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Micho defends Kabaso Chongo: He had a top class game against Algeria

Zambia national team coach Milutin ‘Micho’ Sredojević has defended his captain Kabaso Chongo who has come under-fire for his performance in the 3 – 3 draw against Algeria.

Speaking to the ZamFoot Crew, Micho described Kabaso’s performance against the Desert Foxes as ‘Top Class’ despite his error that led to Algeria’s third goal and seemed to take away the momentum the Chipolopolo had after coming from two goals down to level 2 – 2.

‘Kabaso Chongo had a top class game, except for that mistake for the third goal, and we know there was no cover for him,” Micho told the ZamFoot Crew.

Micho described Kabaso’s error as morale dampening coming at a critical point in the game.

“In a critical phase after scoring the goal instead of focusing, we had the blunder and conceded,” Micho stated referring to the phase of play that led to the third goal three minutes after Clatous Chama had leveled matters.

“When you are mentally up [after scoring] and coming from 2 nil down coming to 2 – 2, and you concede a third it puts your confidence down but credit to the players they fought like Lions and deserved to score a third,” he added.

The 29 year old national team skipper was playing his first competitive match under Micho. He was expelled from the Chipolopolo camp after the friendly against Kenya in October, 2020.

He consequently missed the the two Africa Cup qualifier against Botswana before he made a return for the Algeria game.

It will be interesting to see what defense combination the Serbian will apply when Zambia play Zimbabwe on Monday 29th March, 2021.

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19 Comments to Micho defends Kabaso Chongo: He had a top class game against Algeria

  1. Kalusa Paschael k says:

    The problem with Kabaso Chongo is that he wants to be spectacular, unfortunately at wrong times and ends up blundering. He is hardworking otherwise. He just needs counselling.

  2. joseph phiri says:

    am interested

  3. Tony mash says:

    Thats coach’s duty to teach him what to do. Lets do away with the tendancy of blaming one player. Being a captain doesnt mean you do not make mistakes. For now we have no replacement for kabaso. Let him continue leading the team. Poor analysis on player ratings. Thats ridiculous.

  4. Modern Priest says:

    Please bring back mweene .
    He knows how to work with the back line ,
    Kabaso chongo is in a lot of pressure wanting to prove to everyone that he is captain.
    Let mweene lead him

    • Chali says:

      Kennedy Mweene has done his tour of duty. The keeper was not bad. Maybe look at Kabaso Chongo playing as a defensive Midfielder. If he makes a mistake in those rare but critical situations, he does have cover, otherwise the team is not bad. Not sure of the average age of the team.

  5. Sido says:

    Kabaso is a good player ,our coach should just help him that area

  6. Anonymous says:

    Blaming chongo k. Will make no difference, just bring in mweene and Sunzu as we told u earlier on mr coach. Bring experienced players and u will see a change. Stop using small boys for serious games like Afcon mikatwipaya nama BP.

  7. Collins usale says:

    Yes Mweene should be talked to nicely and brought back to the team. Kabaso needs to play right back , not as a central defender. I was surprised how the coach picked his starting lineup against Algeria. He is to blame for the shambolic start to the game.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Liverpool’s Steven Gerald made a mistake which costed the team the league title. Any prayer can make a mistake at a crucial time.

  9. Problem for our defender watching ball instead of Crear the ball

  10. Tony mash says:

    Their is no depth in the team. Look at zimbabwe they call up all their professionals. This will make the boys compete for a place. All players who did well are professionals . Locals they costed us chama and luka banda they had a hand in first two goals.. but no one put blame them. The coach defends his defender cause his charges failed in first quater of the game.

  11. Joseph lengwe says:

    Saying that Kabaso played well it’s not true, they were the ones defending poorly in which case the defence was leaking.now I can’t see the basis for the praises.Micho is also a poor coach. from 2019 up to now he has not identified good players who should have been playing.Everytime its about mediocritical try and error in crucial matches.is worsting our money without meeting the objective.

  12. Dc 10 says:

    We need goals and win matches..Zambia has alot of old and experienced players playing both locally and outside who can help th team to win games. This system of always sidelining old very good players is not good. The old and new should blend together all th time to help th team win matches. Th young ones are doing fine but need th expertise of th old especially when under pressure. I remember th former egyptian deadly striker Hossan Hassan who always featured fr Egypt and his own team with his bold head, he helped th team win ma Afcons and Club competitions. He hammered us ku Kitwe ba Nkana. They won th continental cup. There’s nothing like building a team. Coach must always look at who can best perform from both old and new. Why leave out old players tht are doing vry well at their clubs? It dsn’t make sense otherwise we will continue missing ku ma Africa Cup. Look at how how Mayuka always changes th game ya ba Napsa when ever he is introduced in. He is able to read th game well due to his experience. We are tired of losing and having ma BP all th time… Ba Kamanga pls zavuta bayeseko benangu even tho you were just re elected. Mwatipaya na ma loss all th time mu bola. Losing even to Botswana sure? No no.

    • ZamFoot says:

      DC10, did you see Nathan Sinkala in the squad? What are your thoughts?

      On Emmanuel Mayuka – Should he start for the Chipolopolo when he does not start for Napsa Stars?

  13. Chanda says:

    First poor player analysis rating that’s absolutely wrong the guy did everything he can to make the nation proud and happy talk of the header that almost counted talk of the ball making from behind , defending and overlapping while coming back again let’s not blame but support one another as a nation kabaso chongo is a very good player who needs our support as a country that mistake needed a cover because the space was too much and talk of the other players they where all watching the ball , the guy who scored was right behind Adrian chama who supposed to clear the ball or marked his opponent but just watched the ball pass him without any reaction if we are to blame let’s the all team and not one we lose we lose as a team we win we win as a team , there was non experience amongst the players which made things difficult for players like kabaso chongo cause they failed to coordinate

  14. Anonymous says:

    A team s there, but my worry is on goal keeping department, yes he conceded 3 goals due to poor defending, but still chewe and that former eagles goalie r good.

  15. Pele says:

    The formation that a coach adopts impacts on the performance of players. Chongo was asked to do more that he was supposed because the coach played a back 3 instead of 4 to contain a counter attacking opponent.
    The coach needs to teach defenders area marking. When you see two players from the same team colliding it is a sign that they all follow the ball invariably leaving open undefended areas. Secondly against a wing attacking team like Algeria the defence should have never crossed the centre line. This is why we conceded 3 goals all in a similar fashion! Pity the Coach could not read this !

  16. Adon simbeye says:

    Thanks so very much my coach for understanding chongo it’s normal but my boss were is sunzu please to let chongo stand as number 4 sunzu 5 it will work or find someone else to stand as number 5 not not chongo .IAM adon from within Lusaka thanks.

  17. Eemmzambia says:

    Zambia played well with micho and I dont complain what happened to kabaso chongo it’s football even me I make mistakes when Am in pitch go go zambia 2022 WCQ


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