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Morocco demolish Nigeria to win CHAN

The North Africans are the winners of the 2018 CHAN tournament after they thumped 10 man Nigeria 4-0.

Hadraf was named Man of the match while El Kaabi won the Golden Boot with 9 goals beating Given Singuluma’s record.

Singuluma scored 5 goals.

FULL TIME: Marocco 4-0 Nigeria (Hadraf 43′ 63′, El Karti 61′, El Kaabi 72′)

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25 Comments to Morocco demolish Nigeria to win CHAN

  1. kamwa says:

    That defeat was expected, Nigeria has now weak local league, to do well at CHAN you need to have a strong local league, one could see that they were just fulfilling the fixtures in that game they were no match to Morocco. Zambia was more competitive than Nigeria…

    • David says:

      I see,the Nigerians defeated Sudan that knocked us out.The Nigerians are better than us let’s stop all this and face the reality.it’s just not there day

    • Bsimms says:

      Kindly explain what you mean? Chipolopolo were pathetic, Nigeria did not start well but they played with pride & made it to the final.

      Ife tinakanhiwa chabe.

      Let us not even hate on the Eagles. It would have been worse if it were Wada wada & his clueless game plan.

      Infact Nigeria did themselves proud:

      WAFU = Dissapointment
      WORLD CUP = Qualified
      CHAN = Runners Up

      Zambia on the other hand:

      COSAFA = Malabish
      CHAN = Useless tacticks
      WORLD CUP = Outplayed

    • fuem says:

      Honestly, i love Zambian Analytical comments on football ( Although they betray the expected rivalry against Nigeria) However on the day we los but the positives are there. Note, we never said our leauge is the best but yet we came second. the bottline is that Zambia lost to Sudan. Are you saying that Sudan Leauge is better than Zambia and then by the result ours is better than Sudan.

  2. 90minutes says:

    The chicken’s would have requested Bondo from Botswana to officiate the final at list he would have disallowed a few goal’s.

  3. mike says:

    Zambia is destined for cosafa

  4. Naijaguy says:

    Look at them ..lmao. You are talking down on a team that reached the final when yours was disgraced at quarterfinal stage.. Hahaahahaha..
    Hope you guys have dusted your seats where you will sit and watch the world cup.. I mean watch us at the world cup.


      Just learn to shut up sometimes it is an embarrassment! You can’t lose by that margin in the final that tells me that you are fluke finalist period.

    • Positive thinking says:

      I agree with the Nigerian brothers on this. You can’t sit here and call out Nigeria when we didn’t even make it to the finals like they did. On top of that, we were knocked out by Sudan. Yes they lost by a hefty margin, but lets give them the credit they deserve. Let’s not forget that they will be in the World Cup at our expense. I was actually cheering for the super eagles. Anyway, it is what it is. Until next year at the real AFCON

  5. Larrie says:

    They said they have a better local league than us and they crashed out in the quarter finals. You shouldn’t be talking just hide your faces

  6. Naijaguy says:

    They just have a useless league. Sudan pushed then off at quarter finals. The same Sudan we defeated to reach finals..
    If not that we were reduced to 10 men, Morocco probably wouldn’t have won.

  7. Mboyo says:

    Zambians alway read football with evil thought

  8. Mboyo says:

    Let’s us learn how grow we are kidding as long as football is concern

  9. Zambian Buffalo says:

    Hahahahaha! I love Africa, I like the fact that our brothers from Nigeria they have reminded us that we crashed out in QF kikikikikikiki. Yes! When we have a coach who cannot forgive the players and decide to go with players who cannot handle the pressure. Seriously if we have butchered Sudan we can safely say Nigeria is weak but we failed. Let us just swallow our pride and “call a spade a spade and not a big spoon” borrowed words. I am a patriotic Zambian and if we will continue tolerating the nonsense which just witnessed we are not going anywhere. Please, we have quality players who can compete at any level.I thank you.

  10. Zambian Buffalo says:

    If we had butchered Sudan

  11. Mwebantu says:

    Are the wailers in the house?

  12. Mwebantu says:

    Wailers are a political party! Congratulations Renard.

  13. Mwebantu says:

    Wailers moved to Lusaka Times!

  14. Djeniko says:

    See the way dem even splash the headlines: Morocco thrash Nigeria. Then dey talk with all pride and happiness. But see how dem put their loss to Sudan. Why this people no dey mind their own biz but dem to put their nose for where no concern them. Nigeria reach the final with a silver medal around the boys’ neck with $750000 as price money. Any thing better pass this except for the cup?

  15. Larrie says:

    Abeg help me ask them my brother

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