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Sudan 0-1 Zambia as it happened

Zambia coach George Lwandamina has named his starting line up with Kabaso Chongo picked at right back in a 4-4-1-1 formation.

Paul Katema has gotten the nod ahead of Jack Chirwa in midfield while Lubambo Musonda has taken Chisamba Lungu’s place.

Zambia vs Sudan. Mweene, Kabaso, Boyd Mkandawire, Sunzu, Buchizya, Paul Katema, Sinkala, Lubambo, Kalaba, Kalengo and Mbesuma

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218 Comments to Sudan 0-1 Zambia as it happened

  1. noble eagles says:

    Which supersport is showing live game for zambia

  2. Goodwells Ng'ambi says:

    Iyee, anyway being in the diaspora I dont really know some local players capabilities, but Im concerned that Katebe a tried and tested defender will be at the bench today, going by the supposedly Chickens line up.

    When I watched Katema, i was never impressed to give him the game of this magnitude.

    Hope the coach knows what he is doing.

  3. Billy says:

    Just like I predicted. Suspect defence, Mkandawire, Buchizya and Katema. Fili ukotuleya mwe!

    • Billy says:

      Katebe, Donashano can even do better than Buchizya and Mkandawire. These two are not national team material. Chapwa, naleka ukusabaila nomba. Let me just wait for the match now.

  4. Goodwells Ng'ambi says:

    What is the exact time of the game bosses?

  5. Goodwells Ng'ambi says:

    Whats happening to Singuluma? Has he fallen out of the coach plans and favour?

  6. Kay Hummer says:

    Time for jokes is OVER! The DIE is cast! ZAMBIA has to win this game. Though i don’t see that happening!

  7. Stone says:

    Go Zambia Go

  8. sakabinda says:

    Boyd z a playa gud bt nt in defence. He shud b pushed into the midfield bcoz the coach finds it difficult to bench him. Like wat HR did to Chisamba Lungu upon realising dat he wz error prone as a left wing back, he pushed him into the midfield n look at the chisamba we ve nw.

  9. PAPA GAME says:

    Good that chongo is starting but katebe should have partnered sunzu coz this bucizya fimo fimo a doubt if he will withstand the presure and if we are not careful sunzu nxt time will not come due to private reasons like what chisamba has done.this is abusing sunzu now.i also doubt this katema this is where we need fwayo tembo coz for me i dont think this chirwa and katema can outplay isaac chansa even now.isaac should be called back to the national team as a starter ahead of these small boys.For now its gud luck boyz

  10. Chumbu Munshololwa says:

    Don’t worry guys. Chicken and the entire FAZ will get serious when we have the last game to play and needing a miracle to qualify. Now they are jokers.

  11. Joker says:

    what time is the game

  12. Kay Hummer says:

    This is the BEST chance that Zambia has to beat this WEAK and OLD Sudanese team in Sudan.If they can’t beat them now in their own back yard, then they will never beat them again!

  13. lee kunda says:

    What ever we say now won’t matter, all I can say is that chipolopolo boys should die a little for mother zambia and try by all means to secure the 3 points. Play as a team and it shall be well with us……good luck chipolopolo……Go Zambia Go chipolopolo

  14. 1king-jazzi says:


  15. Anonymous says:

    observing on a distance

  16. abram says:


  17. abram says:


  18. chishimba chishimba says:

    guys let’s just support our team and worry not about buchizyas inclusion, go Zambia goallllllllllll

  19. STUMPY says:

    i dont see how this weak zambian team which trabelled in batches because of pathetic faz will win today. sudan 2 zambia 0

  20. morden supply says:

    Let’s support our team we are behind you guyz go zambia go

  21. morden supply says:

    This is not the time point figure to each other let’s support our team

  22. ZamFoot says:

    kickoff time @18:45

  23. ShowOff says:

    Seen From A Distance …….. Lemme just keep my mouth shut for now

  24. Sibs says:

    Good luck to the boys. Where is Katebe at the back?


    so zambians also play football? suprising!



