Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Zambia 0 – 1 Senegal U23 (As it happened)

Fighton Simukonda has made four changes to Zambia’s starting 11. Salulani Phiri starts ahead of Benson Sakala while Kenny Mumba is in for captain Toaster Nsabata. There is also a change in the left back position with Solomon Sakala coming if for Boyd Mkandawire while Patrick Ngoma starts ahead of Spencer Sautu.

Salulani is the captain on the day.

Zambia trail Senegal by a goal scored in the 4th minute.

Zambia Starting Line Up vs Senegal

1. Kenny Mumba
3.Benedict Chepeshi
5.Solomon Sakala
18.Billy Mutale
13.Kapota Kayawe
7.Salulani Phiri (C)
15. Paul Katema
11.Lubambo Musonda
2.Patrick Ngoma
9.Ronald Kampamba
17.Conlyde Luchanga


16. Toaster Nsabata (GK)
4. Boyd Mkandawire
6. Friday Samu
7. Jack Chirwa
8. John Chingandu
10. Spencer Sautu
18. Benson Sakala
19. Aubrey Chirwa
20. Taonga Bwembya
21.Tresford Lawrence Mulenga (GK)

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  1. Playing names, Ngoma running around like a headless chicken.Why do we fail to string passes accurately?
    The goal was the result of defenders facing the wrong direction ie their own goal mouth instead of facing the opponents.

  2. Now I have seen them. Abaiche makula aba. Tabakwata amano ya bola. Modern football is not just running around and being physically fit, but you also need to use your brain and think. I see this lacking in these Zambian teams.

    • Some players need a lot of development. They are being rushed into doing things they cannot handle. Good luck for future assignments Ba Zambia.

  3. Useless as always. we can’t even beat a team that has already qualified and playing this for formality sake. Lack of young development and rushing kids to contracts by this failed FAZ administration.

  4. This is pathetic playing
    Chipantepante fye kwati ni game ya chimpombwa kwena zed we are finished
    Ama coaches bonse useless
    I am thinking even without coaches Zambian teams can play better than amalabishi aya
    The team can’t even string three passes ……
    Maybe the coaches have thrown these games to protest against this corrupt admin

  5. Our coaches can never think beyond the local league. Why not try this Zim based lad? Is he going to be a late substitute always? Just because they haven’t watched him so much, to them he is not good enough. FAZ should jst bring in Patrice to come and continue and send these Madalas for coaching sch in Europe. I think even Lucky Msiska can do better than what I see.

    • Hehehehehe, kikiki. You’ve seen for yourself bro. Paul Katema, Jack Chirwa, etc are not national team material. And these are the players that are in the national team.

  6. i think the boys play with too much respect for the opposition at the beginning of matches…by the time they wake up-too little too late….poor outing to say the least.
    then they will say ;”we have gained a lot..” gained what?you Win u gain,you Lose u go home…..nxm

  7. Zamfoot, this must have been the longest game of all. No updates ince the 85th minute. I am going to assume we lost as expected.

  8. We have failed at all levels in football. True definition of failure and the best some individuals can do in FAZ is to give chance to others. Its embarrassing as a nation as far as football is concerned

    • Why did the coaches put Salulani on the bench, he has the height and stamina, the mid field was better this time. But to the best knowledge of the technical bench you put the vice captain on the bench for 2 critical games only to re-surface in a formality game.

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