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Mozambique 1 – 0 Zambia (As it happened)

Zambia XI

Kennedy Mweene – Stophilla Sunzu, Kabaso chongo, Simon Silwimba, Lawrence Chungu, Nathan Sinkala, Enock Mwepu, Rainford Kalaba, Augustine Mulenga, Lubambo Musonda, Justine Shonga

Subs: Toaster Nsabata Cletus Chama Emmanuel Banda, Patson Daka, Isaac Shamujompa, Salulani Phiri, Solomon Sakala

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86 Comments to Mozambique 1 – 0 Zambia (As it happened)

  1. big pungu says:

    guys any online link we could use?

  2. Geshville says:

    If you are on Facebook just search for the game, pipo usually do Live for zed matches

  3. Julio says:

    Any updates?

  4. Billy says:

    Any live streams gentlemen where we can watch.

  5. Anonymous says:

    link is here guys

  6. ZamFoot says:

    6′ Mozambique 0-0 Zambia

    The game is being played in midfield with the home side enjoying more possession

  7. Sibs says:

    I’m not sure of any link. But love the way lining up. Good start by Zambia.

  8. ZamFoot says:

    11′ Mozambique 0-0 Zambia

    Dangerman and captain Elias Pelembe scuffs an easy chance with only Mweene to beat.

    Zambia survive a scare.

  9. Sibs says:

    11minutes played and Mozambique with real chance. But missed by Mpelembe let off for Zambia.

  10. ZamFoot says:

    20′ Mozambique 0-0 Zambia

    The Black Mambas have threatened more in the final third than the Chipolopolo

  11. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    24 minutes gone still 0-0

  12. lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    Still 0-0 28 minutes gone

  13. King Dyonko says:

    Game live on Supersport 229

  14. ZamFoot says:

    30′ Mozambique 0-0 Zambia

    Possesion: Mozambique 58% Zambia 42%

  15. lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    34 min still 0-0

  16. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    37 minutes played and still 0-0

  17. Sibs says:

    Chungu is struggling at the back. Ma’ambas dominating the midfield.
    We loosing the ball easily. No combination play. Can’t string more than 5 passes.

  18. Dan Dyonko says:

    Live on SS229

  19. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    40 min still 0-0

  20. Sibs says:

    Kabaso Choongo.. Zambia’s best player. Kalaba needs to come in for Lubambo.

  21. Tony mash says:

    The boys will come strong second half. They defend first half and if they do not conceede. I foresee theys scoring second half

  22. Generalismo says:

    What has been your thoughts? has Zambian football regressed? Zambia would always handsomely defeat the likes of the Mambas. Where has it gone wrong?

  23. Seen from Afar says:

    Sven says Zambia to nice. He is going to see if his efforts are off.

  24. ZamFoot says:

    HALF TIME: Mozambique 0-0 Zambia

    Mozambique dominated the midfield and had a few chances in the first 30 minutes.

    Zambia has been poor with only one shot on target.

    The attacking players have failed to come to the party.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Master and phiri must come for lubambo n emanuel banda

  26. Sibs says:

    This stage of the competition you need goals and grind a win. We need some inspiration From someone. Kalaba for me needs to come in at Half time. Lubambo is out of the game today. No shot on target the whole 1st half.

  27. Frog says:

    There’s still hope When I said we should bring Jacob Mulenga. He can be used as supersub since our front misses a lot of chances. Cameroon used Rodger Millier and it was fruitful.
    Jacob may have some issues but it depends on how you talk with him

  28. STUMPY says:

    ZF why do my comments take ages to show? please improve

  29. STUMPY says:

    @frog, funny name but very true

  30. paul says:

    What is this coach waiting for? Why did he not make changes at half time? His game plan is all wrong. This Sven is very useless

  31. ZamFoot says:

    50′ Mozambique 0-0 Zambia

    The home side have shot twice on target while Zambia is yet to threaten

  32. Sibs says:

    I’m surprised that Zambia has not made any change up to now. It’s not like we playing well. Our Coaching staff seriously can’t see we need to get a goal. Shocking!!

  33. Remmy says:

    Zambia has no team,no coach and no vision from FAZ..The Team is even failing to coordinate passes.The Coach should go together with the vision-less FAZ.

  34. Sibs says:

    I have to be honest we playing crap. Our Coaching staff?(

  35. Shi mwewa says:

    Mozambique has scored.

  36. ZamFoot says:

    Goal Alert:
    62′ Mozambique 1 – 0 Zambia

  37. lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    Ala bwafya

  38. ZamFoot says:

    60′ Mozambique 0-0 Zambia

    Sven said Zambia will defend for 60 minutes and defend and attack more in the final 30 minutes.

