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Mweene gets Vandenbroeck backing as the legendary goalkeeper will keep his place

Kennedy Mweene went from hero to zero in the eyes of many Chipolopolo fans after his extraordinary mistake gifted Guinea Bissau a goal.

With Zambia leading 2-0, Mweene was brought crashing back down to earth after being caught in possession trying to dribble out from the back on Wednesday night.

While the 2012 African Cup of Nations winninv gialkeeper will surely bounce back from the mistake, several Chipolopolo fans were far to quick to chastise the 34 year-old on social media.

The ZamFoot Crew understands that Chipolopolo Boys coach Sven Vandenbroeck hasn’t lost faith in the veteran goalkeeper.

“The coach has a lot of confidence in Mweene. They joked about it (mistake).

“There’s no question about it. He will start in Bissau on Sunday,” the ZamFoot Crew insider said.

Mweene was one of the three African Cup of Nations winners in the starting line up alongside Nathan Sinkala and Stopilla Sunzu.

Zambia beat Guinea Bissau 2-1 to go level on four points with both Guinea Bissau and Mozambique although the latter has a game in hand.

The Chipolopolo Boys are expected to leave for West Africa on Thursday mid morning ahead of Sunday’s clash in Bissau on match day four of the Group K Cameroon 2019 African Cup of Nations qualifiers.

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10 Comments to Mweene gets Vandenbroeck backing as the legendary goalkeeper will keep his place

  1. David Chawinga says:

    Looking around the material that we have, Kennedy Mweene still stands out as the best ahead of Nsabata and the rest.We remain without a choice but maintain him and inspire the younger ones.To error is human and out of mistakes one gets to learn.
    All the best in Bissau Mweene our veteran!!

  2. CJ from RSA says:

    But this issue with Mweene is worrying and becoming serious. Mweene tends to loose concentration especially when he is not too busy in a match. This is not the first time he is conceeding a silly goal like this one. The more he is getting older the more concentration he is losing. Very worrying!!!

  3. Sibs says:

    I would like to agree with @CJ. We all prone to make mistakes but if this happens a little more often for a professional and seasoned Goal keeper like Mweene its not good.

    Hes been caught offline during free kicks about twice now and coincided. That dribble he is done it before he seems not to learn. I see Kennedy is a bit pompous. A senior person from the Coaching staff should sit him down and as well as the Goal keeper Coach. He needs the talk seriously>
    By the way who is Coaching our keepers? Is it still Davies Phiri?

    • slim says:

      Mweene is big-headed for sure, needs to be put out to pasture for sure. Sooner or later a decision has to be made; not the Nyirenda style without vision!

  4. Osward S says:

    Kennedy Mweene is the best among three goal keepers with the team

  5. Nunx says:

    I was impressed with our boys perfomance .Mweene shud be worry of those silly mistakes,they are costly

  6. Karma Nathan says:

    Shonga is a veteran

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