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South Africa 1-0 Zambia as it happened

Chipolopolo Boys coach Honour Janza named an attacking side with the likes of Lubambo Musonda, Chisamba Lungu and Rainford Kalaba.

Off the bench, Jackson Mwanza, James Chamanga and Mukuka Mulenga all came in to show the depth coach Janza has at his disposal attacking wise.

Though Zambia lost to arch-rivals, there are some positives to draw from the game.

Below is how the match panned out from Johannesburg’s Orlando Stadium.

Zambia XI: Kennedy Mweene – Davies Nkausu, Kondwani Mtonga, Stopilla Sunzu, Rodrick Kabwe – Lubambo Musonda, Nathan Sinkala, Chisamba Lungu, Rainford Kalaba- Given Singuluma – Emmanuel Mayuka

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189 Comments to South Africa 1-0 Zambia as it happened

  1. Seen from afar says:

    The result of the match does not matter to me one bit. What matters is there is cohesion!

  2. chindika popeye Nguni says:

    We don’t even need useless characters like donashano malama and munthali. They lack seriousness.

  3. Discipline says:

    I agree 100% no Munthali and Malama ,the coach can include them in the initial team but should not be naming them not even on the bench.

  4. Billy Boyo says:

    Slow motion malama and munthali na tired are a waste of team space. Janza is a clueless fellow.

  5. Gesh says:

    Okay,I get people here are NOT fans of D.Malama and Muthali; but I do think that Janza sees far much more than all of us-take for example the DIVERSITY of both players,they can play inmore than one position-in a tournament,thats a HUGE asset to have!! Just my opinion!

  6. Riech jr says:

    Very good lineup,am happy Malama isn’t starting and that ZNBC is showing the match Now let the show begin you Chipolopolo,lets show these Bafana that we are kings of southern Africa

  7. gode says:

    well done BA znbc let’s wait & see what janza can do, the team looks gud, I can’t wait to watch this march.

  8. KK11 says:

    It would be great if the game was posted YouTube later. Anyone able to record and post online? Thanks’

  9. Pesh Cool says:

    Mbola and Kabwe should be maintained!! Good line up. Let’s go Zambia

  10. Kez Kez says:

    No show at ZNBC Chintobentobe going on

  11. Soccerguru says:

    znbc still showing Chintobentobe. …nothing on the game…ba supersport are a huge let down

  12. one zambia says:

    zamfoot u shud be updating us… Some of us r not in zed and ss is not televising

  13. Anita says:

    ZNBC very useless! Why excite people for nothing! The match has started.

  14. Chief analyser. says:

    any live stream ?

  15. Anita says:

    ZNBC very useless! Why excite people for nothing! The match has started!

  16. Riech jr says:

    ZNBC at it again showing pre school shows instead of the match

  17. homed says:

    So some people believed that these I’d.iots were going to televise the game? They don’t even have the courtesy to apologise, its normal! Tell the pipo what’s happening u fools!

  18. FLOYD jr. says:

    Awe mweeh znbc

  19. sakabinda says:

    Not even pa super sport

  20. Papa says:

    Why can’t we just liquidate ZNBC. What is wrong with these people? Here we are waiting for the live broadcast of the match like fools. Where is Boko Haram to bomb Mass Media Complex?

  21. The Great says:

    Who tod u that supersport will show the match?

  22. The Great says:

    or I meant ZNBC?

  23. The Great says:

    very disappointing country. I will just leave it.

  24. Uncle Bobs says:

    Awe ama 3 pin yesu just go to waste as only time we have of switching there we get disappointed!

  25. Uncle Bobs says:

    Someone has called them as DeadNBC-kekekekeke

  26. ROK says:

    Big Steve frm RSA, if you are able to provide live updates, please assist. We were banking on ZNBC to show the game but it would appear they will not show it.

  27. C J from RSA says:

    20mins played. Zambia playing good football and good ball control from the middle. Chisamba is very good.

  28. Anita says:

    The person who cheated the masses is such an idiot! U made us relax instead of looking at other alternatives.

