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KoPa branding is the way to go, says Sports Minister

Sports Minister Mawere visited the Chipolopolo Boys at their base and encouraged the boys.

The Minister lauded FAZ for coming up with the KoPa brand.

Mawere watched Zambia’s 3-1 demolition of Uganda in the first match.

Below is what he said

“Before they undertook this decision, they shared with government and we gave them a go ahead,”

“FAZ has been facing challenges in terms of sponsorship of their kit. The decision they have made is the way to go. They have control over kit now.”

“We need to encourage them because we are tired of hearing these stories of yesterday there was Nike, there was Mafro, we have to go local and other sports disciplines can tap from that. Look at what Botswana is doing with all sports disciplines dressed in one attire,” he said.

“We have to take advantage of the replicas, if they do the replicas and make sure that the team performs very well then it will be a huge opportunity,”

“You have to have the replica on one side and make sure that the team performs very well. Everyone will be looking forward to buying the jersey of a successful story. No would want to put on something which is a failure, someone would want to put on something which is a success.”

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  1. If kids on this blog are wondering if that’s an x on the jersey, no it’s not,its a copper ingot same with one zanaco bank uses some form of early money used by people who inhabited present day zambia.

  2. Thats The Only Problem With U Pipo! Ar U Not Happy With The Brand? Faz Did Not Do Any Comparison But Went On To Come Up With A Brand That We Will Be Proud Of. Nice Move Ba Faz Let Them Do Their Own Comparisons. There Is A Bemba Proverb Which Says ” UUSHITASHA NINSHI MWANA WA NDOSHI”

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