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Moses Sichone named FAZ Assistant Technical Director

The Football Association of Zambia  (FAZ) has appointed former Chipolopolo defender Moses Sichone as FAZ Assistant Technical Director.

The FAZ also announced that Sichone, 41,  will be Interim FAZ Technical Director, giving him full responsibilities of the position of Technical Director.

The position of FAZ Technical Director has been vacant since Honour Janza left to join Red Arrows in January.

Sichone who had a successful career in Germany starting out at FC Cologne after leaving Nchanga Rangers in 1999 takes up his appointment with immediate effect.

“Today we are introducing a new member of the team, Mr Sichone who is coming in to fill the gap on the technical side because we have not had a Technical Director since Mr Honour Janza left earlier in the year,” FAZ president Andrew Kamanga said when he unveiled Sichone.

Kamanga also announced that Sichone who holds a UEFA A licence will join the U20 national team technical bench for the Cosafa U20 championship and later be part of the Chipolopolo team that will play at the CHAN tournament in Morocco.

Despite being one of the finest talents to come out of Zambia, the Chipolopolo never saw the best of ‘Big Mo’ as he was embroiled in an allowances dispute with the then FA led by Teddy Mulonga at his peak.

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  1. Moses never wanted to sacrifice for his country. When he was playing for nchanga,rangers with tana,milanzi,masauso Tembo, Andrew Sinkala, Ronald mbambala,he was very loyal. But when he outside, he became very disloyal in that he put money first than his country. I remember when also Kalu having difficulties with teddy mulonga,but there have never been time you could hear Kalu refusing to playing for his country. To me moses does not have a sacrificing spirit. I loved moses very much. He could play both as an attacking and defending middle fielder.He was Denis liwewes’s favorite player on the the pitch. He was a marvel to watch when in form.But he loved money than his country. He can be compared with the Cameroonians who boycotted to go to the Africa cup for the sake of money than their country. Just to find that, the young players won the Africa cup for Cameroon. We do know that things were not perfect at faz during that time with teddy mulonga, but you could never hear Kalu, masauso tembo,tana, malitoli,Charles Musonda, joneston bwalya, Denis lota,jones mwebwa,andrew tembo,mwape miti,shy kumwenda,tenant Chilumba and others boycott to play for the country. These mentioned above were loyal. They could play for the country even at the time FAZ had little money or no sponsorship.They had self-sacrifice spirit for their country. But moses never use come even at the time we needed him most.He is not the only one who had allowance issues with Faz during that time.I remember that time Faz struggled to organize friendlies for the national team because of sponsorship, players mentioned above were ready to cooperate with the National team and supported Faz in difficult times.Moses Sichone did put money first than his country.Why can’t other player imitate the likes of. George wear,steven keshi,sunday olise,kalu rogger mirror .These ones sacrifice a lot for their countries and national team.some of these sponsored their respective national team.When Zambia was playing south Korea in Korea, kalu helped ZNBC so that we could watch the match live,when the government withdrew sponsorship,kalu organized the plane in south Africa for the team.This on news.keshi did the same for Nigeria national team.sunday olise payed for hotels and all expenses during the under 23 Africa cup.George wear did the same.Moses Sichone was lowly and humble when playing for nhanga,rangers.But when he went to Germany to play for FC kolony,he raised his standards looking down where he came from.He became untouchable, to the extent that he would come in the country but never reported for training because of wanting his allowances.My questions are,what about other players in the comp?.We all know that FAZ was one of the poorest football associated in past,which even moses was aware of that.Its this time the association is becoming rich because of the new investment in the league and many sponcers,such as supper sport,vodaforne,mtn, banks,mines and other rich individuals.Moses made little or no sacrifice for football development in the country.He considered himself as a German not a zambian. Why moses? Why not former players, like tenant Chilumba, masauso tembo and others who have sacrificed their lives for football development. We should not appeased people who have no love for football in the country. What about this man managing kafue celtic,he has made a lot of sacrifice. He has produced players like,partson daka,mwepu and others.Sure Kamanga can’t think of this man.Sichone is like charly,musonda who is playing for Chelsea. He and the mother feels like they are not zambian, hence he can’t play for chipolopolo.Next time you hear Kamanga put this disloyal boy on the technical bench.I would rather put Clifford mulenga as faz technical director than a prodigal son moses.Kamanga should should not forget loyal zambians,and start putting his favorites.If these loyal zambians have little education in football ,its high time Faz should start sponcering them and get the needed education .Loyal zambians should be rewarded not the ones who are there because of money even when they have enough.

  2. Do you people honestly sacrifice for mother Zambia in your whatever career path? Can work without allowances in name of being a patriotic Zambia and even politicians fail too. Lets just support Sichone and move rather than revisiting the past.

  3. @Romes, I support you. We need to forgive and forget if we are to be proudly called patriotic Zambians. Look at policians, they don’t pay tax, free everything but not a single day they have gone to Parliament deliberately make some laws that will restrict them driving expensive cars, access medication in the country. Let us support each other and encourage one another as Zambians.

  4. This guy thought he was German, why not be the director of the Germany national team or he should have continued to coach the under 12 am not for this move there are many deserving and patriotic former players who deserve this post unlike this selfish guy.

  5. I concur wth km and FC luo ;and not wth Romes. let pipo realise that that loyal and discipline re cardinal and not allowances when called upon for national duties.I don’t either support Moses.

  6. KM,

    Your article is long and boring. Can you yourself point what you sacrificed for Zambia?. Football is a commercial business. You can’t put anyone in that position just because they sacrificed for Zambia even though they can’t deliver. All the players your have mentioned have never played football at that highest level and can not much the pedigree of Sichone. Football management is not for every Jim and Jack.

  7. Moses will be a bad influence on the up coming young stars. i remember this guy looking down on Zambia as if he was not Zambian. MOSES IS DEFINITELY NOT THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THIS JOB. Moses feels more Germany than Zambian. Very soon he will announce that he is getting back to Germany over money issues. Mark my words!

  8. lets give him a second chance remember that we all need money for a living so put that aside and let him do his new job

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