  27. Sibs says:

    @Abram the game only starts at 18:45pm or 6:45pm.

  28. Mtentha Ndebvu says:

    Kulalepaula amasumbu uko guys!

  29. SUPER HERO says:

    TULEWUNA 3 –1

  30. abiaso says:

    line up not bad we can hammer Sudan at their own ground. go zed go

  31. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    Kabaso ‘ALVES’ Chongo startin thts gud nomba ba Boyd naba Mfune ma suspects otherwize the team z ok wit wat is available. We don’t want a HATRICk of embarrassments(DRC and Namibia oredy) GUDLUCK

  32. data says:

    Too bad bamulamu ba. renard 4 bin fired


    Ine I saw that Katebe ali suspect against Kenya please correct me if I am wrong.

  34. gb says:

    the build up is 18:45 and the match starts at 19:00hrs zambian time and 20:00 hrs in Sudan. It’s available also on Got on super select.

  35. positive thinking aka realist says:

    Eish, ba Renard has been sacked? Yaba. He was struggling at Lille. His white short might only work in Africa mwe

  36. Alex zz says:

    Herve renard has just been lucky , he just coached right teams at the right time just like di Mateo who guided Chelsea to the champions league final. Zambia and cote idvoire were just destined to win those afcon tournaments.

  37. sydney says:

    Go Zambia,all the best to you Guy’s

  38. Alex zz says:

    I think he( Renard) should concentrate on national teams , I believe he has an eye for talent.

  39. abram says:


  40. mambwej says:

    he should now go to Namibia. They are doing fine n improving.

  41. Madalitso says:

    Anyone know of a link showing live stream?

  42. abram says:


  43. mambwej says:

    Is Patrice chola boy

  44. mambwej says:

    mean also gone?.

  45. tc soccerman says:

    Let HR come back while humbled and will make a difference this time again. Lol I see John frowning.

  46. Alex zz says:

    Don’t start with me , Zambia’s win was a fluke ,well ivory coast it was about time they won it.

  47. Concerned Citizen says:

    Is there a link?

  48. paradox says:

    and ghana and your overhyped players who have failed to lift afcon. better win one fluke afcon than four old containers

    • Mubanga says:

      Uruguay won the World Cup several decades ago. Nothin else again. That makes Zambias afcon win more prestigious than Uruguay. Just look at where we are on the world stage. Ranked in the 70s. Where is Uruguay? Where is Ghana? Find out yourself.
      Consistency is the key & not a single cup win in a nations history

  49. paradox says:

    teams r out. zambia in an old with out green outfit

  50. gb says:

    national anthems being played.

  51. kazz says:


  52. el tageto says:

    hahahahaha paradox ahhh…performing …

    guyd be updating ,u know zambia is behind in having “live streaming links”

  53. Alex zz says:

    This is the worst pitch I’ve ever seen in my life. but I understand if it was not for civil war, Sudan would have been one of the wealthiest countries in Africa.

  54. john says:

    Herve Renard is a very useless coach who needs to be very careful at lille he is now in the red.

  55. gb says:

    corner to Sudan

  56. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    SA will get him life has been miserable 4 them under Shakes, na Zambia yawamapo

  57. Ndetamafye says:

    In all fairness, CAF should be serious. Just how do they allow a match to be played on such a pitch? This is a clear showcase of primitive ways to win a game by the Sudanese. They surely have a better pitch

  58. Update guys we are @ work please

  59. intel11 says:


  60. paradox says:

    11min 0:0

  61. paradox says:

    zambia playing well so far

  62. paradox says:

    14mim. corner to zambia but wasted

  63. Chu says:

    i love u kazz

  64. Alex zz says:

    Sudan 0-0 Zambia , Sudan are no threat at all. Zambia are have given away a free kick in dangerous area.

  65. Alex zz says:

    Sudan miss a sitter from a free kick given away by Zambia.