  29. Riech jr says:

    @CJ continue with the updates we are watching throgh you

  30. habib says:

    Cj from SA. Pliz tell us the channel.

  31. Chief analyser. says:

    Some one correcte me, who is to ensure that funs watch the games?, is it faz or Znbc?

  32. ROK says:

    C J please provide live updates

  33. FLOYD jr. says:

    Zamfoot updates atishani

  34. gode says:

    znbc if u don’t have anything to talk about on yo news u better keep quit than making fool the people, that the March will live, useless adminstration. I am very hungry after waiting sure.

  35. C J from RSA says:

    24mins Chisamba tries on the goal and it goes over

  36. lina says:

    Those who are watching update us now

  37. C J from RSA says:

    Lubambo wins a throw in

  38. mr engineer says:

    go zambia go…… foolish znbc foolish

  39. C J from RSA says:

    Chisamba brought down after sinking a RSA

  40. manfree says:

    Am hate for sure mayeb they may rebrodicust it bcoz even on radio 2 they promissed to go it live but am just waiting till now.

  41. ROK says:

    I personally spoke to ZNBC and got it from the horse’s mouth.

  42. C J from RSA says:

    Chisamba win free kick near the 18

  43. manfree says:

    CJ help us with the updates my brow

  44. C J from RSA says:

    SA counter attacks but nothing to worry of

  45. manfree says:

    sorry i ment to say bro CJ

  46. C J from RSA says:

    Mtonga and Sunzu look good partnership

  47. Anonymous says:

    ma rubbish ya channel.

  48. C J from RSA says:

    Guys the defence with Mtonga,Sunzu,Nyambe and Rodrick looks better for now

  49. OG says:


  50. C J from RSA says:

    Given wins a corner for zambia

  51. asilikale says:

    Guys you ate better than znbc, please keep on updating us

  52. Sparks Chimbwendembwende says:

    What are rhe scores? CJ?

  53. Sparks Chimbwendembwende says:

    Nkausu instead of Nyambe! Cj!

  54. C J from RSA says:

    42mins nothing much on the goals

  55. C J from RSA says:

    Sorry Nkausu not Nyambe mulenga

  56. C J from RSA says:

    Mayuka out Jackson in and he almost scores through a header

  57. gode says:

    44min prayed mayuka out Jackson mwanza in.

  58. ghanaboy says:

    44 mins played and the game is balance..i doubt this rsa team can qualify..zambia 0~0 rsa

  59. OG says:


  60. Anita says:

    ZNBC! U should be civilized in this day and age. U promise pipo and u don’t fufil yo promise and u just keep quiet ! What nonsense is this u MASUZYO! In the next govt u will be fired. U have become too comfortable!

  61. zdoreenb@gmail.com says:

    znbc should stop collecting our 3 pins. Anyway go chipolopolo.

  62. Kondi says:

    But why the gaMe z not on SSport ?

  63. Nazo says:

    Masuzyo Njovu and your ZNBC, you are idiots, how can you cheat people like that?

  64. chindika popeye Nguni says:

    We want sate-sate upfront.

  65. offside says:

    ZNBC is unable to televise zam v sa due to technical failure.

  66. bingo ras nimbus says:

    post a picture ba cj

  67. gode says:

    trouble mweene injured, funny munyao in.

  68. sakabinda says:

    Tuma update ati how?

  69. ROK says:

    From the scant updates, there is no mention of any striker (except Mayuka being substituted) and that where my worry is. Anyway, we do not have sufficient information to make meaningful comments.

  70. Nazo says:

    masuzyo Njovu, wabe tolee!!!

  71. manfree says:

    We are weening this game by 2 goes to nill.

  72. Anita says:

    I fail to understand, these guys (ZNBC) they knew about the match along time ago and for them to come at the last minute to say we are unable to televise the match is unacceptable! In this country time seems to remain stagnant, the problems that were there at ZNBC 40 years ago are the same problems that are still there today! What a country!

  73. ghanaboy says:

    lol..perhabs the government should sell znbc and use the money to raise an animal farm.what a waste!

