Thursday, June 13, 2024

Live – Zambia v Malawi

Zambia Under-20 Numba Mumamba has made two changes to the starting line up for Friday’s Mopani Cosafa Cup Group A tie against Malawi.

ZamCoal Diggers’ Muma Mumba has replaced Clinto Lubula while Nchanga Rangers ace Martin Njobvu will start on the bench as Chambishi born and bred Francisco Mwepu gets first start at the tournament.

The trio Edward ‘Tiger’ Chilufya, Ngosa Sunzu and Lameck Banda have maintained their places in the team.

Zambia need to win after the young guns slipped to a 2-0 defeat to Uganda on match day.

Uganda lead the group on 4 points after they drew 2-2 with Swaziland on Friday afternoon.

Zambia XI -Daniel Sikanyika, Prince Mumba, Kingsley Hakwiya, Justin Mwanza, Muma Mumba, Francisco Mwepu, Lameck Banda, Edward Chilufya, Benson Kolala, Victor Kasokola, Ngosa Sunzu

Substitutes: Bwalya Prince, Andrew Phiri, Jonathan Kapelembe, Chanda Mukuka, Martin Njobvu, Godfrey Chanda, Clinton Lubala, Kakunta Jackson, Musonda Kalale

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  1. The coach can’t read the game how can the hosting nation .not even score a single goal this is imbarassing numba swallow your pride you have failed the Nation. Faz bring back chambeshi.

  2. Nil nil boss
    How can the host nation fail even to score a goal
    Like i said this team is no team at ‘ll
    The team lacked creativity
    They were just shooting n kicking the ball
    I don’t really blame the players but the those who were selecting these chaps
    We can’t even think of taking these plungas to afcon because we will not even qualify
    Numba is planga cant unearth new talent
    Faz as well are filled with failures who can’t see that this thing is not a junior coach
    Maybe he can only work with finished product

  3. The problem is not the coach but Faz, the current administration looks like they live in the future at the expense of the present. They are in a hurry to fix tomorrow’s problems before fixing today’s problems. Sure since when did the national level became a preparation level? What role will the club be playing if the nation team begin to function like a club were you teach ball control. Players who have featured only two time in the entire season finding them selves in the national team? I wonder the criteria used to select these players. This is also the reason Zambia is not in Russia, replacing the team in a hurry. The previous under 20s were regulars at their club’s like not these, I personally can recognize even just three of them save for Edward Chilufya. My appeal to Faz, let the real under 20 play and Chambeshi would have continued as he knew the reserves from the pool he got the winning under 2o.

  4. I saw the entire 90minutes, And from my observation; whether U20 or U17, only three(3) or four (4) deserves to be in that team, the rest some can’t even make it in the first team of a secondary school….. I doubt the criteria which was used to pick that team, I don’t know if it was just names or what?
    These boys can’t even make a team in misisi compound

  5. Oh sorry let me comment blindly, Ba Zamfoot over hyped the young Chipolopolo thinking we are have a formidable team. I tend to wonder why in this country we like discurding the players and forget about them completely. Sure we don’t have players who did not make Quick silver team before it was trimed to 23 man square. Enemies of progress that would put their interest first which is very sad tufyakwa. Ba Faz you derseve kuku mangililani na kantambo kadelele, tyala bass.

  6. Shame on u Faz how can u select toddlers l agree with above statement there were better players under Chambeshi who did not make it despite being good players

  7. Beston Chambeshi please come to our rescue, we spiralling fast downwards. We now have one foot on the exit door not to mention home ground advantage. Ya sis!

  8. Sometimes its called DNA and GENETICS. Zambians are not at the world cup because the DNA of southern africa is not that of west or north africans when it comes to speed and strength.that is why its hard for zambia to build a future team because its not within the Genetics. sad truth

    For e.g
    Asians have a good gene for table tennis so there for no matter how hard africans try we can never build future team to match them

  9. Zambia U17 2-0 Malawi U17 (COSAFA U17 – Which we won easily 4 or 5 months ago)
    Zambia U17 0 – 0 Malawi U20 (COSAFA U20)

    Level of expectation is unrealistic considering there is a 3 year difference. Some of these young Chipolopolo are 16. Whilst other teams are only thinking about the present we are ahead of them and starting preparations for 2019 U20 AFCON.

    It would be of no benefit playing an actual U20 team that would easily win tournament. Stay patient, support the team!

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