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Men lie, Numbers don’t: A look at Football house score card

News of the appointment of Wedson Nyirenda as assistant coach was received with excitement amongst soccer lovers and other stakeholders with the government reaffirming their support for the coach who later went on for nine months without getting his salary.

Nyirenda stamped his authority right after loosing his first game against Mozmbique in a poorly watched game by suspending Rainford Kalaba indefinitely a decision that was met with mixed feelings by the soccer fans.

While football house slowed down on the process of hiring the main Coach, Wedson took his team on to a Continental tournament finishing as a quarter finalist away in Morocco at the 2018 CHAN tournament.

While Nyirenda was having a hard time explaining to soccer fans on how he was using the tournaments to fuse in new players, football house was out to win trophies and put Nyirenda’s neck on the choping board by calling for a technical meeting to review his performance and one could clearly see the employer and the employee where heading in different directions.


Wedson Nyirenda, coach of Zambia during the 2018 CHAN quarter finals football game between Zambia and Sudan at the Grand stade Marrakech in Marrakech, Morocco on 27 January 2017 ©Samuel Shivambu/BackpagePix

Men lie numbers don’t.

Andrew Kamanga has scored huge success of securing massive deals that will benefit Zambian clubs and has shown that with selflessness much can be achieved.

The football house president successfully hosted the Under 20 AFCON which Zambia won and went on to have a successful outing at the World Cup an accomplishment one will never take away from the team.

While a deep anlaysis of the six goals scored and four goals conceded in a four match Wedson Nyirenda penultimate vs Sven’s four goals scored and five goals conceded clearly shows who the looser is,the Belgium born has lost even against himself by conceding more than he has scored.

How did we get to loosing against ourselves?

Following the appointment of Sven ,his assignment was to qualify the team to the prestigious continental tournament which he has failed to do with a game to go.

For a man who was employed as senior coach and had all the resources at his disposal,his ability to concede certainly outweighs his ability to score making him a suspect for the job.

Who is to blame ?

When a technical team of experts was appointed to look Into the hiring of a senior Chipolopolo team,many over looked that whoever was hired needed needed more time to effectively drill a tournament qualifying team but as usual technical committees are more interested in offering their services and getting their allowances than giving technical advise which sometimes may make them look like people who don’t know what they are doing.

What the Andrew Kamanga led executive needed to do was iron out their differences with Wedson Nyirenda who they gladly exposed to the media on countless occasions after alleged poor outings at tournaments such as COSAFA and the famous four nations tournament.

The World Cup qualifier was a signal strong enough of what a proper geld team looked like and to risk that in the name of hiring an expatriate coach was a risk that football house shouldn’t have over looked.For heaven sake we finished second in a group with Nigeria and Algeria.

What is the way forward ?

While completely writing off Sven would be unfair to the media bully Belgian, Andrew Kamanga should understand that modern day soccer has become more intellectual than physical as seen from Sven’s much talked about philosophies but in this part of the World the physicality is just as important as the intellect hence he should give Sven much more time to understand the Zambian game.

Kamanga shouldn’t give in and hire a local coach that they will use as a scapegoat for overlooking basic administration oversights but should instead man up and remain with Sven.


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14 Comments to Men lie, Numbers don’t: A look at Football house score card

  1. Mwalife says:

    Bernard you are talking of numbers and yet the only numbers you have given us is the comparison in terms of goals scored. What I would have loved is you to show the success in terms of numbers. Remove the AFCON U20 as that was done way back. He only reaped what Kalu sowed, unfortunately he ate the seed and now we will bear the consequences. What are kananga’s archievements? There was already a winning trend until kananga came along..

  2. Babedabe says:

    Under 20 hosting was kalu’s admin success even the team was assembled by the kalu admin with honor janza as FD.we shall be misplaced to deem that as kamanga archeivement.The only success kamanga achived is to destroy the strucfures and plans of the previous FA.not forgeting persecuting them!

  3. Mingalato says:

    You are just digging Kamanga’s grave deeper and deeper.
    Zambians likes Nyerenda more..
    Kamanga might be 3 most disliked person in all Zambian politics and sports.

  4. GRAND says:

    @ Benard Chama.
    Which new deals has kamanga secured for the clubs. NONE

    There were no Technical team of experts apointed to look at coach salection.

    Dont talk of U20 that team was found intact after U17 Afcon.

  5. GRAND says:

    @ Benard,
    Pliz tell your KAMANGA to resign

  6. Positive Thinking says:

    I want to believe you on this, but you lost credibility when you started attributing the U20 success to kamanga and Co.

    That is exactly what is wrong with this FAZ admin. Kalusha, with all his shortcomings, planned and strategized that U20 triumph. A process that began almost 2/3 years before with the U16 Zone 6 games. It only bore fruition after Kalu and admin had already left office.

    Kamanaga has not laid out any such foundation and even worse has thrown the baby out with the bath water, because he has not built on what Kalu and company left him. Instead we have short sighted beliefs that somehow camping a team in South Africa is now being considered a triumph.

    The U20, U17 teams are currently wallowing. There is no long term strategy here, there is no real investment in the future. Hiring a foreign coach is not equal to success. Being unable to secure a kit deal and going local is nice and dandy, but do it with quality. This admin is lacking a clear vision and a clear long term plan. I am amazed at how an institution like FAZ, which has been around for as long as I have been alive still functions with efficiency of Nthemba, they should be at the levels of GAME or Shoprite by now. Its an amazing failure in leadership when you cant build on what your predecessor leaves behind.

  7. Slim says:

    We are caught up between a thief who showed success and non crook who is showing failure. Of the two I would rather have the latter! Don’t you agree with me. If you attribute the success of the U20 to Kalu then don’t ilgore the fact that the downward spiral of the senior team began during his tenure; with questionable appointment of Chicken and suspect selections to the team, remember the Katemas of this world who has since retired!!

    • Positive Thinking says:

      Slim, this is exactly why I said “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” There were some things that Kalu got right, and I think this admin has simply done away with those things without considering how these things were important to the success of the game.

  8. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    Due to Kalusha Bwalya suspension I am of the view that Charles Musonda be not elected but appointed FAZ Chairman/Presido and that Kamanga (now FAZ chairman be drooped) It is the only way forward

  9. Anonymous says:

    Kamanga must go peroid or he must resign on mutual ground he his a faliars.

  10. C. Juma says:

    What we need is enough time for our new coach, you remember what happened to Harve? He even left Zambia for Angola but we re-engaged him until Zambia delivered by wining the Africa Cup. Rome was not built in a day just like our football team that played in the world cup, they started from somewhere long before our current executive was put in the Office. Let us give out Coach enough time, this is not the first time we have failed to qualify to the Africa finals.

  11. STUMPY says:

    ati RAINFOREST KALABA. was Wada assistant or acting coach. zf you shud spellcheck b4 posting

  12. Chishimba mushesu says:

    It is always worries me when people write o this plantfoam without much researched info. The writer of the above article is either a relative of Kamanga or Nyirenda. Write objectively in order to improve the Zambian game. To me the writer sounds more and more like Ponga Liwewe aiming at deaming Kalusha Bwalya. No man is flawless kalu had the Zambia game at heart. For the Zambiam game to improve get rid of present administration, if this is not done soon, zambia wont be present 2021 afcon tournameng before you even day dream about quatar.


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