  74. Pembela Nsokele says:

    RSA 1 ZAMBIA 0

  75. bingo ras nimbus says:

    sate sate score

  76. kampombwa says:

    What a shame ZNBC

  77. Nostra says:

    Guys we were mistaken, than JACKSON MWANZA is power house…. he has a combination of both Mayuka & Sate Sate qualities combined.

  78. Jeff says:

    Znbc needs a serious competitor . And they have to stop getting TV licence if they do what we want fools

  79. asilikale says:

    Zamfoot i thot your behavious has changed so you havent, i posted my coment almst an hour ago but someone who has posted insults a few min ago his coment has been moderated mine still waiting moderation

  80. Jeff says:

    Dont want ,i ment

  81. Uncle Bobs says:

    Nostra go back about 2yrs and check how I campaigned for Jackson Mwanza until I gave up!

  82. Maite (formerly maite and Man City) says:

    How are we performing technically?

  83. gode says:

    sub sunzu out Muntali in.

  84. KWAME NKRUMAH says:

    This is a FIXED MATCH .. Its going to be 90 minutes-BAFAANA-0 CHIPOS-0

  85. gode says:

    its not over until its over.

  86. ROK says:

    Bingo did you say Sate Sate has scored?

  87. bingo ras nimbus says:

    all the player in all departments must be assesed,good job janza

  88. Uncle Bobs says:

    I trust Janza the Revolutionary!

  89. smooth mk says:

    a single goal might decide this match

  90. gode says:

    I think janza knows what he is doing he is trying everyone.

  91. Discipline says:

    This coach also with Munthali awe sure.

  92. 1 nil Bafana scored

  93. paul says:

    too bad… we dont have any dangerous strikers

  94. Uncle Bobs says:

    We know where our goals are to come from but that source isn’t appreciated but demeaned. Good it wasn’t there! Learn to appreciate when God has gifted you. Till then we shall be playing for draws!

  95. paul says:

    who is this spencer santu fellow?

  96. gode says:

    sate sate has the goals.

  97. leo says:

    This Roderick Kabwe is very useless all the two goalscame from the left sside

  98. SONG says:

    Thuso Phala the ‘midget’ sinks Zambia

  99. leo says:

    Am wondering why chamanga in place of sate sate

  100. paul says:

    useless Chamanga

  101. mambwe says:

    From wht I hear 4rm RSA it seems it has been a dull game sum south africans r sayin these two team wil exit early.

  102. mambwe says:


  103. paul says:

    imagine no shot on goal by Zambia

  104. Uncle Bobs says:

    Ba Song, so in other spheres midgets are appreciate and they score!!!!

  105. paul says:

    mafi fye… we are wasting our time. the PE teacher would not have lost it would have been a draw………. at least

  106. gb says:

    what are the scores?

  107. john says:

    Janza is a useless coach. How dare he leave Jacob, felix, kola and many others. He is a dull coach. How can kungfu panda be in the team

  108. leo says:

    Just like its a friendly I don’t like losing to SA

  109. Dollar says:

    Game over, RSA 1 Chipolopolo 0

  110. Why Cant he shoot from There! says:


  111. kuku says:

    Relax ba zed. Team is poor.

  112. paul says:

    You see… mafi fye… we dont lose to RSA…. the coach is so dull. We have much better strikers. even a half fit Sate Sate could have had a shot on goal. That Mayuka what did he do? nothing……..

  113. paul says:

    IFI mineyelo

  114. Billy says:

    Bafana 1-0 Chipolopolo
    Dull game to say the least. But what I can say is that players like Chamanga, Jackson Mwanza, Roderick Kabwe and Munthali are very useless. All the goals came from the left, fortunately one goal was disallowed for offside.
    Chamanga surely couldn’t even pass the ball was very easily dispossessed. To me the first squad was better than the one in the second half. I hope Janza has seen the material he needs to go with to afcon. One thing for sure is that we don’t have strikers. Munthali, Roderick, Mwanza and Chamanga are deadwood. They will be waste of space in the afcon squad.

  115. Why Cant he shoot from There! says:



  116. Why Cant he shoot from There! says:


  117. gb says:

    sate sate didn’t play.Has the game ended?

