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Money issues: Chirwa ditches Danish side and returns to Zim

Zambian international Obrey Chirwa (left in pic above) aborted his move to Danish club Hobro IK and returned to FC Platinum because of monetary issues.

Although neither the player nor the club officials was at liberty to divulge the reasons, a source close to the player said the money he was offered was not much different from the one he was getting at FC Platinum.

“The club offered him a salary which was around $2000 which was not much of a difference from what he was getting at Platinum,” said the source.

FC Platinum are one of the best playing clubs in the country with highest paid players getting around $1500.

Chirwa capped his return with a fine performance scoring a brace which helped his club move into second position and will likely be a key player as FC Platinum gun for their maiden title.


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  1. Discipline and mentality Zambian players I think fyaku bantu fye , instead on investing in career, they just want to spend immediately.
    If he stayed in Denmark he could have been called to national team, but at Platinum kaya.

  2. So it’s all about the mullah for our boys nothing else. No skill development, no international experience, no nothing as long as the mullah is not right.
    How I wish our boys could at the very least try to think outside the retarded box of only looking at the money. If he develops his skill set and develops his European pedigree the money will chase him itself, he won’t even have to chase it anymore but NO!!!!!! bird brain mentality of only and only looking at the money. Then we wonder why our players end up close to destitute when their short careers are over. When Chris Katongo left the PSL for Denmark the money was not so different and yet look at him now financially.
    If the report is true Chirwa, that you left simply because of the money! Then sorry to say but your decision making is a joke.

    • You are very right Big Steve 4rm SA. Our boys are very short sighted. Denmark is just a stepping stone to a bigger league in Europe, if one is talented. A lot of our bothers from West Africa did and even now do start in small leagues and end up in the big leagues. For example Obi from Nigeria started his European career in Norway before he was snatched up by Chelsea. I know many African stars that started in the lower leagues in Europe and ended up in very big clubs

      I am just wondering how his Zimbabwean former teammates have decided to stay on at Hobro. There could be something else

      My opinion, the rest is up to the player himself

  3. This guy is a joker with his career,this European clubs or even outside football.You can’t just start getting big salary, you start with peanuts then through yo hard work your salary start improving. Common, can someone close to this guy advise him please. Europe is a dream place for every player,but this guy thinks he is special by turning down the offer

  4. Guyz that was a good move because the was being discriminated and he does not deserve that little . Sylas songwan is earning ten thousand dollars plus . A good player should not expose desperation .. Any time soon he is to a better club. Fc platinum is well connected

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