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Kopala fans irk FAZ as Bola House considers stripping off international matches

The Football Association of Zambia, FAZ is considering stripping Copperbelt from hosting any international fixtures.

According to the ZamFoot Crew sources at Bola house, the FAZ hierarchy is irked with the behavior of the Kopala fans.

This follows an incident at Arthur Davies Stadium on Friday.

With the Zambia Under-20 firing blanks in the second match against Malawi, the fans turned the heat on the young guns and booed them while cheering every touch by the visitors made.

“The bosses are upset and disappointed with the fans’ behavior, ” a Bola house insider revealed on Sunday.

“The boys still had about 10 minutes to go and there’s a general belief that had the fans being behind the team, the boys would have collected maximum points. They are the 12th player and at home, fans should be giving more as well,” adds the source

Despite boasting the likes Lameck Banda, Martin Njobvu, Ngosa Sunzu and Swedish based Edward Chilufya, Zambia is yet to score.

They will go into Monday’s dead rubber match against Swaziland hoping for a face server.

This is in star contrast to the free scoring Patson Daka and Fashion Sakala led side which were invincible and were scoring goals.  for fun early this year as they lifted the African Youth Championship in Lusaka.

In addition to the humiliation the Numba Mumamba coached side suffered at Arthur Davies Stadium on Friday, the Kopala fans have also taken to social media.

The boys are been labeled as ‘ Lusaka Select’ despite having the likes of Francisco Mwepu from Chambishi and Nchanga Rangers’ Chiwempala born and Bred Martin Njobvu.

While the Cosafa Cup at this level has been Zambia’s birth right, the country will have to wait for another 12 months to have a real go at the regional trophy.

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  1. Fire the coach is useless he has no football can you loose as the host country giving excuses that you are building. You are destroying. Call player’s with merit not plangas humble yourself go back to the drawing board complecenncy has killed football in zambia. Coach you have failed the Nation

  2. Who cares?
    You want us to pay our hard earned cash for game tickets or cable tv & be subjected to this perpetual mediocrity while singing kumbaya! What do you take us for? And for the record, we still remember how not too long ago your Lusaka fans booed our senior team in an international friendly against Ethiopia. So, unless you intend to take the games to Chilubi Island, you have no option but to make amends. Your Lusaka select are an embarrassment to our nation’s pride. Numba was a mistake as a choice for coach. He is too comfortable and doesn’t share our pain and anguish as soccer fans.
    The sooner you learn what politicians already know about the Copperbelt, the better for you. We are the land of champions.We own the game.
    Try to do a Lusaka select vs Kopala and see for yourself

  3. These are just a bunch of corrupt football fanatics. They wanted to overthrow the previous administration, in order to bring corruption and nepotism in Zambian.They don’t care that such nonsense can divided the country . Zamfoot, please tell Faz administration, that as copper belt fans we dare them to do it .

  4. Don’t force copper belt fans to start hunting you down one by one because of your foolishness. Faz should know that, these are ingredients of wars in football. Take a leaf of what is happening to the administration of football in Kenya,total confusion. Is that what Faz want?

    • Booing of their own players, whether they were performing badly was the most terrible act and immature reaction from those ”soccer fans”. That culture in making wont help in encouraging upcoming players. These ”fans” did not help any of those players but psychologically killed them! Soon or later, the same ‘fans’ will cry foul be cause of what the are sowing. Honestly, how does a reasonable and responsible parent boo his own son instead of speaking positively for better results? Whoever was involved and supporting such an act should check their mental lining.

  5. take your flat footed lusaka chaps out of kopala
    . Selection of players should country wide. What happened to the 45 boys who were called to camp. And let chambeshi take back his role. You are spoiling our money imwe fi faz

    • Ubututu iwe! Are you telling me you couldnt read and understand that the team that played wasnt a Lusaka Team but players from the Copperbelt too??? Lets learn to keep quiet if we have nothing to rant.

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