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Kamanga: FAZ to appoint new Chipolopolo coach

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga says new Chipolopolo boss shall be in place by next month.

According to today’s Times of Zambia Kamanga said his executive was committed to having someone in charge as soon as possible following the non-renewal of Sven Vandenbroeck’s contract.

“I can assure you that FAZ is working in the background to ensure that a coach is appointed so that the country can start preparing for future engagements,” said Kamanga on Sunday after seeing Zambia Under-23 Bola Na Lesa boys overcome Malawi 1-0 at Heroes Stadium.

And Kamanga expressed happiness that the team which had benefited from the FAZ progressive plan of graduating it from the Zambia Under-20 Africa Cup of Nations champions as a unit had qualified to the final round of the Egypt 2019 Under-23 Africa Cup.

Kamanga said the boys look good value to qualify to the Olympic games for the first time since 1988.

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11 Comments to Kamanga: FAZ to appoint new Chipolopolo coach

  1. Naked goal says:

    Another hand picked coach, Aggrey Chiyangi should be an assistant coach to a new good coach. Remove Chintu Kampamba as an assistant coach, he is not fit for that position.

  2. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    Why in the back ground. Advertise the job and let people apply. Yashani ubufi iwe. You have no money to pay a coach that is that. You will rely on Government but I am not sure GRZ is willing to bankroll you after the 2 failed AFCON qualification attempts, the later more terrible with Zambia coming out botton of the table for the first and only time. Shame on you Mr. Kamanga


    NB: Please stay far away from the under23 and leave Chambeshi alone

  3. Kasama Boy says:

    The Future with our Junior team looks promising.
    To overcome Malawi who were training in England for a month is no easy task.
    This U23 team needs to go and prepare somewhere (like Europe or South America) for the final hurdle.
    Start exposing them to high profile teams out of Zambia.
    Imagine if we sent the local lads to Europe, their European counterparts can be travelling to join them at their training camp whenever they are free.
    If this happened even for 2 weeks, we can have a very cohesive unit. which is all we need.
    Are we not going to use Shonga? he is only 22.
    Kale bateyele in Korean and the telepathy has been weakened due to not playing together so many times.

    • Prince says:

      Spot on…though at this stage many of the lads are playing professional football and it is difficult to camp them abroad for a month…even weeks without their clubs making noise…and yes Shonga should be used!!

  4. Yes adivertise the coaching job we can’t keep on missing out to afcon finals we need a new coach who knows Zambian football finish

  5. Kaunda kephas says:

    Let’s work together for the betterment of all our national teams (under17,20,23 and of course the senior team) give constructive criticism not destructive ones

  6. Hunter Shilesa says:

    Apart from the coach, hold elections for a new faz president not this kamanga boyi who like his …… has no idea whst he is doing.

  7. Derick Siame says:

    Senior team’s last game was impressive. Let’s try Chiyangi.He could be the Ole gun Solsjar of Zambia.

  8. SIDOZED says:

    Kamanga, bushe teti uchitefye resign iwe chikala? Watusebanya pafula

  9. GSK11 says:

    2022 is not too far away.
    Whoever FAZ appoints must find way to beat Nigeria and Egypt /Morocco at home
    . It seems like every time we are close to qualifying one of these two/three ultimately beat us and qualify. It seems the recent troubles of Nkana FC suggest the local players freeze in away stadiums.
    At the end of the day like B Chambeshi says, it s up to the players on the field, the coach can only do so much.
    What could work is for FAZ is to organize friendlies for upcoming players with potential for national selection so by the time they make the transition, playing an Arab team or a top west African team feels less intimidating.

  10. TDD says:

    Spot on GSK11!

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