    It’s now hour mark! And Cletus Chama is warming up.

  39. lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    And now Mozambique have scored, issues apa

  40. ZamFoot says:

    GOAL ALERT! Mozambique 1-0 Zambia

    The Black Mambas threaten on the break and after the dealing it with it well, the Chipolopolo switched off and concede.

    As things stand, Zambia are out of AFCON race.

  41. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    Yaka kana iyi yena apa

  42. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    As they have performed let them be kicked out. You lose at home in qualifiers and that is that. We saw this in the World cup Q where we lost to Nigeria at home. Seems history will repeat itself

  43. We still have hope all what needs to be done is to bring Kalaba for Lubambo and the game will change.

  44. ZamFoot says:

    70′ Mozambique 1-0 Zambia

    SUBS: Rainford Kalaba and Clatous Chama [IN]; Augustine Mulenga and Emmanuel Banda [OUT]

    Zambia still playing 4-2-3-1 formation

  45. Sibs says:

    Kalaba and Cletus have brought stability. I said so many times that we neede Kalaba to start. Our Coaching staff can’t read the game. Yaba

  46. Kuku says:

    78 minutes on the clock. cone on Zambia. just 2 quick goals.

  47. Tony mash says:

    This seven is useless he has been fighting players. Where is fashion sakala, brian mwila, emmanuel mbola, kambole ?

  48. Sibs says:

    Kalaba is still good. Brilliant player.

  49. Tony mash says:

    If we fail to qualify kamanga should fire seven and elevate chambeshi

  50. ZamFoot says:

    85′ Mozambique 1-0 Zambia

    SUBS: Patson Daka in for Lubambo Musonda.

  51. Concerned Citizen says:

    ‪The entire FAZ Executive should resign. They have failed.‬

  52. Seen from Afar says:

    Poor, there is no excuse the coach can give, we have gone there chase the ball.

  53. Generalismo says:

    When the likes of Macambique get six points from us? How the mighty have died

  54. Concerned Citizen says:

    The FAZ Executive should resign or be forced out. They have failed.

  55. Generalismo says:

    Everyone knew this was a must win and no urgency was ever brought into the game. Funny enough we should be cruising in African football after the exploits of our under 20s however we have regressed. When we lost the first game and at home we self nailed our coffin.

    We are Zambia we need to rise again

  56. Anonymous says:

    Kalusha Bwalya + Herve Renard = Greatness

  57. ZamFoot says:

    FULL TIME: Mozambique 1-0 Zambia

    Zambia fail to qualify to the African Cup of Nations of Nations for the second consecutive teams.

    Hard luck Team Chipolopolo

  58. Tande shumba says:

    stop blaming coach,do we’ve players in Zambia? Kikiki Kaya manje

  59. Generalismo says:

    Is it about the coach? How has been the selection? How has FAZ helped in all this.


    Now I have been vindicated WADA was better than this clueless Coach.

  61. Shi mwewa says:

    In my opinion our display,tactics and decision making by our coaching bench was not so good.How do you shelve the player with the goal threat and only introduce him with less than five minutes to play!?Sven and the entire coaching bench must be fired!

  62. Sibs says:

    If you fail to qualify for a CAF 24 Team tournament then you bad. Talent we have more than the likes of Namibia, Mozambique and even Guinea but our Coaching bench is useless. Making changes in the 82nd minute. What can PD do In 8 minutes?

  63. Long live king kalu says:

    Lets bring back king kalu. It seems he has gone with his football. No one can fit in his shoes.

  64. Anonymous says:

    To be honest this is the inexperience by Kamanga. He should just resign. The junior Afcon was not kamangas. It was Kalu who won the bid. Why did we get rid of Kalu? Why? It will never happen again….

  65. Seen from Afar says:

    I will say i think the coach should go. I have not seen enough from him to warrent him staying. HR there was something there. This coach it feels like he made a simple job much more complicated.

    He didn’t really play to the strengths enough. Maybe he enforced to much of his own philosphy at the expense of the natural flair and desire of the players.

    Slightly arrogant in press conference.

    We have no bligation to keep him.

  66. kennedy says:

    we need a coach like herve renard

  67. discipline says:

    People which leader would you prefer,one who steals and still able to bring development or one who don’t still but no development just how can you replace a striker with one who is warming the bench now I see why wada over looked lubambo who was to be substituted at half time as in for mwepu the lad is just overrated now l see why he is just a bench warmer the boy hods onto the ball too long so was banda and lubambo lole,silwamba should be dropped for good,seven and chintu should be sucked right there at zimpito am sooo disappointed zambia being booted out with a game to spare in this in a very stupid useless group am thinking kamaga no bwino bwino #bring back kalu after fifa suspension we are ready to foot his suspension fee.

