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Kamanga won’t offer Vandenbroeck a contract

Belgian born trainer Sven Vandenbroeck will not be offered the Chipolopolo job when his contract expires next month, the ZamFoot Crew can exclusively reveal

The former Cameroon assistant coach signed a short term contract with the Football Association of Zambia and it was a performance based contract.

His six month contract was subject for review in December but according to the ZamFoot sources, ‘Sven has automatically sacked himself’ following the copper bullets’ capitulation in Maputo on Sunday.

“There’s nothing to review in December because he [Vandenbroeck] has failed to deliver AFCON qualification as per contract,” an insider said on Sunday night in Lusaka.

“The president is under pressure and will release a statement on Monday midday where he is expected to apologise to the nation over the failure to qualify to AFCON.

“He [Kamanga] had high hopes for Sven but things haven’t just worked and it’s time to part company,” adds the source.

It’s will be a tough six hours for both Kamanga and Vandenbroeck after a 1-0 shock defeat to Mozambique.

This was Sven’s fifth match in charge of the Southern African powerhouses.

The Belgian just managed to collect 4 points from a possible 12, in what is a worst ever run of any Chipolopolo coach.

In a group dubbed as ‘Cosafa Group’ after Zambia, Namibia and Mozambique were drawn together alongside West African minnows Guinea Bissau, the Chipolopolo Boys were expected to qualify to Cameroon 2019.

In addition to it being a ‘Cosafa Group’, CAF has increased the number of teams from 16 to 24 but still Zambia has failed to take advantage while minnows like Madagascar and Uganda have qualified with games to spare.

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27 Comments to Kamanga won’t offer Vandenbroeck a contract

  1. Richy king says:

    Lwandamina is the right man for the job.

  2. Frog says:

    Oh no I don’t think it will be a good move . Anyone who has knowledge of sport would say the gentleman, coach, has not yet settled . Besides he found the matches for qualification in process. His predecessor had already messed up for qualification. He coach needed more friendly matches. It’s not the coach that had failed it’s the administration problem

    • David Chawinga says:

      Very good analysis.You truely are a soccer follower.’Never go back to your vomit’so goes the old English adage.Lwandamina’s time is long gone and failed us already.His failure is the one that led us to engage yet another failure in Wedson Nyirenda,who then messed up by losing both our opening matches in a World cup qualifier and Africa cup qualifier to Nigeria and Mozambique respectively(In Ndola).Shame!!
      Let this guy(Vandenbroek) stay except FAZ MUST completely overhaul the entire technical bench led by Chintu Kampamba(who is also a failure at Power Dynamos).

    • Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

      I totally agree with you “Chula wa mainsa” lol, we can´t blame the coach but those that appointed him at the time AFCON games had already kicked off. However it is worthwhile to point out the fact that Svend is not a coach that can take Zambian football anywhere. His team selection makes me sick. For example Emmanuel Banda plays in Belgium Svends country, he could have made a phone call to the coach at Bandas club and ask whether he was playing regulary (He is not a regular but 5, 8 minutes now and then) and if not ask what the problem was)

      Truth be told most of our pros in SA, RD Congo and Europe are not regulars except for Sunzu, Sinkala, and Kabaso Chongo. If you want facts visit the clubs websites of the pros we have. They are just not serious at all. It pros that we expect to add value to the team, but that does not happen. Kalu, Chris Katongo, Chisamba Lungu and Musonda did add value to the team during their time; those that did not were either benched or ignored. Now it seems that anyone playing outside Zambia in the name of pro is considered ready for the KK11, which should not be the case. A pro should only be called for National duty if that pro is better than the local player in a particular position
      Our so called pros need to ask themselves as to whether it is a great achievement to be content with a place on the bench or being substituted all the time. I understand some of these are young guys on the other hand they have to fight for a place in the starting lineup at their clubs. These players are at liberty to even approach their coaches and ask them if there areas that they needed to improve on and not just wait for the coach to come to you, otherwise these guys will end up like certain former Zambian pros we have seen in the past

      Kamanga should as well resign as FAZ chairman; I am not convinced he is the right man for the job. We need persons that understand football administration and not business minded maroons

      FAZ should as well look at the foreign players issue in Zambia. A club can buy as many foreign players as it wishes, however in regard to how many of these have to feature at the same time in a game, this number should not be more than 3. In South Africa they have applied that. The flooding of too many foreign players in the Zambian league is pushing our talents to the First and Second Division clubs.

