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Kambwili rubbishes Sunzu’s China move

Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili has added his voice to the fans who have condemned the Chipolopolo captain’s move to China describing it as a wrong move.

Kambwili stated that China is a destination for players winding up their careers and he expected the a player of Sunzu’s calibre to be gunning for a place in top flight European leagues.

“I like to call a spade a spade,” Kambwili said.

“As minister of sports, I will tell you that It’s a wrong move.”

“FAZ should have advised the young man; To start your career you can go to india or China, but Sunzu should be playing in a better league in Europe,” he said

25 year old Sunzu last week signed for Chinese side Shanghai Shenshua from French Ligue 2 side Sochaux.

Kambwili has also backed Janza’s 27 man AFCON 2015 provisional squad.

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60 Comments to Kambwili rubbishes Sunzu’s China move

  1. Start with Lubambo says:

    Finally Zamfoot have a new story……Please update us on what’s happening in camp in SA?

  2. KK11 says:

    ” as minister of sports, i will tell you thats its a wrong move”……smh. What does his job description have to do with pointing out a mistake?? This man is so self consumed its maddening!! Because you are a minister you are smarter???? The kid made a mistake and whoever advised him did it in bad faith and for personal selfish reasons. Janza needs to hand that captains armband to Ken Mweene, we need maturity in that position.

  3. tony mash says:

    making money make sense.it might appear as if the young man has made wrong move but from my own observation its a more rewarding move and he is assured of more game time which is very important.sunzu will be turning twenty six next year and only few clubs would like to invest in old players.this is business and sunzu wants to make while the sun unshine.honorable minister the best ghanian player plays in a league which is weeker than chinese league but he is the best striker in africa and the highest paid player.sunzu is well disciplined player unlike fayo who opted to quit his club. the club,player and agent agreed and what they promised each other no one knows. shanghai is a big club.if you people feel sunzu and company has made a wrong move do not talk too much. can you link up this young man to european clubs who are interested in him.his current price tag is 3milliom.talk to shanghai they will agree to sell him.sunzu should remain focused and working hard.

  4. john says:

    Kambwili is right. Sunzu has made a dumb move. This move will actually do him more harm than good because his next stop could be south Africa. Sunzu could easily have found another European club after proving himself in ligue 1. This shanghai club may not renew his contract and going back to Europe will be almost impossible. Sunzu should not compare himself to drogba who went back to Europe as he has a small reputation in European leagues. This is why I respect the young boy Mayuka. He is a fighter and very soon he will be rewarded with a good move away from Southampton.

  5. john says:

    Sunzu should be stripped of the captaincy. This boy is an illiterate who can’t make sharp decisions. We can’t have such a vision less boy leading the team let him be dropped and replaced with mweene.

  6. john says:

    Mayuka will actually make more money than Sunzu because of his discipline and patience he will have a longer career in europe. Sunzu has messed up his career over a quick buck. Not to mention his agent has swindled him.

  7. tony mash says:

    honorable minister why didnt you question the none inclusion of jacob and kola.ask jaza to explain to you why he included james chamanga in his team.if coaches do weird thing and no one challenges why do you want to interfere or to object a player decision. leave him he has freedom to play where ever he want. please blogger for now do not criticize sunzu let him concentrate with afcon. jaza if you are not happy with sunzu’s move replace him with another team builder joseph musonda like what you did when jacob and kola bored you by scoring goals in europe.be happy by sunzu’s move because you favor players from china.

  8. john says:

    Reims was interested in Sunzu. It is a big lie that no Europeans wanted him this boy was just after a quick pay day.

  9. john says:

    Tony mash I agree on your point of Chamanga. Kambwili should ask Janza why he has included chamanga and ignored performers in europe Jacob and kola

  10. Seen from afar says:

    Enough of this nonsense, one could talk about this for the next 15 years with no right anwser. In just over two weeks time we start a very tricky group stage where we play tricky local rivals, north africans ranked 22nd in the world and a grudge match.

    Focus the minds gentlemen. Enough complaining.

  11. Prince says:

    The problem is that Jewish agent!

