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Niger 1 – 2 Zambia (As it happened)

Zambia U17 coach Chris Kaunda has made two changes to his starting line-up for tonight’s game against tournament hosts Niger.

Kaunda has rested Pumulo Siwanga and brought in Kenny Sinkala, who will now partner with captain Patson Daka in attack.

On the left wing Gift Sikaonga will start in place of Edwin Chpile. The rest of the team that played Guinea on Sunday remains the same.

The Full line up is: 1. Daniel Sikanyika (GK) 5. Wayne Museba 3. Prosper Chilufya 4. Salati Lungu 13. Edward Chimfwembe 14. Ngosa Sunzu 11. Enock Mwepu 10. Musonda Siame 9. Patson Daka (C) 18. Kenny Sinkala 2. Gift Sikaonga.

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111 Comments to Niger 1 – 2 Zambia (As it happened)

  1. john says:

    I wish the boys the very best. We need this u-17 world cup very badly. We simply have to qualify. I also will make a statement that will shock some of you. I still don’t think Renard is a great coach but I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the french man on a tremendous trophy achievement. He isn’t such a bad coach and has learnt well. I wish him the very best and I forsee getting a contract in europe next season. I think he deserves a proper shot in europe he has done enough in africa. Him going to Europe may also open doors for other Zambians. I have been harsh on the man especially with regards his poor team selections and tactics that let us down but he tried. Remember this guy won us bronze at chan in 2009 he deserves a little respect from me.

  2. Prince says:

    Guinea is leading Nigeria by a goal…

  3. john says:

    I still feel bonetti was a better reader of the game than renard. I remember the 6-0 bashing of Somalia in cecafa, the 4-0 hiding of comoros in an afcon qualifiers and the 2-0 trouncing of mozambique in maputo being very good bonetti games. Anyhow please keep us updated on the Nigeria guinea game where I’m hoping for a draw.

  4. Chiefsoccerfan says:

    well said Mr, John its important to give credit where it is due. He however destroyed the career for my favourite player Cliford Mulenga.

  5. Chiefsoccerfan says:

    Any live streaming ba zamfoot

  6. Frank Nonde from Gabs says:

    Nigeria have equalized, its 1-1.

  7. sting young Nobles 2015 says:

    Lets go young lads and show em how we do, young Noble Eagles like our national identity . Fly high in the sky en show em boys that bumbwe afwilile palyakwe! chipolopolo iyeee

  8. Frank Nonde from Gabs says:


  9. great Herve fox Renard 2 afcon cups in 5yrs , the coach is blessed , Wishing u17 good lucky

  10. Mumbi says:

    Guinea will end with 7 points in this group. Its now more difficult for us coz we have to beat the hosts and Nigeria, the team @john feared most.

  11. john says:

    We must take it 1 game at a time. Let us forget Nigeria and focus in beating Niger today. I wish guinea won though it would have made it easier if we thrashed Niger today only needing to draw the final game.

  12. john says:

    Actually zambia can also qualify with 4 points. A draw tonight and a win over Nigeria. Caf use the head to head system I’m sure 4 points will do as well. However, let’s focus on winning both games.

  13. Anita says:

    What time is the game starting? Zamfoot ama updates.

  14. joker says:

    guys the game is just starting…players are singing the national anthem now.

    here is the link to afnex LC2…

  15. joker says:

    sorry guys forgot to add the link


  16. paradox says:

    the African chameleon is wishing our team well but if the team losses. he will be the first to call them names

  17. tc soccerman says:


  18. ZamFoot says:

    6′ GOOOAAAALLL!!!!!!
    Zambia 1 – 0 Niger
    Patson Daka on target

  19. john says:

    A guinea win would actually have been best. If we walloped these guys from Niger today all we would need is a draw in the final.

  20. Anonymous says:

    12′ Niger 0 – 1 Zambia
    Zambia pushing for more…pressing hard like they are down 2 nil…much more urgency being exhibited by the boys in this match…

  21. joker says:

    Zambia 2 Niger 0

  22. Billy says:

    2-0 to Zambia.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Goooooooaaaaall!!!!!!! Wayne Museba great header for a corner! !! Which came after Patson’s shot was blocked by a defender.