  66. paradox says:

    17min. freekick to sudan and they almost score. 0:0

  67. Alex zz says:

    I see a goal from a set piece by Sudan, Zambia are not attacking at all now.

  68. sly says:

    If only Zambia could cut out the intended supply from the Sudanese wingers, plug the possible routes to their goalmouth for the Sudanese central striker and exert sizeable pressure on the central defenders( Mbesuma) then winning this game should not be out of reach.

  69. paradox says:


  70. Prince says:

    Playing surface tata dust dust dust…hope and pray no one will get knocks

  71. Alex zz says:

    Zambia goal, a mistake by Sudan defence.

    • Titus kalunga says:

      Congrat to copper bullet to win Sudan away,but we have to put more efort at home,and to look to our strikers we have good strikers but they have to put more efort at (only God knows).

  72. gb says:

    gonadal kalengo

  73. paradox says:

    goallllll kalengo with a gifted goal

  74. Zagwa says:

    goal Kalengo

  75. Chu says:

    Winstone Kaloengooooaaalll

  76. jay says:


  77. Shi Mwewa says:


  78. Matafwali says:

    Real poacher’s goal by Kalengo…in the right place at the right time! Go Chipolopolo!

  79. Chu says:

    what a mistake

  80. paradox says:

    zambia is playing better on this dust pitch. it has backfired so far for sudan

  81. john says:

    Renard is a pathetic coach who won afcon by fluke twice. Zambia and ivory Coast are soccer powerhouses and made this fluke look good

  82. Chu says:

    what a chance

  83. Alex zz says:

    Zambia player shoots from a long way out hits a cross bar , if Zambia don’t score 3 or more here I would be surprised, this keeper is suspect.

  84. JAYT says:

    Gooooool zambia has scoald

  85. Chu says:

    oh what a miss by sudan. Near post header Zed caught napping

  86. ZamFoot says:

    :28′ Goal Alert: Sudan 0-1 Zambia. Winstone Kalengo on target with Lubambo Musonda defence splitting chip

  87. Alex zz says:

    Set piece in a dangerous area.

  88. JAYT says:

    Let’s all b supporting the boys y re u so silent?

  89. Concerned Citizen says:

    Useless referee; every 50-50 is going to Sudan.

  90. tc soccerman says:

    We are losing balls easily, we are under pressure, this is pathetic

  91. tc soccerman says:

    Watch this muslim stupid ref give a dubious pk

  92. Alex zz says:

    This Sudan keeper looks out of shape.

  93. ZamFoot says:

    Half Time: Sudan 0-1 Zambia. (Kalengo,28′) Zambia has been playing on the break. Its been ‘smash n grab’.

  94. paradox says:

    HT 0:1

  95. gb says:

    kabaso change looks unfit,he should be taken out. Zambia can grab a goal or two, if Kalaba ‘plays’. So far not bad.

  96. el tageto says:

    yeaaah…away goal..any half time updates??u can hear that our boys don’t even have a changing room

  97. chindika popeye nguni says:

    Why has Sudan decided to use this kalukungu pitch?

    • tc soccerman says:

      Mind games, trying to destabilize Zambia, I think we need to be doing the same to visiting teams as I’m getting sick and tired of playing the nice guy card. Its pathetic.

  98. JAYT says:

    2nd half about to kick off more updates in fact commentaries frm zamfoot

  99. john says:

    Lwandimina is not good enough to match the likes of Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco etc we must find a coach for the next phase and bring all serious professionals if we want world cup.

  100. john says:

    Kabaso chongo has added stability to our pathetic defence this silly coach should learn to listen to zambian fans. Next fwayo, kola, mbola,mayuka, singuluma and other serious professionals must all come back

  101. lee kunda says:

    Kaboso. Should be serious how do you play like that in the eighteen…looking for referee’s favour that’s very bad…safety first and cry leta

  102. Alex zz says:

    Zambian keeper is faking injuries, I won’t be suprised if 8 or so minutes are added in this match.