  12. Zagwa says:

    @John, take it easy. Sunzu is grown up and he probably understands the football market far better than you. Like Tony Mash has put it, Sunzu is getting old and football is a very short career. At 26, he doesnt have much time left. Problem with of you is you are too concerned with prestige than reality. Sunzu has been in Europe for over a year now, and like John, we all hoped a really big club(in the league of Baca, Chelsea, Arsenal etc) would rope him in, that never happened. Probably the offers he was receiving were meagre from the small clubs.

    The Chinese club is big, and I ve no doubt that he is assured of gametime, of what use to Zambia would he be if he went to PSG,and only play 10 minutes per game? Are yu not the ones condemning Mayuka’s loss of form? Havent we learnt anything from Kalaba’s nearly wasted career after that disastrous stint in Europe? Like Tony Mash has said, has Gyan become any less lethal after his time in UAE? Isnt Kalaba, enjoying game time and assured of a reasonable pay cheque, our best player despite playing in what you John has condemned as a useless league.

    Has it ever occured to you why our average players manage to slag it out with the superstars of west africa(Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana), is not because our players in their not so high profile clubs enjoy game time while our colleagues because of furious competition for positions cant escape the bench?

    I know we would be proud to watch Sunzu week in week out in the Laliga or EPL, but I would be ok if Sunzu is playing enough games and has a decent pay in in China

  13. Anonymous says:

    That ‘Jewish ‘ agent is your only agent….
    Now go learn what’s racism

  14. positive thinking aka realist says:

    Let’s move on. The man has made his choice, we don’t even know if it was his choice.

  15. tc soccerman says:

    This is embarrassing to say the least. A great player with no ambitions at all, he should have stayed in Ituri forest instead of going to be a kung Fu panda master.

  16. quicksilver says:

    Enough of all this talk about sunzu.It’s spelt milk.Let Us focus on the bigger prize.AFCON is upon.whats the latest info of our boys in camp in S.A,has everyone joined camp?Btw,theys a cracler of a friendly against RSA,I hope all the guyd called are responding well to training.

  17. SPEAR says:

    The boy has congolese blood. Think of players like papa kamwashi and felix muamba. where they smile money they go

  18. P.A says:

    I have reasons to believe that HR and Patrice just wanted destroy Zambian football.Sunzu and Sinkala have no leadership qualities.Sunzu is too shy to talk to his fellow centre back in a game and Sinkala is ever lost himself in a match.To top it all they make senseless personal decisions….Mweene and Kalaba for captains!

  19. Chimpombwa says:

    Take a chill pill bonse.. What’s done is done and quiet frankly what has the boy not done to be at a big club by now? Won the AFCON, Excelled in France as a defender and a striking one at that (more goals than Mayuka) but still not call up or a whiff of it. For all we know he’s not even 25 and in case you hvnt noticed he’s getting past his peak so why not cash in?.. One thing you should all realize is that its harder for our players to break into these leagues compared to say those from Francophone countries. The likes of Mayuka make it even more difficult because they’re not profitable (if you want to argue you can simply ask yourself what return Mayuka has given to SOTO..game time ul say but cmon the guy is just not top material).. We could have all loved to see Sunzu at Arsenal or such where he rightfully belongs but the man has a family and that takes priority..he cant wait all his life for the call that never came..some of you are in the diaspora uko yesani pela to find good clubs for our boys tiwone.
    As for ba minister, your support for the team is all we need right now..criticizing Sunzu so close to AFCON wont do us good. I agree that Mweene should be captain but like all things, timimng is of the essence. You strip[ Sunzu now (our top defender) in times when our defence is in shambles kaya what ur smoking….my 2cents worth.

  20. Anita says:

    Sunzu appears to be thick up stairs just like his boss Janza! It takes a great deal of mental effort for Janza to make a simple decision! He calls a meeting on the bench to make a decision!

  21. P.A says:

    Sunzu should have waited for Afcon to conclude before he signed for that chon chi club.Who knows maybe scouts from very big clubs would tried to get him a bigger opportunity but no Mr Sunzu was in a rush!

    • Uncle Bobs says:

      But he’s been waiting since he won the Afcon in 2012. So what guarantee was there that he’d have been picked by a worthwhile club this time around? Not that i support his move!!!

