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Match reactions: Playing Mbesuma was not a gamble

George Lwandamina (Chipolopolo coach) –

It was a good victory. It wasn’t an easy game; playing away from home and with some new players in the team, it was great to see them withstand the pressure.

Our opponents played long balls to avoid our midfield but it worked against them because that kind of play can be good for anyone

On Mbesuma –

Playing Mbesuma was not a gamble. He is doing fine at his club in South Africa so I invited him so he could add value to the team and his contribution proved worthwhile. His experience was good for the team today.

On David Owino who plays for Zesco United and featured for Kenya

At the club, I play him in the middle and that is where he is best. Today, they misplaced him playing at right back but all the same I feel he did very well there as well, overlapping and covering his position. We ensured he was totally engaged throughout the match and somehow managed to give him some extra work.

He knows me and my tactics and maybe he would have beaten me at that but I am happy that I was the last one smiling

Bobby Williamson (Harambee Stars coach)

We started very well but we defended badly although to be fair they worked hard and fought well. But the frailty is in how we conceded the goals and that’s disappointing

Our defenders definitely were not as precise as they should have and we did do very well as we did in Congo. I thought Dennis [Oliech] was my best pick to start rather than bring him later but obviously these guys could have played better than that but that’s just football.

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  1. The team should be beefed up by Mayuka the boy will be hot in France. Jackson mwanza should be dropped and replaced by kola in Greece. Kola is a dangerous striker contrary to what people think I won’t forget the goal he scored against Iran when Renard just came in as coach.

  2. The pitch was wet, bumpy katwishi mweh…. We won n th coach has seen wt experience cn do. He shuld recall davies nkausu. Our Right full back was very shaky today.

  3. hard luck to bobby williamson it was not your day, wishng u one day to coach zambia. kenya is not a good team 4 u you are a tactician uganda was better than kenya.

  4. @john what makes you think kola to the best striker.That boy is useless, he is just lucky to be in Europe to me he should be in the category of Bonwell Mwape and Fastus Mbewe.Not only, he is a COSAFA kind of a player, you can ‘t compare with him with Fwayo Tembo.

    • The difference between Fwayo and Kola is that Kalo has always had a Club in Europe while Fwayo has not. Even now Fwayo has no Club. Kola is not in Europe cause he is lucky, that is not true. Which Club in Europe will pay your salaries for being useless to them, none? The Club will kindly ask you to find another Club if they think you are useless, and this is what we have seen happen with a lot of players

  5. it was a gamble. but a gamble that paid off. chicken needs to become decisive with his substitutions. otherwise am still concernd with the two small fullbacks

  6. We got the three points. What we need to do now is regroup and strategise on how to over come Congo Brazzaville. The are a strong team. I agree with @Stumpy and @Billy the young fellows who played left and right back today won’t cope against the tall and big Congolese. Those chaps are strong. We need Mbola back and Kabaso in the team.

    • @Sibs, thats very true. There are certain games we need the young lads to play them and not crucial ones, as we gradually introduce them. I can bet my finger if we feature these two young defenders in the game against Congo in Brazzaville, they will be torn apart to pieces. Congolese players are very huge, rough and difficult to play. I myself wouldn’t mind if the coach can even play Donashano at right back, and Mbola at left back. These are tried and tested players and will contain the Congolese at home because their experience. There are games we can introduce these youngsters for them to gain confidence such us in the game tomorrow. In such a game as a friendly, the pressure is low and it’s a home game.
      In addition, the moment we sort out a creative midfielder, and the full backs, then we should be fine. At the moment we don’t have a creative midfielder. I don’t know whats wrong with Chisamba now. He seems to be out of form.

  7. True Bachicken,it was no gamble playing the humble Mbesuma.Collins has proved all the critics wrong by playing very well.Lets encourage our players other than saying negatives about them.Congrats Chipolopolo.

    • People that never accept criticism never ever improve. As fans/supporters we will always criticize issues of our football based on our various perspectives, it is for this reason we have this site. We will not make contributions that are music to ears of a certain section of bloggers, and we will never rest nor stop until things change

      Winning over Kenya gives us hope, but does not erase the 0-0 draw result at home vs minnows Bissau or what ever they are called. Right now we would have been on 6 points. Never the less it is a good start but there is need for improvement if we are aiming higher than qualifying for AFCON


  8. First and foremost I want to correct some fellow bloggers who hold the notion that Lwandamina is not a good coach.Lwandamina is one of the good coaches Zambia can take pride in.Give him support and see what he is capable of.