  103. gb says:

    Yaba black out.

  104. Chu says:

    time wasting tactic by Mweene

  105. gb says:

    Guys any updates.

  106. lee kunda says:

    Good decision to to substitute kabaso you don’t play like that as a defender……just hope malama will put in his best

    • Bolapazed says:

      When we said the reason Kabaso is left out is because of inconsistencies but we get abused for stating the obvious.

  107. Chu says:

    lolx alexx zz

  108. Bolapazed says:

    As usual the same chaps with their new recruits busy verbally abusing a coach whose team is leading 1-0 away, a team you have never beaten at their turf. Let me summarize what you chaps are!

  109. el tageto says:

    maybe it’s mweene and chickens tactics (saw this in kenya)… you know Chicken can hold on to a 1-nil score line…we’ve seen this at zesco

  110. gb says:

    kabaso should have been substituted long ago

  111. tc soccerman says:

    This team is pathetic, no coordination at all. Wow

  112. chindika popeye nguni says:

    Technically our coach is very dull in that area we can’t continue defending the whole 90min

  113. lee kunda says:

    That ground is not fit for internatinal games……players can have problems especially like mweene who has a six stud boot……embwela for nkwazi is very much better than this ground not pitch in sudan

  114. Alex zz says:

    Close very close to an equaliser by Sudan.

  115. Concerned Citizen says:

    Zambia’s playing with fire now. Useless strategy to defend too early in the game. They need to attack.

  116. Bolapazed says:

    No need to play clean when you can folk out a win away from home by frustrating the home team., a team you have never beaten at their home ground

  117. john says:

    That is the problem with some Zambians they get excited when we beat weak teams. Sudan is an old and weak team as Kay hummer earlier pointed out. Lwandimina will be disgraced with his poor team selection should we meet the likes of Algeria. We need to be serious.

  118. Bolapazed says:

    When was the last time Zambia beat Sudan away and even managed leading in the game. Just ranting instead of supporting your team

  119. Alex zz says:

    @ John next round is groups stages, this is one of the easiest world cup qualification routes I could remember in recent history.

  120. jay says:

    updates zesco has done a fast one on us.

  121. tc soccerman says:

    When HR and Patrice were coaches, Zambia looked good, they played together not this chipante pante. No holding the ball and playing together. This back to where Zambia soccer was low in 2003-2009 look alike. Bring back HR, I know he gave us some bad results, but we can’t play with the big boys of Africa with this type of play. Very pathetic.

  122. tc soccerman says:

    Its a just a matter of time, giving up balls like that? They will score.

  123. gb says:

    It was a nice plot by the Sudanese to destabilise the Zambians on that pitch.

  124. data says:

    What’s the latest score no pawa

  125. Logic says:

    Very few teams beat Sudan at home, I don’t know why we lack patriotism in our approach to things. No one forces anyone to support this team so if the team does not play to your liking, feel free to find some other team to support. A casual observer reading some comments here would think we were losing by 10 goals to zero.

  126. Sade says:

    Nigerians and Ghanaians hoping we lose and now they are hurting we winning as usual

  127. Bolapazed says:

    The only times we have beaten Sudan is at the Africa Nations Cup and when playing at home. So weak as they might be termed, they have always gotten the better of Chipolopolo or KK11. So say something positive for your team. If they lose ati you have been vindicated and if they win ati it’s a weak team.

  128. john says:

    @ TC forget HR the man is clueless and cannot score more than 2 goals in a game. He cannot outsmart his opposition and relies and weak and cheap defending tactics to get draws. He is as clueless as lwandimina that is why he has been sacked by lille.

  129. john says:

    HR is devoid of ideas the man who can take us to world cup is ruud krol

    • Logic says:

      Didn’t Ruud Krol just get sacked as well?


      I have been listening to bad impartation of ideologies john only clueless bloggers will follow you I for one know how a game is won! The players too! must command some higher kind of determination to keep on winning.