  22. Duncandinho says:

    Ba minister naimwe lekeni ukuyumfwa pafyabufi and just focus on campaigns, calling a spade a spade when Janza is busy messing with a National property and you’re quite but you want to interfere with someone’s career, just leave Sunzu the hell alone, it’s his life and his career.

  23. Duncandinho says:

    Sunzu has come to realize that lucky is by his side when it comes to him being recognized for his efforts, even when he was announced that he was the best African based player of the year, it was taken away from him, where does that happen? And how much strong and patient do you want him to be after all his past experience?

  24. Duncandinho says:

    Lucky is not by his side .

  25. Anita says:

    Hon Kambwili, don’t u think the position u hold doesn’t just allow u to criticize openly a player like that! Just before an important tornament! What u have said may as well easily affect his performance! When are u going to learn that when u hold certain positions u don’t yap any how! Grow up!

    • Uncle Bobs says:

      But he’s been waiting since he won the Afcon in 2012. So what guarantee was there that he’d have been picked by a worthwhile club this time around? Not that i support his move!!!

    • Uncle Bobs says:

      Anita great point, just like some people also called a spade a spade when they said the Hon Minister wasn’t Presidential material but he excercised his democratic right like Sunzu is doing here. So let’s keep, utumbwili, spades, rakes, utusembe in the store-room please!

  26. Mumbi says:

    Some guys are trabled souls. How can the whole lot of sports minister ask Janza why he left some players and included others? It means he is interfering in teams selection which is a big shame.
    The only thing I now come to understand is that Chishimba Kambwili also bloggs here as K Hummer. He likes to call a spada as a spade, not a big spoon. K- Kambwili, Hummer- the way he talks tough even hummering on his huge belly.

  27. FLOYD jr. says:

    Ba zamfoot we want news from south africa..

  28. Alex zz says:

    All Bullshit aside, when it boils down to everything, money is all that matters. Wise move by sunzu he was never a European top league material anyway.

  29. Alex zz says:

    Signing on fee + Fat salary > Ligue 2 + Warming the bench like mayuka at Southampton any day of the week.

  30. Shi Malama says:

    Useless comment, money is good. Go hang yourself CK.

  31. What is important at this stage is to know what propelled Sunzu to go to China,We can talk as much as we can but allow yourself to know what might have pushed him to join Chinese league. Its only people who are very close to Sunzu.

  32. OXYGEN says:

    Hahaha smh for Zambian.So this has become a national issue to the extent of even ministers commenting. Zambia is not even a full country yet.They behave like children.

  33. tony mash says:

    team selection is not done by the coach alone.firstly i would like to attribute the success of the chipolopolo to the the bloggers who visit this site.they did a great job especially in team selection.@ mumbi do you know the one who call up this players to national duty. lubambo musonda,sate sate,evans, katebe,mukuka and who call for the axe of old horses.this was by public demand.john fought a lonely battle calling for the inclussion of mayuka and people most of the people against his contribution.look what happened when dat slow motion team builder was rejected and injected mayuka zambia started scoring and wining and today he is our number one striker.the minister or the president has the right to question the none inclusion of stars in the team.this happened in so many countries.next time he should come up with constructive things. if sunzu decide not to have more than two children you might hear the same person saying he made a poor decision

  34. tony mash says:

    there was a case exposed by zamfoot which i feel should be addressed . jaza rates kola but kalu does not .apart from kola kalu does not like moses phiri.most of the people were wondering why he is not given a chance.this is corruption at its best.kalu should have been con fronted for this unnecessary interference

  35. Duncandinho says:

    Kkkkkkk mumbi you’ve cracked me even though you’ve opposed my opinion but I respect that.

  36. Duncandinho says:

    All I was saying is that if kambwili have the audacity to tell Sunzu where he can and cannot go and say he’s calling a spade a spade and not a big folk, then he might as well tell Janza to stop experimenting with the team@ this crucial stage, I hope you understand what am trying to say@ mumbi.

  37. He budgeted for money in his career than sticking to play for chipolopolo until 34years,Kambwili musiye mwana ni tallent yake.

  38. Mumbi says:

    Bro the technical bench should be given full authority to select players, is that not what they where employed for? Remember the u-20 case that won zone 6. Hon Kambwili won’t be part of the coaching staff in Eq Guinea so if he wants to push in his desired player, it can not add value if the player is not in coaches plan.
    Am not saying we can not critisize, but the position of hon K its wrong to do it in public or question the coach y he left that player or y including that player.

