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Minister of Higher Education makes a passionate appeal to Mopani to continue sponsoring Mufulira Wanderers

Minister of Higher Education, Dr Brian Mushimba has appealed to Mopani Copper Mines to rethink their current stance of looking to cut their monthly grant to Mufulira Wanderers by half.

Dr Mushimba urged Mopani to continue their support to the legendary cup fighters who are currently fighting relegation.

The Minister was speaking at the Mufulira Wanderers/Advantage Insurance camping and training kit sponsorship unveiling at Advantage insurance North-Mead offices along Manchinchi road.

“Am very excited about the invitation and what has happened here. When I heard that our main sponsor Mopani was rethinking their strategy around sponsorship I couldn’t sleep that night because the nightmare started.

We are in a dog fight, fighting relegation and what we did not want is anything to tighten our sponsorship. But as it were the team led by Mr Katongo here they don’t sleep. They make sure when one drops another sponsor comes on board. We are extremely thankful but as we thank Advantage insurance we also make a passionate appeal back to Mopani that you are operating in our community and you have obligations in the community is operating in and will continue speaking to you so that the stance you are trying to entertain, You don’t entertain it because Mufulira needs you to keep sponsoring Maite because Maite is a big brand, ma team ayakulu, There is no Zambia without Maite,” Dr Mushimba said.

“Back in the day, we would have even six or seven players in the national team that’s how big the team is. We want to get back there hence we need sponsorship. This sponsorship from Advantage is well appreciated, Mopani we are coming back to you and make our case and plead with you to keep sponsoring Maite. Others who are watching this we call upon you to come on board, be part of this history of resurrecting Maite back to its glory days. We are ready and we are going to take Maite there with the leadership of these men and women I have seen here,” he added.

The minister went on to urge Mufulira Wanderers management to start a go-fund-me page for the club to allow Wanderers fans based abroad to come on board.

“In fact, I have been approached by some people asking if we have a go fund me page for Maite. Some of these people are in the diaspora, They have this nostalgia about Maite Maybe we should start one and the first contribution will be from my picket, I have some dollars,” he said.

” Let me not speak too much I just wanted to appreciate the gesture of inviting me here, say thank to Advantage insurance, Make a passionate appeal to Mopani to keep sponsoring us and get many others on board because Maite is going back to where we used to be yesterday, where we belong.”

Mufulira Wanderers on Friday unveiled their new camping and training kit sponsors, Advantage Insurance at a colourful presentation event at Advantage’s North mead offices located along Manchinchi road.

The deal was brokered by the Mufulira Wanderers fans society led by Chairperson George Katongo. Advantage Insurance will folk out $6, 000 for the purchase of training and camping kit, and in turn, they will receive an advertising platform on Wanderers’ training and camping kit as well as along the perimeter fence at the legendary Shinde Stadium.


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