  118. Maite (formerly maite and Man City) says:

    Did mukuka mulenga play?Does anyone knw where fwayo is?- think we shuld have taken him. Look at how he played againsy sudan

  119. Why Cant he shoot from There! says:


  120. Why Cant he shoot from There! says:


  121. gb says:

    Good that the team has lost.

  122. KK11 says:

    “Tactically we were more superior” shakes mashaba South African coach.

    With this Janza coach we are in trouble!!

  123. gb says:

    Cannot shoot at goal! What have they been doing in RSA,chewing tac payers monies?

  124. We played good football,Kalaba,Chisamba and Lubambo Sinkala well done.Chama should be dropped. Chamanga dint come to the part though he passed Sate sate but failed to convert a goal.we lost 1-0 but I can tell you Zambia is played best in the first half. Let’s hope Mweene is fine,but Muyao didn’t disappoint. All the best

  125. Andy says:


  126. mambwe says:

    Surely we need an internationally certified goal scorer like jacob and the idea of playin roderick @ left bac wil neva work jst like wht happened to chisamba @ 2012 afcon against senegal nd libya. We need a proper cover 4 mbola. Our defence needs more cover thts y 2 holdin midfielders shud be used in a 4-2-3-1 shape

  127. john says:

    Janza is wasting our time.

  128. Anita says:

    U janza we told u, munthali, Rodrick, malama are not national material! Its not too late, get rid of that dead wood and recall Katongo, Kola and Jacob. How else can u even dare play munthali! Hope u ve learnt something!

    • Why Cant he shoot from There! says:


    • Wesu Nandibo says:

      Good practicing game tho it always feel bad to loose especially to Bafana Bafana, but hey remember what happened before AFCON 2012 we lost to Nigeria so don’t get worried folks it is just a practicing game. One thing tho this Mashaba guy talks too much he thinks he has what it takes to win Afcon. If we had continued with the team that played in the first half we could have won the game. SA is not going anywhere.

  129. Frank Nonde from Gabs says:


  130. Nazo says:

    Losing to South Africa is suicidal and it is the beginning of our 2015 AFCON exit.For sure, God has answered my prayers so that Janza can include senior players in team because at the moment, there is no leadership in the team.

  131. Papa says:

    Joseph Musonda needs to be recalled as he’s better than Kabwe and Malama. Joseph can even play at centre back as he did at Golden Arrows. Those that have seen him play at Polokwane city will testify that he’s in better form than all the younger fullbacks in the team. Jacob Mulenga needs to be recalled to strengthen our blunt strike force.

  132. Don says:

    Can’t wait to hear Janza’s analysis.

  133. ROK says:

    I still strongly feel we are going to Equatorial Guinea for our now routine ‘learning from the positives.’ There is nothing wrong with one learning from the positives but then at one point, you need to demonstrate that you were indeed learning. Whilst we have scanty information from the game, the current squad is, regretfully, going to embarrass this country. All the three teams are banking on collecting maximum points when they play Zambia. It is not good enough for us to say I told after our potentially disastrous outing but it would appear this would be unavoidable at the end of the preliminary round.
    It is worrying that no striker was mentioned save for Mayuka when he was being substituted during the first half. Where were the strikers and what were they doing on the pitch? It is further worrying to hear that we ‘played well’ during the first half but nothing to show for having played well. On the other hand, our opponents played better in the second half and managed to score a goal. Lesson to be learnt: when you are playing better, try to utilise your chances as no two halves are exactly the same. Further, we need to play consistently throughout 90 minutes, plus the referee’s optional time.
    Traditionally, we have had a weakness of just concentrating on our training without carefully studying our opponents. Tunisia is one country that seem to have thoroughly studied our type of football suffice to mention that they have easily beaten us in most of our meetings,e.g. in South Africa in 1996.

