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Morocco 2 – 3 Zambia (Watch all goals and Highlights)

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6 Comments to Morocco 2 – 3 Zambia (Watch all goals and Highlights)

  1. Kuka says:

    Goal keeper looks good.

  2. Francis Sikobiso says:

    We played well not because we won,but there’s need to reorganize our defence, there’s too much panicking.we penalty was awarded because of that.otherwise we are in a right track.

  3. Kensplash says:

    We can have a strong team come 2022 Qatar qualifiers. However, FAZ must quickly sort out the issue of the coach. We need a permanent coach.

  4. Plaintruthes says:

    Okay, so many turnovers with the in unnecessary situations. A throw in won by the opposition. All goal kicks were won by opposition because Morocco players were actually jumping to win balls. The entire defence needs overhauling…Zambia has strength in final third…but because defence and midfield are lacking it is difficult for players to see a clean ball.
    Marking is atrocious. That boy Kabaso and tackling from behind. He has been playing for National Team for some time but he can’t learn the basics of defending.

    A few times if not most too much time allowed for Moroccan players to line up shots on goal while our players ball watch. It was a morale boosting win, but it was not a good win in terms of the football quality.

  5. Isaac Mwaba says:

    Permanent coach is needed to make a strong Zambia that I know, Ba faz twapapata sort out the issue

  6. Sibs says:

    Good friendly game for the team. Hope they Football Association can maintain the this team and not chop and change. They gelling together. A few mistakes in defense. Kabaso needs to learn to keep it clean. He rarely completes a game without being carded. He could have easily conceded two penalties. With Sunzu and Ziyo back this team can be a force to be reckoned with.

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