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Mwakapila means compassion but this is a competition

Copper Queens tricky forward Mary Mwakapila was made to justify her ruthless form during Sunday’s game against Equatorial Guinea especially that her names means compassion.

The nimble footed Mwakapila however gave a befitting answer saying it was a competition and everyone was looking to be on top.

“Mwakapila has a meaning and it means compassion. Someone who is very sympathetic and fells pity for others. It’s a competition and everyone wants to get on top and we are here for a mission,” she said.

The green Buffaloes forward has a bone to chew with Nigeria as she suffered a huge defeat the last time she came up against the West African side.

“Am very happy to face Nigeria because last time I faced Nigeria back in 2014 they beat us 6-0 and this time around I don’t want to lose to Nigeria,” she said.

Mwakapila believes Nigeria is beatable despite being 10 time Champions and a very strong side.

” I want to fight with the team so that we prove that we are also players who deserve the best like they are. We have the best in our team and also the best like they are, We play the same football. Nigeria is just a name and them being 10 time champions does not mean they can’t lose. The game is played on the pitch and am ready to face any team,” She said.

Mwakapila and her team mates will go head to head with Nigeria on Wednesday, November 21st with a win set to guarantee a place in the semi-finals for the copper queens.


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5 Comments to Mwakapila means compassion but this is a competition

  1. lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    I salute you for your braveness it is not about names, period

  2. Bsimms says:

    Right now am all ears???????

  3. Bsimms says:

    What time are we playing the nameless African champions.

  4. Kasama Boy says:

    I watched that game in full and hope Zambia will be more coordinated and more cohesive than they were in the first game.
    We should not be flattered by the scoreline. This Zambian team still needs more work, and against Nigeria, they need to put is more than they did against Eq. Guinea.
    Wishing you the best.

    • Bsimms says:

      You are spot on but the courage and self belief exhibited against Equatorial Guinea is exceptional. Its unlike any arrogance ever displayed by our female team.

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