    On another note I am definite that the two full backs George used did not disappoint. Remember that they were playing their first game in the senior team and away from home for that matter. Give them time to mature in the team. Besides, the move will trigger the competition for those positions since the coming in of the duo adds to what was already there with a plus regarding age. The two are younger than the custodians of those positions.With George’s intentions Zambia could have a young and very strong team that presents choice for the various positions. That is what km 11 was.

  9. nervous Chipolopolo supporters full of negativity.
    I remember comments against Lwandamina when he included Mbesuma in the line up.Some even said Mbesuma is finished.
    Lwandamina looked at the team and called in Jacob Mulenga and Collins Mbesuma. Give the man credit for that.

  10. I supported Mbesuma’s inclusion,earlier had stated “It’s a chance for him to show what a top striker he is” And I wasn’t wrong,well done “ntofo ntofo”..keep it up!

  11. Mbesuma is lethal and clinical. You give him half a chance he punishes you. Kenya got Punished. Those who who were saying that Kalengo is a plank. Did u see the goal he scored? He is not top scorer for nothing.

  12. Credit to “chicken”, I was confident things would change positively after the coming in of Lwandamina. He has made a healthy combination of experience and youthful zeal.Frankly I saw the power and determination of 2012 in the team this Sunday against Kenya. Well done Mbesuma and Kalengo. Kalaba and Chisamba Lungu had their off form day, it happens to every player. Whats important is to have enough depth to cover for that. Mweene produced some of the best saves of his career , just like 2012. Congrats Chipolpolo!!

  13. There is no finger pointing on who said what and what. The fact is that we do not have a team right now that can go beyond the next AFCON group stage, even if we qualify and that is the truth. The team we have is not strong enough, but we have time to build on. However the building process should be on continues bases i.e. organising of international friendly games that will give the new boys some experience at Senior level. Friendly games with Countries like Malawi, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Angola, Namibia and DR Congo will give experience to our young lads. Throwing them in the thick like yesterday was not fair to the boys

    I hope the new boys are given chance from the start in tomorrows game as well

    FAZ do not go to sleep after the Kenya game. The next game is in March 2016, and that time the season in Zed will be on recess. Since we know the dates of our next game, FAZ can already now plan and organise some friendlies and not wait until the last minute and find all teams booked. The days of relying on invitations should be done away with


  14. Those two young fullbacks are not ripe for international football. They do not even have the necessary physique to compete at this level. The fittest players in the team have to be the wingbacks because of the amount of ground they have to cover. Look at world class wingbacks like Evra, Marcelo and Zaballeta. Speaking of Cafu’s fitness, Alex Ferguson once said he thought Cafu the Brazilian wingback had two hearts. Only a team that is not serious can feature such small boys.

  15. I usually read coments just and I agree with some of u those boys aint yet there to be in da team mbola and kabaso are needed even sinkala’s form is not up there and given is still needed in da team chirwa chapeshi and mkandawiri still need time to grow mentally and physically

  16. pa zed we have a problem, just a few months ago we were calling for the elimination of Mbola who in almost every game he played, Zambia either lost or drew and was at the center of of every one ‘s complaint. the boys we wanted have proved to be excellent in that the crucial encounter we assigned them (Kenya game) has been won. now that we are playing Congo in the next game we want the boys eliminated and pave way for floppy Mbola. does this mean that we will be changing the team depending on the team we are facing?

  17. Gents, you are talking about the new lads in team forgetting about senior experienced players like Sunzu whose fitness in that game was highly questionable. A thousand miles journey begins with one step. Starting a big game with young players was a risk that payed off and any other good coach would take a risk. The best experiences are obtained through having that kind of exposure at a very high level. Those wing backs as far as I’m concerned are very skillful and intelligent defenders especially the left wing back. That boy is by far better than any number threes we have in the most recent past Perhaps except for Joseph Musonda.
    Sunzu was far much below his usual level and Rainford has stopped thinking and he is too selfish. He does not deserve to be the Captain. That pressure plus the victory has earned the young lads a lot of experience, confidence and self belief to even take up higher challenges in the very near future. Gentile used to say that “bola ni phinking”. Well done George your team set up, combination of the players,team communication and linkages were spot on. We have not seen in a long time and especially that you have had only a second game with the national team which is not easy. You are in a right direction and we are behind you coacha. Kenya are stubborn at home and they have not lost in a very long time. Even teams like Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Cameroon have all been beaten in Nairobi

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