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Moses reaches promised land

Buildcon……. In CAF

Yes in the Bible , Moses failed to reach the promised land after years of travelling but this current Moses of Ndola has done it in two years and half participating in the FAZ MTN Super League.

Here is the story……

At the end of the 2016 season , a team called A M Welding playing in Division One of Zone Four would change its name to Buildcon and move to Ndola from Southern Province.

They would then qualify to play in the FAZ MTN Super League for the 2017 season. But before that understand the history, change of name and why the team moved from Choma to Ndola. I had an interview with Mr Moses Mubanga at the start of the year in January 2017 and these were his comments then:

MUBANGA: At the beginning of the 2016 season and just after playing one game which they lost, AM Welding was bought by Buildcon Investments limited of Ndola. Buildcon already had a team which came fourth in Division 2 Northwest Solwezi.
Another important clause in the agreement was the instant name change from AM welding to Buildcon FC upon contract signing. We have moved to Ndola as that is where the owners/sponsors have their HQ. Also premier football has no zoning. The owners are Buildcon Investments limited situated on 9 Daghamasljolf drive ,Itawa Ndola;
end of quote

The rest you all know.

I think the team did impressively well in the maiden season in the Super League with 14 wins out of the 38 games , drew 13 and lost 11 games. Scored 33 goals and allowed 28 goals. It was a descent introduction with Team Kopala finishing in 9th position with big names below them.

The end league position was better than the previous one but the challenge was not as inspiring as the 2017 season. The general observation of soccer fans started saying this team wouldn’t make it to CAF. They finished eighth after winning 16 games, drawing 8 and lost 14.

The direction needed to change and after seeing a lot of trial players being brought in in the two seasons , Buildcon needed a balance of local and foreign players. Things looked to have been going their way as their selection of players from local front looked to have been on point. Selecting the best local players who were all connected with national teams at different levels .

I think it paid

The story is simple , played 18, won 8, drew 7 and lost 3 is the story that takes Buildcon into CAF Confederation Cup for the first time in their history.

What a story , two and half season for Buildcon on the Super League and they are already going on the African Tour.

Great recognition to Proprietor, Moses Mubanga for the intense work which he admits has not been easy bit I love his conclusion to this matter:

MUBANGA: “Bwezani , for now it doesn’t matter were we are and were we go from here, what is gratifying is that we have made it and we are going CAF,” he spoke with a very accomplished remark I have never heard from this man.

Congratulations Team Kopala

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2 Comments to Moses reaches promised land

  1. Prince says:

    Baptism by fire in Africa…got to invest time and personnel in defence and attack…Congratulations and Godspeed 💪🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  2. Daniel says:

    He took a lot of risk to investment huge money which other well established teams are fearing and results can now show.

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