  24. Billy says:

    Wayne Museba makes it two for Zambia.
    Zambia 2-0 Niger.

  25. paradox says:

    chameleon. looks like u will be congratulating the boys

  26. Anonymous says:

    The boys pick up the ball from the net and rush it to the centre like we are down..

  27. ZamFoot says:

    27′ Niger 0 – 2 Zambia
    Two yellow cards in quick succession for two of our players that where carrying yellow cards from the previous match…big blow for us…a centre back Edward Chimfwembe and left back Prosper Chiluya.

  28. SONG says:

    Edward Chimfwembe gets a red card!Those who are watching please put us in the picture of the circumstances surrounding the straight red card so early in the match.

  29. tc soccerman says:

    The pitch is really bad. Wow

  30. ZamFoot says:

    31′ 31 played corner to Zambia
    Patson heads wide

  31. Mumbi says:

    The Chamileon needs a big spoon for feeding not a shavel.

  32. ZamFoot says:

    32 Niger 0 – 0 Zambia
    Sunzu down injured but should be okay.

  33. ZamFoot says:

    35′ Niger 0 – 2 Zambia
    The game looks more balanced wth Zambia seeming to hv a slight edge over Niger.Both teams looking dangerous upfront and we may surely witness more goalsin this game.It is an open game.

  34. ZamFoot says:

    41′ Niger 0 – 2 Zambia
    Boys keeping possession well with nice passing. ..

  35. ZamFoot says:

    41′ Niger 0 – 2 Zambia
    Niger have entered Zambian space and managed a shot at goal but Daniel Sikanyika is alert in goal.

  36. john says:

    How does caf give countries like Niger to host. They don’t have infrastructure. Caf is filled with too many west Africans. Botswana, Namibia, mozambique and zambia can also host these tournaments.

  37. ghanaboy says:

    what sort of nonsense is this? 2~0 or 0~0?

  38. Billy says:

    Half time. Zambia still leads 2-0.

  39. Billy says:

    The pitch is pathetic. This ref is just flashing yellow cards to Zambian players even at the slightest of challenges. Strange indeed.

  40. john says:

    Caf is a corrupt organisation from junior to senior all tournaments are hosted in West Africa. This is why southern Africa cannot develop. Niger is a poor country surrounded by boko haram and ebola. Southern Africa can also do a good job. Why am I not surprised that Senegal is hosting the u-20. West Africans are too greedy. East and southern Africa are being neglected.

  41. ZamFoot says:

    The Nigerien funs throwing water bottle at their own players as they go down the tunnel. ..sad scene. .

  42. ZamFoot says:

    Half time.Our team looks more focused and determined to win.They r pushng forward evry minute and r full of runs.If our Senior team ws playn ths way,we wd hv won Afcon again ths yr.Bt 1 thng lacking,our strikers r slow to pick up the spills and lacking the goal poachers instinct.Bt all in all,we are winning ths 1

  43. ZamFoot says:

    Second half kicks off with zambia on the centre.

  44. ZamFoot says:

    48′ Niger 0 – 2 Zambia
    Zambia straight into attack mode…already threatened twice on the Nigerien goal.
    No changes

  45. badosqi says:

    And here you zambians come again. West africa dis, west africa that. When south africa was busy hosting nations cup, chan, world cup where was the rest of africa. This same tournament was hosted by south africa in 2013. Stop blaming we west african for your region failure.
    Temme, is it not weird that even though we have problem of boko haram and ebola here, we still stand tall among all other regions.
    Maybe you’ve forgotten that countries bid for tournament to be hosted b4 they are hosted.
    Ayc 2017 will be hosted by u guys in the next 2 years yet you are blabbing here about west africa.(Africa mentality)

  46. ZamFoot says:

    58′ Niger 0 – 2 Zambia
    Great save by Daniel sikanyika from point blank range. ..

  47. ZamFoot says:

    60′ Niger 0 – 2 Zambia
    Beautiful football by our boys…Enock Mwepu ‘ s header goes over…

  48. Billy says:

    corner to Zambia 57th min.

  49. Billy says:

    Another corner to Zambia

  50. ZamFoot says:

    62′ Niger 0 – 2 Zambia
    Zambia attacking relentlessly. ..

