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Mbombo shoots to the summit of the top goalscorers chart

Idriss Mbombo

The 2019/2020 MTN/FAZ Super League kicked off over the weekend with 14 goals scored in the nine matches that were played across the country.

2018 top goalscorer Idriss Ilunga Mbombo who made his return to Nkana after a brief stint in Sudan scored a brace becoming the first player to do so this season and shot straight to the summit of the top goalscorers chart.

History was also made in Choma as Green Eagles forward Kennedy Musonda scored the first goal of the season, 27 minutes into the Kawale Boys 1-1 draw with the Magnificent People’s team, Kabwe Warriors.

Red Arrows captain Bruce Musakanya and Lusaka dynamos captain Chris Mugalu were the only two players who scored from the spot. Of the 14 goals 9 where scored in the first half while 5 in the first half.


Complied By the ZamFoot Crew

1. Idriss Mbombo 2 Nkana

2. Enock Sabumukama 1 Zesco United

3. Bornwell Mwape 1 Napsa Stars

4. Isaac Ngoma 1 Kansanshi Dynamos

5. Bruce Musakanya 1 Red Arrows

6. Biramahire Abeddy 1 Buildcon

7. Danny Silavwe 1 Napsa Stars

8. Kayembe Alidor 1 Buildcon

9. Sydney Phiri 1 Kabwe Warriors

10. Chris Mugalu 1 Lusaka Dynamos

11. Kennedy Musonda 1 Green Eagles

12. Eric Chomba 1 Nkwazi

13. Ian Sililo 1 KYSA


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    As you can see from Article 6.1, a player must either be born in a country, have biological ties to the country or have lived in the country for a certain period of time.

    Interestingly, Article 6.2 states that: “…associations sharing a common nationality may make an agreement under which item (d) of par. 1 of this article is deleted completely or amended to specify a longer time limit. Such agreements shall be lodged with and approved by the Council.” The four British ‘home nations’ have recently opted to delete this item.
    Assuming a new nationality

    Article 7 deals with players who assume a new nationality in order to play for a national team and it uses the mostly the same criteria as Article 6.1, with only item (d) differing. In Article 7, the condition in item (d) says that a player will be eligible to play for a representative team if he has “lived continuously for at least five years after reaching the age of 18 on the territory of the relevant association.”

    We have may excellent players but the problem is Africa will never change!

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