  68. Bye Bye Seven. says:

    The coach has failed .bye bye Seven.The target was to go to Afcon.FAZ should start looking for a new coach.This time around get a Brazilian coach.Attention now on the new Chipolopolo team. The U23 as they qualify to the Olympics.

  69. Naijaguy says:

    Lmao.. to even think that you guys were even comparing your useless team to the Super eagles is laughable..

  70. Generalismo says:

    Even facebook Bonnetti was better than this coach. Zambia is known for being aggressive in midfield. Tough tackling and attacking. A team playing typical Zambian philosophy of football could have swept aside Mocambique.

    I think Faz failed us on this engagement. Our customary football playing ethos are at serious tangent with the coach’s ethos.

    In instances like this there is nothing else to do save for releasing the coach. He has failed in what we the people had enjoined him to do. Soon we will be minnows in Africa

  71. Kensplash says:

    This is one of the most annoying & embarrasing moments is Zambia’s football history. Mozambique doing a double on us. Shame on us. This coach has a lot of experimemts,anyhow we can’t be surprised since himself is just an experiment.

  72. Sibs says:

    Talema na ma headache. Osayaka mu Naija. Waste of time.

  73. Seen from Afar says:

    Timing was bad. In this game he implemented a lot of what he wanted, before the team was playing simpler way and the more he implemented the worse we have got.

    He might be good but He doesn’t have enough experience. We don’t have the time to give that experience.

  74. Doni says:

    We need to win the last match as there is a chance for qualification. The number of teams has been increased from 16 to 24 meaning that Zambia can sneak in with a home win against Namibia. Ba. Zambia , you’ve reduced us to this sure imwe ba mambala

  75. Mike says:

    Am disappointed as a soccer fan Sven must go he failed to qualify for Afcon.he must introduce katakana in the first half,my opinion chintu is not qualified to be assistance coach

    • Piks says:

      The coach is not to blame. Zambia does not just have good players at the moment who can compete at international level. FAZ needs to go back to the drawing board and strategize on improving our football at all levels. Netherlands did it we can also ‘did’ it.

  76. Leo says:

    We spoke here that kamanga is a failure people called us names
    He failed at kabwe warriors
    He failed at power dynamos
    How can he with chipolopolo?
    Faz MUST resign on principle

    Decision making have been poor
    The appointing of Jan sikaswe ad technical director very poor
    The hiring of coaches very poor
    Not having a sponsor very poor
    It is with this admin that we have failed to qualify two in a row
    Which has never happened in the history of any faz admin
    All this falls on kamanga

  77. Anonymous says:

    Good results for brave warriors will wallop you in your backyard fire the coach and faz administration. Players like banda n augustine very poor coach can’t read the game. Zambia don’t deaserve to be in afcon.

  78. Tutu says:

    Batinyokola, baasi

  79. manda says:

    Andrew Kamanga should resign before his coach, Sven or whatever they call him, how do you bring a coach who has never coached a National team anywhere in the world! And its the first time we are having an Assistant coach who’s also an assistant at a club (Power Dynamos), the normal thing is to have a club full time coach of one of the best performing clubs in the country to be assistant to the national coach, as at now like Lwandamina, Chambeshi, Bilton Musonda or Chiyangi Aggrey etc! Its good they have not qualified by chance because a lot of money would have gone to waste through preparation of the team , allowances, travel costs only to eliminated in the first round! Which money will now go to paying hard working but under paid civil servants salaries, toll gate and road construction! Well done Sven and your useless boys! A coach who doesn’t even know any system! 4-2-3-1 but not put in practice throughout the match! It was Chipantepante

  80. Seen from Afar says:

    Kamanga is not a failure yet. His direction of coach is in question.

    I will say his management of his coaches is what is severly lacking. He failed with Wedson and if i or even Kalu(who was good at this) was in charge i would setting some ground rules and be on terms with the coach. He can’t be feeling his way in the dark it will would take years. Zambia wants to play in such a manner… You have to marry your philosphy with Zambias.

    Leading to this game Sven said he wasn’t concentrating on a game 8 years ago, but really he should have taken notice. You need to know where we have been, there is something to learn there.

  81. Bad Rubbish! says:


  82. LarryKS says:

    Does @Chipolopolo coach Sven Vandenbroek still has a job as Chipolopolo Coach?

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