just 1 HR who thrashed entire west africa to win afcon and acquired a national citizenship in Zambia. By now he is doing a great favoures to zambian players.

    • Dear Mubi, currently we do not have a coach from the locals who are able to handle the national team. They are all pathetic and useless. Ability to read the game, ability to put up a good starting 11, tactical awareness, etc are some of the things lacking in our local coaches. This is reflected by the poor state of the local league. Most players who make it from our local league are not because of the coaches, but because of their own ability and hard work.

      • @Billy it is not only by Zambian standards, $25,000 is a lot of money in many countries across the globe. It is not always coaches with a high salary that do deliver

        As for our Country we have other serious issues to sort out, therefore in my opinion the amount is too much. Govt and FAZ should as a matter of fact give the new coach a probationary of 3 months just like any other employee and this should be included in the contract and should read as follows;

        “You are on a probationary period of winning the first 5 international games, failure to which your contract will terminated forthwith”.

        just my opinion

  7. There’s no way we can be paying some foreigner all that cash. If rather pay a thousand bad Zambian coaches than one expatriat that money. Even if we keep failing, We’ll eventually get it right. Lets just stick to or guns and hire only Zambian. We have no choice if we hope to be self sufficient. The sooner we start to believe in ourselves the better for this country.

  8. Its not about Rock or poor. Its the principle. If people want a white coach then they should look for a white Zambian. Why should we be sending our hard earned money to Europe. It’s criminal on our part to do that. We should not expect to be hiring foreigners to do even basic jobs we can perform on our own. When of not now are we going to start coaching ourselves. Do we really expect Europe to be holding our hand till the second coming.

  9. I wonder who it is…. It’s a high starting salary. Maybe not in comparison to what some get but i believe in humble beginnings.

  10. Let’s not politicize the issue of salary!what we need is to get a quality coach who would take us to the World cup. Remember cheap is expensive, if ever we can get a coach with a tracking record Chipolopolo won’t be the same. We have given chance to the local coaches but they have failed to proof themselves.

    • While I appreciate your contribution, I have a question for you. Why are the local coaches not paid the same when coaching the National team? On top of this local coaches have to fight just to get their money from FAZ. Just look at the late Willie Phiri’s accident that changed his life. The man was travelling to Lusaka to claim his money from the games he coached Zambia. FAZ has no respect for local coaches. They FAZ once said and publicly that no Zambian is qualified enough to coach the National team How do we think our local coaches felt? That was an insult, but then what can a local coach comment or respond to that without being suspended. Remember the issue of late Keegan Mumba

      Just how do we expect local coaches to perform? You pay me 1 Kwacha as a local coach and you think I will put in everything, never

      • Local coaches have it tough. Local coaches need to break the boundaries, going abroad and furthering your career is not just the preserve of players, coach must do it too. It is true and we saw an example of that recently.

        It is true no local coach truely take the chipolopolo forward. It just the way it is. Think gentlemen, in order to compete internationally…. Our league is not of a high enough standard. Ghana had luck with local coaches Ghanas players are all international, egypt had luck in afcon but Egypts league then was among one of the best in Africa.

        Either our league should improve or coaches must get out to the ones that are high quality.

  11. Let’s not mary-go-round this local coaches issue pliz!!! That’s old news. If an expatriate can deliver let’s pay him if he fails fire him. We Zambians like unnecessary politiking nd 4get the ROOT CAUSE of our dismal performances off late. ABASHATEMWE LWABO

  12. @Justice you are one of the longest person on Zamfoot forum. How many times have we witnessed our local coaches under performing??? No company could keep somebody who is not performing even though is been under paid. Cheap is expensive. The Govrt and FAZ knows every well that we don’t have the capacity in the country to coach the Chipolopolo that’s why we turn our search to foreign coach!

  13. @Germiston my dear brother, you say “The Govt and FAZ knows very well that we don’t have the capacity in the country to coach the Chipolopolo that’s why we turn our search to foreign coach”

    My question is why did FAZ appoint Janza and Lwandamina if they knew they were not qualified

    And you further say “No company could keep somebody who is not performing even though is been under paid”.
    My question is ” How can a company employer someone who they well know is not qualified to do the job? Such issues are supposed to be taken care of during the employment process. A serious company can only employer a person that is not qualified if themselves they are not qualified as employers

    • @Justice, if my memory serves me right, Both Janza and Lwandamina were only caretaker coaches to stand in as FAZ was looking for a full time coach. That is my understanding.

      • @Billy, would you if you had company would you employ an unqualified Manager to take care of the business while you search for a new and qualified one. This beats me. To be hit the nail the nail on the head FAZ were wrong to look down on our local coaches and then look very foolish by appointing the same unqualified persons as care taker coaches

        What is going to happen if the corporate world and the private sector feel they can’t help as they are not obliged by any Zambian law. There is no guarantee that the corporate world and the private sector will help and no one can force them. For sure it will be a problem to get 25,000 dollars as FAZ is not transparent in the way they run the financial part of football. No auditing what so ever. I foresee a problem here. Why is Blatter and FIFA not helping FAZ, after all FAZ is FIFA’s baby and we all know that. Govt pumps in money and when Govt asks to be told how money was being spent, FAZ will cry foul

        On top of that FAZ fire a coach without thinking and Govt pays on their behalf

        There is definably wrong with our FAZ and it does not matter who will be employed, nothing will change. My opinion

  14. I don’t agree that the Zambian economy is small, far from it’s rather mismanagement! Secondly how many Zambian coaches have Uefa Amor B coaching licences to warrant coaching a huge footballing nation like Zambia? How many clubs invest in training their coaches? Kaumba, Malitolis, Fighton Simukonda, Lwandamina, et al… should have had higher qualifications by now through their personal efforts and those of their employers.

    I Agree with the great Kalu that no Zambian local coach is qualified enough for the Zambian job. The Minister has said it, Renard used to get double,25,000is manageable,the mines havd to come aboard, they cheat us in declaring their profits and cry blah, blah, blah when the government wants its share! Football standards have dwindled in Zambia with the demise of the mighty ZCCM.

    • So in your opinion the Zambian economy is big. In what sense? Look at the economic indicators, and there you will find the answers. $25,000 is a lot of money irrespective of Zambia’s economy. I agree with you that no Zambian local coach is able to take Zambia to greater heights at the moment.

  15. So what is the plan B in the case of the corporate world and the private sector being unable to help????? My guess is that Lwandamina will continue as care taker for the next 20 years

    • @justice, plan B would be to settle for the local coaches and continue under achieving as a team. As someone earlier pointed out, the onus is on these local coaches to aim higher by upgrading their credentials or mass international experience like Keshi did when he qualified Togo to the World Cup. And whenever given the chance to be caretaker coach they should hit the ground running to win over Faz and fans alike. Good start for Man Utd by the way.

  16. @ Justice, you are right on that one, its not wrong to see beyond, but for now let’s give chance to a foreign coach,and very interesting point you raised! Ash FAZ should be restructured, Ponga could be our next FAZ boss! We need to go to the WC. We are just tired of qualifying to AFCON. That is the biggest brake through for Zambia.

  17. I further my earlier comment. Coaches must go abroad to improve. Even England, Roy Hodgson is one of the few coaches who can coach England because he has worldly view having coached abroad. Redknap does have the same experience.

  18. We as the Harambee stars(kenya) are waiting for the so called Chipolopolo boys of zambia to give you a game of a lifetime.You wont pick a point from Lusaka you may beat us but not in Nairobi.Harambee stars must be in Gabon this is our time.

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