  134. Papa says:

    During the qualifiers, we over-relied on wing play. All our attacks were going through the left flank where Mbola and Kalaba were operating. No attacks went through the middle. Our defensive midfield area was extremely weak because Sinkala had no one to partner him. Singuluma also has a tendency to drift left where we already had Mbola and Kalaba leaving a big hole in the advanced midfield position which was normally occupied by Chris Katongo in the past. Janza’s team lacks balance, especially in the centre. Sate Sate doesn’t do enough to support overall play and often gets lost for long periods. Drastic changes need to be made to the team.

    • positive thinking aka realist says:

      Nice breakdown Papa

    • Seen from afar says:

      Yes this is true, when we asked for Mtonga to come in it was to play in the midfeild and not partnering Sunzu! I don’t know enough about Chama but he doesnt fill me with confidence. Janza is slowly but surely getting it all wrong.

      Yes our attacking play in qualifiers though threatening was weak in the middle of the park were apart from attack full speed could not hold the ball really, there are much tighter games awaiting, and when we lost the ball it was everyone running back at goal.

      Are there any more dimensions to Janza tactics?

      Has he dug his hole in not being able to call other players because of his pride?

  135. Start with Lubambo says:

    It was just a friendly and so no hard feelings! SA had to win because they were playing at home.

  136. Roderick Kabwe,Munthali and Chamanga should go home, the team is balanced I just feel FAZ should organize another friendly game. Sata Sate should start

  137. Nazo says:

    @ROK,You sound good but what is the solution.It not just a question of good analyzing but give solutions as well.

    • ROK says:

      Nazo some of the problems with the poor performance by our team are self-inflicted by Janza himself and he seems determined to injure himself. I have actually prescribed one solution in my posting above. To recapitulate, when you are playing badly, the way we are currently playing, the problem is excercabated when you do not study your opponents. This is only a mitigant.
      I do agree that, yes it is important to have new blood in the team but let us do this gradually. I honestly feel Jacob is better than some of the boys we have roped into the team e.g. we have been told by those who watched today’s game that one Sate Sate was lost most of the time. Do we have a luxury of fielding a striker who has to spend 90 minutes trying to find his bearings? I do not want to sound like I have a personal hatred for Sate Sate but what I recall is that even when Kalu and Charlie Cool were being introduced in the national team, the team was largely made of senior player to inspire the young lads. For me, I have already written off this team and already focusing on Afcon 2017.

      • SONG says:

        Sate Sate did not play any part in today’s match.

      • Uncle Bobs says:

        Ba ROK i know you wouldn’t personalise against Sate Sate, but the good thing about him is that despite finding the bearings, he still scores which is what wins games, unlike chaps like Jacob who never even find bearings at least for Zambia and just use brawns!!! Give Sate Sate the number of games Jacob, Mayuka and others have been given in the past and let’s compare notes thereafter. Sate Sate did not player, as he wouldn’t have missed all those sitters we hear were missed.

  138. Billy says:

    I watched the game from the stadium. Yes Zambia played well in the first half although we didn’t score. Mayuka had a chance to put Zambia ahead with a header in the first half but failed. He just needed a slight touch on the ball.
    Second half was pathetic. And I am sure this was to do with the substitutions made. I don’t want to go on and on.
    (1) We have no strikers – strikers like Jacob and Kola should have been included
    (2) Munthali, Chamanga and Jackson Mwanza are useless and don’t need to be in the squad. Apart from the almost created goal by Chamanga, I am so disappointed that yhe gut couldn’t even run or pass the ball properly. Surely one wonders why he is there in the team.
    (3) Rodrick Kabwe was suspect at left back and I doubt if he deserves a place in this team, The goal came from the left (his position). Even the offside goal that Bafana scored came from his side.
    (4) Janza’s tactics leaves much to be desired. He was just throwing in players (substitutions) with no visible tactics at all.
    (5) The first team was fine, with the defence being solid especially the combination of Sunzu and Mtonga. Nkausu on the right was solid. The left back was porous.

    • Billy says:

      In addition the mid was also porous. Maybe we need two central midfielders of Mtonga and Sinkala.

    • Billy says:

      Mukuka Mulenga is also a liability. The boy is not fit enough. The team also lacks game changers (no depth in the team). We do not have players who can really be brought in when all “chips are down”.