      I have been listening to your bad impartation of ideologies john only clueless bloggers will follow you I for one know how a game is won! The players too! must command some higher kind of determination to keep on winning.

  130. Bolapazed says:

    Game now in injury time. This will be history. Zambia at their peak with some of its finest players to have played against Sudan away have never managed to get a win and if it ends this way, it thumbs up to the coach and players.

  131. Southern says:

    Pliz more updates coz some of us are not watching da game

  132. Chu says:

    what a miss by kalengo

  133. Bolapazed says:

    Now the story line has changed to Herve when Zambia is getting 3 points. Some people.

  134. Bolapazed says:

    Country men you must be proud of this coach and team for forking out a win away from a team you have been meeting from 1968 and never defeated at home.

  135. el tageto says:

    no money for a new coach…it seems FAZ has resorted to using local or young talents in the senior team just to improve their CV’s then sell out players,but not calling them up for national duty..ngoma,allan mukuka, just to mention but a few………………i think

  136. sly says:

    Don’t forget that Zambia has never won in Sudan from the sixties and all you say is that Lwandamina is dull. Guys wakeup!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. el tageto says:

    @bolapazed people’s faith in the national team has been ruined by their previous unimpressive results and display of soccer…it will take something more special than a win away from home to restore the disheartened fans… kudos to chipolopolo

    • Bolapazed says:

      Yeah but it does not call for dressing down, verbally abusing the team and hope for better results at the same time, no!
      We need a new breed of bloggers willing to critically analyse football without insults. Why do you think even in England players, officials get punished for any form of abuse on the colleagues be it referees, players, fans or other officials?

      • Amos Mumba says:

        Please tell them!This has even gone to the socalled soccer analysts on radio.Verbally abusing the team and according to them,thats the way to support a team!

  138. Bolapazed says:

    Congratulations boys! You have done the nation proud. We are not behind you but with you. You have shamed your vitriolic, abusive, sarcastic critics. We can’t fault those who failed before you in their mission but just say well done and please work extra hard. The road ahead is even tougher.

  139. Zagwa says:

    Over Zambia 1-Sudan 0

  140. Billy says:

    Game over Zambia wins, 1-0 away in Sudan. Well done lads.

  141. tc soccerman says:

    Against Ghana, IC, or Nigeria we would get sandwiched easily. No cohesion at all, you wonder how any sane mind would be pretending as though this team is any better. We criticize because we are equally Zambian Citizens and want the best out of our teams and anyone that can’t stand our perception can go hang. We won’t stop talking until the best is brought to Zed. Call us spineless fans or whatever you want, but this team is pathetic. Can’t control the mid, losing balls easily. Are you kidding me? We should be happy with that? Mxxxm

    • Brave Nchanga Rangers says:

      Ba TC mudala did u really expect gud passes and coordination on that pathetic pitch? Let us criticise with sober minds. We shall see how it goes in next game

    • Taliban says:

      Bola Ni Zigole Mudala.. Even the most of the talented teams play like that at times, but what is important is the final score. For sure the team needs to be reinforced but lets not be negative always

    • Moore2015 says:

      But your criticism should be objective ! We beat Ghana here and we played well in Ghana dispite loosing 2:1. Muletasha

  142. jay says:

    Good result go Zambia go lets finish the job in ndola

  143. Brave Nchanga Rangers says:

    Congrats to our team the pathetic ground and biased referee cud not discourage the boys well done Ba coach and Faz

  144. Neutral says:

    Thanks the most criticized coach………chicken George!…..you have done what Renard failed to do!

  145. tc soccerman says:

    @Bolapazed, What world are you guys living in? China is screwing you people’s mind a lot, so people can’t have a different opinion as yours. Look at the stats of this game and tell me what so impressive about it. We could not hold the in the mid and everytime we got a touch on the ball we lost it easily. Good luck doing that against teams with play makers like Ghana, Ivory Coast or those Arabs.