      Take my advice seriously

      I rest my case AMEN

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re right

  3. Dynamite says:

    Offering who a contract? Are you kidding me??? This is not the time to talk about offering contracts rather its the time to talk about who should leave both on the bench and in the offices!

  4. jk says:

    Kamanga and his Executive must Go as well…They have also failed to deliver…They have failed to qualify the Team to the Afcon for the second time…They failed in 2017,,and now 2019…The Faz president and his entire Executive must not hide behind the curtain of Tje coach issue but must take a self evaluation and resign in principle…What guarantee is there that of this Faz Executive remains in Office,,they’ll take us to the 2021 Afcon…Kamanga and his team have proven that they can’t qualify the Chipolopolo to the Afcon…

  5. Bwembya says:

    when there is an increase in the number of teams at AFCON that’s when you fail to qualify. What does that mean. Everything under PF is a mess!

  6. Lets have a long term view, Hire a good coach who will take charge of U23 team for Olympics. Use this to build for next Afcon and World Cup. Use players who will still be around for next Afcon and World Cup. Forget local coaches

  7. slim says:

    Glimmer of hope for our pride as a nation; Shepolopolo hammer guinea 5 nil in Afcon! Sven has not failed as a coach in the real sense of the word. He had no chance in the chaotic scheme of things.Kamanga was fighting an internal battle in Faz,his focus was distracted by mercenaries in the adminstration, the bench had an assistant coach at club level, preparations were shambolic with noeaningful friendlies,to be honest an invisible hand was putting spanners in the works; respite came when FIFA cracked the whip on” you know who”.

    • Babadabe says:

      Slim if you have nothing to comment I think its better to keep quite.3 years in the office and you still want to blame invisible hands that have since been relegated to spectators like you and I.Its time to be objective in our analysis of things, what is happening to our game is a shame to our nation.You have the powers to hire a coach,the power to hire a technical adviser and to manage the affairs of the game.But what do you do? you get a coach who is not tried and test, you hire a a referee as technical adviser and expect to be a winner.Lets be fair and objective Kamanga won’t take our game anywhere, we are doomed with him in that sit.Kuya bebele

      • Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

        Hear, hear hear hear, motion seconded

        Kamanga and the rest of FAZ members resign as FAZ Chairman for bringing shame to our football, by twice failing to qualify Zambia for AFCON

  8. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    I don’t agree with this ” no friendlies” narrative that keeps being floated about. This is the one game Sven most certainly needed to win and it is a game that has come after Sven has been exposed to the players in 4 other games.

    Lets me put it like this, if Zambia had only one game to win and the coach was given 4 friendlies to play before the game and went on to lose the game, can you still float a friendlies narrative. The earlier games yes we could say the coach had no friendlies but this particular game we cannot honestly use that excuse. This particular game was shambolic to say the least.

  9. FTC says:

    And so the circle goes….who’s to blame? Coach, FAZ Executive or the players or the drawing board? I must say that we’re far from playing in the elite Afcon league. Hard as it may be, we need A serious team not ma gong’a.

  10. David Chawinga says:

    Indeed Kamanga has really failed in all areas! When you look at the National Team jersey,really its not worth national team material.He wakes up from his slumber and comes up with his day dream brand called KOPA.What kind of design is that in sport when there are renowned sports brands such as PUMA,NIKE,ADIDAS,UMBRO etc Shame on FAZ..
    The KOPA jersey is really a disgrace of a design and of very poor quality.
    Failure is what comes with the current FAZ team.Our national flag is very rich with nice Green,Orange,red and black colours that whjen combined nicely(using a specialized designer)can come up with very nice Jersey like the 2012 one under kalu.

  11. SIDO says:

    Kamanga chikala please leave soccer to the soccer expats. I’m talking about people who have shown to the world how the ball is supposed to be kicked and knows where to pick real coaches. Please Mr Kamanga leave FAZ, go back continue doing your business thing selling tomatoes and all that shit. You thought just because Kalu did it, you can also do it. Get out of here! Move! You gotta go!

  12. Fil says:


  13. Bsimms says:

    GIVE SEVEN (7) an extension. The mess relating to the qualification was started by CLUELESS LOCAL COACH Wada Wada who in the 1st place should not have been at the helm of the Chipolopolo job with QUICK SILVER readily available after his display with the young ones.