  139. Kay Hummer says:

    When i told people on this website that JANZA is a pathetic coach, they could not believe me. I was insulted and called names for calling a spade a spade and not a big spoon!

  140. Discipline says:

    Kali please,strengthen the team,was looking at the bench there was not even a player who would be brought in and change the game in short,no depth and inmpact players in the squad.You have time though.

  141. Kay Hummer says:

    PATHETIC coach Janza should swallow his pride and recall the experienced players. Jacob Mulenga, Roger Kola and Christopher Katongo should immediately be summoned to the team. We are DOOMED as a country with this Honor Janza man as coach. He is very inept and has no pedigree what so ever!

  142. Nazo says:

    Rodrick Kabwe,Spencer Sautu,Mukuka Mulenga not (fit),Jackson Mwanza Should pave way for Isaac Chansa to help Sinkala, Felix and Chris, jacob Mulenga, Rodger Kola to bring stability in the team.Otherwise Congo will give us five nil the first game and where is Kambwili to intervene?

    • Alexander Liwana,RSA says:

      Isaac Chansa did a dis service to Zambia by going to China and India .Chansa was the anchor in the midfield of Zambia and he contributed enormously when Zambia lifted Afcon in 2012.Chansa must come back here in South Africa because the league is more competitive than in India .I do not think Chansa’s time is over.

  143. Kay Hummer says:

    You can not have small boys going to the AFCON. Stubborn and PATHETIC Honour Janza should call Christopher Katongo. Roger Kola and Jacob Mulenga to the team immediately. Winning the AFCON is no child’s play. You need experienced players in the team!

  144. positive thinking aka realist says:

    Goodness gracious. The negativity is at an all new high. Can someone here please say the last game Jacob Mulenga played in a Zambia shirt and performed well? And this talk of Felix Katongo, how? We already have enough wingers in this team, so why bring Felix. My expectations for this AFCON are lowered, because this is a team in transition. The only player I would argue for is Isaac Chansa, who’s work rate in that midfield is being missed.

    • Why Cant he shoot from There! says:

      Cameroon, Bafana Bafana are also a young teams in transition! Zambia isnt the youngest team at the tournament; fact of the matter is some of these so called young players will never if barely make it outside Zambia! Bornwell Mwape offers more upfront than some chosen!

      • Uncle Bobs says:

        People let’s be serious nomba-Bornwell Mwape was even outsmarted by Festus Mbewe when Renard used the two and we want to be calling for him. Tubeko serious bane-strikers are judged by consistency of scoring and as at now only one player has scored at every level he’s been tried and we all know who, unless we want to be blind to the truth.

    • Uncle Bobs says:

      We seem to be allergic to history on this blog now-exactly my argument mudala. We want to be using UBUBABE with no goals for strikers who those that seem to be running aimlessly the entire match with no goals-like a company covering the entire Zambia with its products (WORKING HARD) with not profit (WORKING SMART)!

  145. Anonymous says:

    Janza u still have time to prove urself, call some fruitful experienced players before its late

  146. Discipline says:

    Surely,people is Zambia short of football talent so it seems because we cannot go to AFCON with the likes of Chamanga,Malama and Munthali.Does FAZ has serious selectors or it a one man show by Kalu.

  147. I feel we still have a strong team . Let’s just support the team . Some comments are not building. We have already come up with a team. We can’t start calling for adjustments on the 11th hour.
    Just have faith in our team. We will qualify to the next round and play in the Afcon finals.

  148. Anita says:

    Janza bring back Chris Katongo, he is one player who brings STABILITY in the middle of the pack each he is introduced. Janza u know that Rodrick, sautu, malama, Chamanga cannot be compared to the much needed Katongo! Now I believe that u are failing to manage big players! Kalu how do u appoint a coach who fails to control players and opts to sideline them at the expense of the country. am just realizing that it was a very bad move by Kalusha to have appointed this coward as a coach!

    • Uncle Bobs says:

      Anita, if you knew the behind the scenes issues over Chris, you would be the first to discard him. Just shared some with Ba Rok who admitted that he wasn’t aware. It’s easier to blame the guys at FAZ from afar, but some decisions are better off taken for the good of the team and discipline.