    • tc soccerman says:

      other than the goal, everything else is BS. Mbesuma was the only one that could hold on to the ball and harassed the skinny Sudanese, otherwise everyone else it was kick and kick no control.

      • Moore2015 says:

        Boi naiwe ikalafye! How old are you?


        What matters is the result, remember the times KK11 used to play dancing time and never got the result….Naba Wina that’s very important! Are you Bafana Bafana with super Diski..

    • Don says:

      A win is a win guys,I said it in the last post that Chicken was going to surprise us against all odds by winning in Sudan.
      Good one boys!!

  146. Bolapazed says:

    The mark of a solid team is picking results even when they didn’t play tantalizing football and lose. Play well and lose or play bad and win on any day i will pick play bad and win.

  147. abiaso says:

    congrats boys you hav answered those who have no confidence in you come safely and finish the job in Zambia.

  148. Bolapazed says:

    WC Qualification Africa.
    Mozambique 1 – 0 Gabon

    Sudan 0 – 1 Zambia

  149. Logic says:

    Our cry should be for us to empower local coaches with the knowledge and skill to coach at National team level and even coach other nations like Bumfuchile did. We are busy criticizing and crucifying our own, even when they win. The truth of the matter is that we as a nation are going through a very rough patch and spending tens of thousands of dollars to pay an expatriate when majority of Zambians are starving is a misplacement of priorities. I don’t mean to bring in the whole political or economic thing but it plays a a part in all this. Lets for one second stop the self hate and lift each other up. Lwandamina did what no coach in the history of Zambia, local or foreign has ever done by winning in Sudan, yet for all that, all he gets are insults. It’s better to be lucky than good in certain situations and the made it happen. The solutions to our problems lie with us and the moment we realize that and start building each other up, the better our country will be. With that said, I will be stopping at my local pub on the way home to toast Zambia’s victory…Deuces!

  150. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    Yes congrats Zed but thrz still a lot of work 2 b done we can’t b defendin 90mins against weak teams we shud learn 2 kill games & not 2 put ourselves under pressure. With strong teams it will b different we shudnt b conservative bt aggressive too. Otherwize thanx ba nkonko 4 improvin our pathetic away record. I agree wit John and bolapazed nipa lolo ni eazy does it fye.

  151. el tageto says:

    3 points & an away goal…what more do u want… just like manU,winning ugly…positive score line

  152. Don says:

    My biggest worry was just after we scored ,but after 20 mins went by I relaxed. Well done guys , let’s now focus on 2nd leg in Ndola.

  153. benard chaila says:

    Zambia 1 sudan 0 we prayed as a team,mbesuma man of de match go chipolopolo,aur defance was solid bucyizya fimo fimo had a great game so was sunzu

  154. Bolapazed says:

    Let those who are aggrieved that the team made history in Sudan take to the streets and protest – naked if they want.

    Lwandamina might not be the best coach to have coached our team but he deserves the respect for what he has done tonight. The rest we talk after our excitement/tempers have cooled down for those happy we won and those who wanted to be vindicated by the loss.

  155. Paddy says:

    I feel terrible I couldn’t watch the match, but congratulations to mother Zambia. A clean sheet is always vital and an away goal always crucial. A well done boys! Do we love our team? Of course. Shall we continue criticizing? You bet we will.

  156. STUMPY says:

    no one has been shamed here. fact is goerge is a headless chicken its showing in how the team is playing. against ghana or algeria we are dead

  157. Billy says:

    Mkandawire was my main worry. But the young lad impressed me today. Hope he continues with this kind of performance.

  158. lee kunda says:

    Wow we have to give praise where its necessary…we have never beaten sudan at home congratulations couch George and the technical bench, congratulations to all the players, let’s finish it off on sunday

  159. Moore2015 says:

    TC, Kay Hammer, Abram guys lets be objective and mature. I don’t think you guys are soccer Fan. Football is dynamic. Who knew that Egypt could miss at AFCON THIS LONG..? Nigeria failed to defend. Mwilalandalanda fye!

