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Kamanga passes the buck – Technical bench and players should take responsibility

Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) President Andrew Kamanga says a decision will soon be made on the future of Chipolopolo Coach Sven Vandenbroek.

This follows Zambia’s failure to qualify to the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

Speaking in an interview at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on arrival from Mozambique, Kamanga expressed disappointment with the team and the performance of the technical bench.

Kamanga observed that FAZ did everything possible to motivate the team to get the desired results.

He said both the technical bench and players should take responsibility for their poor performance despite being given incentives.

Zambia were beaten 1 – 0 in Maputo to end their hopes of qualifying to the Cameroon tournament.


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13 Comments to Kamanga passes the buck – Technical bench and players should take responsibility

  1. Babedabe says:

    Boss don’t dodge the gun.you hire n fire in faz you brought us a coach untested and untried.further want to get us a referee for technical director.its all been trial n error you don’t know what u are doing n for that we demand accountability you are responsible for what happens on the pitcb coz the coach n the players represent your decisions!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    No Mr. Kamanga. But you can just resign. Football is a results game. Nowadays i go jogging in the streets alone. 10 years ago i could have met at least 10 boys doing the same. Football is lifeless somehow. of course you killed the King. Just go. You are not the leader. You are forcing yourself on it. Simata would be better.

  3. Mbulutati says:

    Yes the technical bench and players must take responsibility but equally FAZ must take a huge responsibility on their shoulders. Since this Kamanga led committee came into power Zambia have failed to qualify to the AFCON two consecutive times with two different coaches. So equally them FAZ need to be shown the door come the next elective AGM. We need a proper reorganisation of our beautiful game altogether to reclaim our position and respect in African football.

    • Geoffrey says:

      Spot on…Kamanga and his Team have failed to qualify the Chipolopolo to Two consecutive Afcons in a roll…This is failure on there part and equally resign even before the Faz general Assembly…

  4. Obby Mwilima says:

    It’s true Kamanga must go, it is so sad for Zambian football since Zambia is considered a power house in Southern Africa. I was so shocked with the display against the mambas, the team had no game plan at all, how do you bench a key player like Kalaba in such a crucial game. I’m Namibian and I wanted Zambia and Namibia to go through from this group. Tough luck but hope the team will bounce back, but plz let Namibia go through.

  5. Julio says:

    Poor statement coming from a leader. Trying to save only him self. But guess what, even if he doesn’t resign on moral ground, the ballot will come knocking. Numbers don’t lie. Missing on 2 AFCONS has bad effect not only on our football, but financially too. No wonder no serious kit supplier wants to sponsor Zambia.

  6. slim says:

    This Faz must go for two reasons: Firstly the game is suffering cos the exco is so divided,the committee members hate Kamanga for not playing the game of extra tickets for their pockets! Secondly the remnants from the other deposed exco feel marginalised in that the chewing has stopped, meaning they were in it for their pockets. So they ensured Kamanga failed.However the entire lot must be booted out! The sooner the better. Kamanga is a honest and gentle man but the game is for strong characters.

  7. Kanja says:

    Mr. Kamanga Sir,,refusing to take responsibility for bad results when things are bad, is Leadership failure…Just take responsibility and do the honorable thing,,Resign,Resign,Resign,,,,you can’t fail to take the Team to 2 Afcons in a roll and still want to blame others and not yourself….Step down so that others can begin to plan for 2021 Afcon and 2022 World Cup…

  8. Kamanga is weakened by kindness maybe because that’s how a business man should be but soccer needs some agility and hashness we just have to take a risk and restart everything starting with the president himself down to the technical bench then to the field.

  9. GRAND says:

    @ slim
    Yo kamanga does not understand football. How did he pick this coach? Look at uganda ,when their coach left them the Uganda FA had to constitute a panel of experts who included international experts to pick the new coach. Look at uganda tooday the qualified with 3games to spare. Now kamnga and his FA picked this coach without any experts.
    Look at the position of technical director which should be headed by a coach kamanga apointed a refere to that position. World over this position is field by coaches.
    Kamanga picked chintu as an ansistant coach to national tram. Chintu can not even coach a zambian super league club. The head coach no experience, asistant also no experience what type of thinking is this ?
    Kamanga claimed that football should be runed by bussines men but i am afraid he doesnt have a football brain.
    The only honarable thing to do for those with abit of reasoning is to step down. I mean the whole FA should step down

  10. GRAND says:

    KAMANGA and his EXCO please just resign. Yu promised alot things you have now put our country to shame. JUST RESIGN PLIZ.

  11. Kanja says:

    Ba Kamanga,,just resign,,you have failed to inspire the Team to qualify to 2 Afcons in roll…take responsibility and Resign…2 Afcons is too much…It cannot all the time be the bench and players to be blamed, but Management as well…Just admit that you have failed and let others pick it up from this point…You have failed enough…just step aside…

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