  149. Discipline says:

    New year spoilers Kalu and Janza .

  150. john says:

    As Zambians we cannot support this useless team. Janza is wasting our time. I said chamanga is a useless striker and I was vindicated today.

    • Seen from afar says:

      What has Chamanga done lately in a Zambia shirt to warrant his inclusion, the answer is nothing really. So maybe its just a political thing…

      He has done things in the past but most times and everything of late is really timid. And when Chamaga is timid he is the most timid player ever.

      Strikers rely on confidence and motivation as we have seen very well from Chamaga himself in the past, but this time its not there…

  151. Ngake says:

    i was at orlando stadium and i hate to say it but i will be surprised if this team goes beyond the first round. We were absolutely pathetic in the second half. We were average in the first half at best. My summarised analysis is as follows:
    Defence – Sunzu and Kondwani are okay but any injury to any of the two and we are in serious problems. Munthali as usual is suspect and looked weak in the second half. Rodrick Kabwe based on this performance should never ever be played at left back. Thusa Phala destroyed him in the second half. Bafana should have won this game 3:0 based on his wing play alone. Nkausu was exposed by Lubambo who has no idea how to track back and help out in defense. So in short out wing defenses are in dire straits.
    Midfield was lacking in ideas. The combination of Sinkala and Singuluma is no where near the combination of Isaac and Sinkala in comparison. Singuluma has no verve and drive from midfield. his main value is defending and popping up in the box. in Short the Chansa gap is a big hole and has not been covered.
    The striking department was non-existent. i do not know what was happening up front. Mayuka looked like he was paired with Chisamba lungu and the partnership did not work. We produced nothing. Lubambo looked lost and Kalaba was not on his game. Some people are saying here that the performance is to confuse the enemy but we looked very much a work in progress today. Very few well worked moves in the whole 90 minutes. There was nothing to inspire anyone today.

    • Seen from afar says:

      Mtonga should be in the middle and Chisamba should be in the middle somewhere as he is wasted pushed too high up. Singuluma is better playing higher up. Hmmm

  152. Paddy says:

    Alex Ferguson always used to say “a good strike force wins you games, but a good defense wins you competitions”. Sadly, our current team has neither of those. This team is not far from being potential contenders. All we need is to embrace humility by bringing back some useful experienced heads to steady the otherwise sinking ship. Those of us calling for the inclusion of Chris and Jacob are patriotic citizens too who are looking at the bigger picture. Zambia is one of Africa’s big boys and we don’t need to be subjected to another embarassing debacle such as 2013. Yes change is needed, but only when it’s necessary. Mayuka and Sate Sate are our boys but they need inspiration from proven goal scorers.

  153. chipa says:

    the coach should do away with muntali,malama,chama and kabwe these are useless players.let him bring in chris katongo to help our strikers.Joseph musonda should be recalled to replace malama

  154. BIG 5 says:

    Janza plis drop your stupid rookies and call chris felix chansa jacob and joseph immediately we don’t have time to waste pliz not that rubbish your brought for us….!!

  155. SONG says:

    This is confusing.Bronson Chama who did not play is also called names.

  156. Paddy says:

    ” Below is how the match panned out from Johannesburg’s Orlando Stadium.” Zamfoot thanks for this site but in this day and age surely you can do better than try to turn bloggers’ comments into match updates. People were busy taking znbc to task and so on and you tell us (unashamedly) that this is how the match panned out? Lol

    • Seen from afar says:

      Give zamfoot a break, coverage was bad and reports were limited. Zamfoot always makes the live title called ” as it happened” after the event. The lack of coverage was the event.

  157. CHANDA CHANDA says:

    useless coach ever

  158. ZAR says:

    Good match ,all the best at the tournament

  159. Discipline says:

    Waste of player space in the National Team is also misuse of tax payer’s money hence is it not o.k for the Government to intervene in this player selection in the team?please help us before we are embarrassed at AFCON.the players are there.

  160. video slots says:

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    Please let me know, i’m interested .

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