    LET HIM STAY WITH THE TEAM & LETS SEE WHAT HE DOES IN COSAFA and the next qualifiers in two years time.

  14. jedidiah says:

    sven vanderbroeck trying to sneak back into Zambia hahahahaha

    First things first andrew kamanga must resign together with chintu kampamba

    secondly sven must be replaced by dario bonetti because apart from renard he is the only coach that did well,since he left he has won 2titles with dynamo bucharesti in romania,he applied for the zambia job but sven was picked over him

    Thirdly mweene should be dropped and the italian born zambian goalkeeper Renard once used should be called up,mweene is a good goalkeeper but he has luck of game time at his club and so his unfit

    finally kalaba should be given back the captains handband with immediate effect…
    terrible performance

  15. Anonymous says:

    Firing the coach is not the solution fire kamanga chintu because the mess happened when you lost to mozambique at home. The players the need to take the blame as well emanuel banda lubambo n augustine mulenga the completely lost. How delay to substitute. Kalaba and Chama the brought life when the were Introduced.

  16. manga says:

    Why do shy away from world-renowned coaches! We prefer unknown coaches who come to learn! When FAZ engaged Weds on current South African coach really wanted to come coach Zambia because he’s so amazed with abundant soccer talent in Zambia! He has turned the South African national soccer into a delight! The boys are on fire, attack eith speed and tearing diwn even the most formidable defences! Wedson was always learning something each game! Even Renard came to learn and there he’s now coaching mighty Morocco! Sven’s comment yesterday was that “I have learnt not to leave substitutions up to when the other team scores . . .! Learning again! To succeed in any competition coaches or trainers must not be learners! Its the players who must learning! And what the hell does Chintu Kampamba do at the national team? An assistant should be a coach who’s very successful at club level! It means he will add value to the national team! Kampamba out now!

  17. Mwikuta says:

    You can’t have Chintu as assistant coach for national team when he has little or no experience as a coach. Things are straight forward here, Renard did well because he had a strong backup of chicken and Chiyangi plus Davies Phiri (goal keeper coach) However, this technical team we have had of late is of low caliber. Probably, it would have done better given the relegated Kabwe Soccer Youth Academy, Nchanga Rangers, National Assembly and Monze Swallows

  18. Anonymous says:

    I think chambeshi and Luandamina are better to drill the national team,Chambeshi knows the players very well and we all know what he did when he was still under 20 coach,Zambia
    was a threat at world cup under 20 and they came out number one in the group which we were in.Additionally,those under 20 are the ones who are progressing into the senior National team and chambeshi have been with under 20 prayers for a long period of time and he knows how to position the players very well in the pitch,why not considering chambeshi?

    • Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

      If it has to be a Zambian coach then it has to be Chambeshi and his Assistants from the under20 world cup 14 finalists

      As for the Namibia game it should be the above. As for team selection we need to go for 90 % of the under 20 that reached the 1/4 finals at the World cup. We need to maintain that team and just add a few experienced guys, and only those that are playing regularly at their clubs

      Chambenshi and his Assistants are the only Zambian coaches that did manage to reach the 1/4 finals of a world cup. Let us learn from the European and South American teams, where they have put in a good system.

      Take an example of Denmark where 99% of A National team players do go through the under 16/18/19/20 and end up in the A-team. It is a rule in DBU (dansh Football Union), that National team players should be part of these age groups. This way you have basis. I have to stress that the door is not closed for those that do not go through the age groups, should a player prove to be excellent and can add value to the team, these are of course given a chance.

      Let us look to the Olympic and World cup qualifiers. There is need for a serious and logical plan to be put in place and published so that we fans and supporters can read for ourselves as to what the plans are

      I rest my case

      • Lukanag Kafusha Justice says:

        1/4 finalists

      • Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

        If it has to be a Zambian coach then it has to be Chambeshi and his Assistants from the under20 world cup 14 finalists

        Should read;
        If it has to be a Zambian coach then it has to be Chambeshi and his Assistants from the under20 world cup 1/4 finalists

  19. Anonymous says:

    We can not change the past but let us accept the situation and focus on how we can build up our National team strong which will qualify to both afcon 2021 and world cup 2022.However,if Zambian faz president kamanga will keep sven,let him work with chambeshi as his assistant,but if he will not sign him a contract,let him select Beston Chambeshi and all his quad that he worked with during the time he was under 20 coach to take over.However, we understand that sven needed enough time to be with the team,but the was too little for him

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