  160. Moore2015 says:

    The boys and technical bench have archived a great result just appreciate !

  161. lee kunda says:

    We need to work hard on the midfield, the midfield lacked creativity and there was no coodination…..if possible bring back chisamba for the sunday game

    • Billy says:

      I agree with you.

    • Amos Mumba says:

      I think listening to the commentators should be able to help some of us understand how games are analysed .They both agreed that we played maturely under such pathetic playing condition.You dont go to Sudan to play creative football.Arabs have always been pathetic when playing away..feigning injuries,defending deep and literally playing negative and it has always helped them grind out results.You cant go to Sudan and play any better than we did today on that pathetic pitch.We closed them down well,we packed our midfield well leaving no space,infact, Mbesuma did well in that regard.Given a good pitch,we could have used the counter attack more effectively.Although I had doubts about the young Boyd Mkandawire,he was the stand out performance.Katema is a workaholic in that midfield and Sinkala stood his grounds well in front of Mfune and Sunzu.Yes we lacked some height in the defense at times but Sunzu made up for that when it mattered most.In fact the pitch played against them than us because of their short passing game approach,they failed to play.Lets try to analyse these games objectively rather than just dwelling on the negatives.

  162. Billy says:

    Chisamba is needed in to stabilize the midfield.

  163. john says:

    Chisamba or fwayo should be recalled


      Iwe john this is what you should be doing not insulting and preaching negativity all the time, it does not take us anywhere….

  164. benard chaila says:

    Ba zamfoot were is our thursday throwback

  165. Fc Luo says:

    Football Followers or real Soccer fans not comics we beat Sudan in 2004 1 nil with Legendary Chaswe Nsofwa goal…..but again we won thanks to Leading Zpl topscorer and Legendary Kalengoal…….goal….Lubambo’s Cross…..we hv a Solid team

  166. Photon says:

    Dollar issue has impacted negatively on some bloggers on this site,bt one thing z a win z a win to say the least

  167. Smm-sJC says:

    Great result … Sudan beat our Super KK 11 Eleven 2:0 and our Chipolopolo the African Kings then by the same result. Now our record against Sudan has been improved greatly. When they return we ought to finish them off with 2:0 or 3:0! Viva Zambia

  168. Amos Mumba says:

    I think listening to the commentators should be able to help some of us understand how games are analysed .They both agreed that we played maturely under such pathetic playing condition.You dont go to Sudan to play creative football.Arabs have always been pathetic when playing away..feigning injuries,defending deep and literally playing negative and it has always helped them grind out results.You cant go to Sudan and play any better than we did today on that pathetic pitch.We closed them down well,we packed our midfield well leaving no space,infact, Mbesuma did well in that regard.Given a good pitch,we could have used the counter attack more effectively.Although I had doubts about the young Boyd Mkandawire,he was the stand out performance.Katema is a workaholic in that midfield and Sinkala stood his grounds well in front of Mfune and Sunzu.Yes we lacked some height in the defense at times but Sunzu made up for that when it mattered most.In fact the pitch played against them than us because of their short passing game approach,they failed to play.Lets try to analyse these games objectively rather than just dwelling on the negatives.

  169. Watch Over says:

    Wining ugly but sweet victory! Congrats men mission achieved that’s what’s important now look to the next task!

  170. lee kunda says:

    Chisamba is needed please bring him for the sunday game FAZ do. What you can…..I agree with one bloger the pitch was pathetic but it doesn’t mean we can’t be creative and that we can’t coodinate….there was no coodination from the first half they. Were wining balls on the midfield, katema, sinkala were not to the required standard

  171. hendy says:

    the pitch was like a gravel road our boys failed to easily play well but wait till they come and play in a real stadium they will see

  172. mike lungu says:

    Getled prayer wil ar support u play with God may the God be with u all

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