  51. Mannix says:

    He is not only a chameleon and childish but a fu as well. Go boys, go!

  52. ZamFoot says:

    63′ Niger 0 – 2 Zambia
    Zambia keeper doing very well.he’s so alert.he jst served a Niger short on target,b4 our striker misplaced hs header to go over the bar on the other end of the pitch.

  53. ZamFoot says:

    Goal scorer Wayne Museba out injured ….Alfred Chirwa in

  54. Billy says:

    2-1. 66th min. Niger scores.

  55. paradox says:

    we need these boys to atleast to qualify to the worldcup even if we dont win the cup

  56. Billy says:

    Daka out injured being attended to by the team docs.

  57. ZamFoot says:

    66′ Goal Alert
    Niger 1 – 2 Zambia
    Niger scores against the run of play. ..the boys look like they lost concentration after the change.

  58. ZamFoot says:

    Daka injured 68′

  59. paradox says:

    they r losing concentration jst like their senior. Zambian disease

  60. Billy says:

    Still 2-1. 80th min.

  61. ZamFoot says:

    77′ Niger 1 – 2 Zambia
    Niger playing counter attack football now…threatening more than ever…they just missed a golden chance.

  62. ZamFoot says:

    78′ Niger have continued with rough play as they search for an equaliser.”

  63. paradox says:

    faz reports thats Niger have resorted to rough play

  64. ZamFoot says:

    81′ Niger 1 – 2 Zambia
    Chirwa yellow carded

  65. SoJC-SMM says:

    Our boys move on and get the three goals … Zambia in the sun … Shalom upon our Zambian boys

  66. paradox says:

    Niger the rough ones but yellow cards to zambia., not making sense

  67. ZamFoot says:

    88′ gift sikaonga misses a sitter and the go straight into counter attack. ..cleared by substitute Chirwa for a corner.

  68. ZamFoot says:

    3 minutes added

  69. ZamFoot says:

    Pumulo Siwanga in for Kenny Sinkala

  70. SoJC-SMM says:

    Go Zambia Go Zambia …. Shalom boys get another goal … at least 1:3 … we must go on and beat Nigeria too .

  71. Billy says:

    Game over. Zambia 2-1 Niger. Shalom and good night.

  72. SoJC-SMM says:

    Go Zambia Go Zambia …. Shalom boys get another goal … at least 1:3 … we must go on and beat Nigeria too ….

  73. habib says:

    thanx young chipolopolo_ full tym Zambia 2: 1 niger

  74. SoJC-SMM says:

    well done boys, still at third slot but will top the group after playing Nigeria … all teams have chance of going through … Shalom

  75. paradox says:

    were is that matongo asante. we won’t hear from him for now

  76. Frank Nonde from Gabs says:


  77. Anita says:

    Congrats boys! We proud of you.

  78. Watch over says:

    Well done boys

  79. Nigeria next victim , 1 nil in favor of Zambia

  80. paradox says:

    john the chameleon. u can now change into Zambian colours and celebrate.

  81. SONG says:

    Could only watch few moments due to slow internet.The pitch is really bad.I hope Patson’s injury will not rule him out of the Nigeria tie.

  82. paradox says:

    hope the boys will recover from those reported fouls

  83. john says:

    I still say kalu is pathetic if these boys had travelled earlier they would have gotten a draw against guinea
    Celebrating should not last long Nigeria is very hard to beat.

  84. Why Cant he shoot from There! says:

    Ok result but there is a mental frailty to both senior and junior teams. Whatever Renards short comings may have been at least one can say that he brought out a toughness in the senior team, something the senior team had always lacked. When was the last time you heard of C.Katongo going off because of an injury. Our players need to be tough and smart! It appears Kalu’s lackeys, hand picked local coaches, are chosen based on their timidity and eagerness to please kalu. Such coaches cant instill toughness or tactical awareness in our players!

  85. al idi amin al gaddafi says:

    Niger is one of the most useless country in football!!!

    Niger is the only country zambia can beat

  86. boas simwinga says:

    kwashala nigeria

  87. Mutongo Asante says:

    i’m here,i cannot run…it will take a miracle for zambia to beat nigeria, we are topping with 4points

  88. Appiatus says:

    Zambia is in trouble,they need xtra work to beat Nigeria

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