  39. For the arm band Mweene is the right player,very experienced.

  40. Mumbi says:

    @ Duncandinho, suppose Sunzu come and also speaks to the press about his move to China and say “its better for me to play in China where am paid 5 times better than in Europe & I don’t care what the minister feels coz i’ve take care of my family”, how could the minister feels?
    2 Suppose Hon K criticises the inclusion of Chamanga, then Chamanga went on emerging golden boot winner, then goes to the press and say “I’ve shamed my critics”, surely the minister will look like a full.

  41. ROK says:

    Perhaps instead of sustaining the condemnation of the young man, we should suggest ways of helping him and any other player find a more competitive league in future. As the ink put on paper has even dried, this is now water under the bridge and talking over this for the umpteenth time will not help us. If any blogger has got contact details of Sunzu’s agent, please let me have these so that, in turn, i can link him to, at least, three Germany Bundeslige clubs. I tried to do this for Evans Kangwa (I only informed Uncle Bobs about this) but I was late as the lad had already been targeted by another agent and club. God willing, I will be going to Germany mid next year and during this time, I will reaffirm my contacts with some Germany Bundeslige clubs, including Bayern Munchen. Yes I mean Bayern Munchen or Munich.
    In order to help our local players more effectively, I am planning to re-write the FIFA Players’ Agent Exam in March 2015.

  42. it is not wise for him to head to China especially at his age. What is he going to benefit from that league? He will be there to make improve useless Bruce Lee players. It was even better to ask for a loan move. Sunzu has lost it on this one

  43. KK11 says:

    @ ROK, i see your point but honestly these kids know what they are doing. its all about self enrichment, which is there RIGHT but at what cost to the country. It takes those few individuals to forego personal wealth to uplift a nation. History is littered with such selfless individuals, but our own kids do not seem to have this gene. Sunzu, Kalaba, Fwayo et al could all have opened the floodgates for other young players to flood Europe but they chose otherwise. Dont get me wrong, its there right but they owe the fans something as well. We keep giving them the benfit of doubt but it seems to me that they are using our goodwill to their advantage. Seems like you have a lot of contacts, i wish you can link with FIFA agents locally and start advising these kids, becasue the whole footballing nation in Zambia is being disadvantage by these silly choices these kids are making. Europeans will looks at us as A WHOLE and assume we all think the same and will be judged as such. The captain of the national team foregoing EUROPE to play in China??????!!! what message is he sending to the young ones??!!! I hope you succed with the FIFA LIcense exams, we need people with your mindset in the halls of Zambian football.

    • ROK says:

      KK 11 I totally agree with your observations. On the need to get in touch with our local FIFA Players’ Agents, I made an appeal early last year and you will be shocked to learn that only one FIFA Players’ Agent from Ghana contacted me.

  44. Pulock says:

    Zambia’s so-called best defender in Africa can only win a contract in China, not to mention the other over hyped ones playing in India, Cambodia and Tahiti, mediocrity @ its best

  45. Pulock says:

    So after winning afcon no Zambian player could even win a contract even in a 2nd division European club?
    That is why we always say focus on the u20 wc,… Which is far important than afcon

    • ROK says:

      This may sound like a mockery to us Zambians but I honestly think there is some truth in it. There seems to be something we are missing or not doing well. I remember the Ghanaian side we beat in the 3rd and 4th place play off in RSA in 1996 via a long range Joe Bwalya volley, managed to send almost the entire team that we beat to various European leagues and yet the team ended up in the 4th position. One would have expected Zambia to send, at least, half of the Afcon 2012 winning team to more competitive leagues in Europe and elsewhere. Let us be open minded and should not be ashamed to compare notes with those who are doing better than us. We cannot continue comforting ourselves as being a ‘football powerhouse in Africa’ and yet we are sending perennial bench warmers, even in the RSA league.
      The only way we are going to improve is to firstly and sadly, admit that we have spectacularly failed in this area and more efforts should be directed in this area. It is a collective failure and no one should be singled out for this lamentable failure. Sometimes, we should use constructive criticism to improve our performance.

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