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KALU TELLS KAMANGA TO CONCENTRATE ON LOCAL FOOTBALL…as football icon has less than 72 hours to salvage his CAF race

  1. Soccer Legend Kalusha Bwalya insist he is still in the CAF race as he tells FAZ President Andrew Kamanga to concentrate on local football.

“The nomination has to come from the national association. We are still waiting. I haven’t heard nothing,” the former KK11 captain said

“This nomination we have been waiting everybody is in the race. We have called for the executive committee meeting.

“I have decided to write to the executive committee. Everybody is in the race. There s a few days but we are in the race.

In reference to Zambia’s failure to qualify to the last two editions of the African Cup of Nations, Kalusha took a dig out off Kamanga.

“If you look at football in Zambia today it would have been better as an incumbent if Kalusha remains in CAF, Andrew [Kamanga executive] concentrates on winning games on local level, their hands are full.

FAZ has insisted that Kalusha should undergo an integrity test before he is granted his wish of the going to the ballot between himself and Kamanga for the FAZ exevutive commitee nomination vote.

The deadline for submission is 31st May.

The ZamFoot Crew can exclusively reveal that Kamanga called an Executive committee emergency meeting but the CAF nomination issue was not brought up .

Kamanga defeated Kalusha at Kitwe’s Moba hotel three years ago to become FAZ President.

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7 Comments to KALU TELLS KAMANGA TO CONCENTRATE ON LOCAL FOOTBALL…as football icon has less than 72 hours to salvage his CAF race

  1. Tony mash says:

    If king kalu lost this battle he should bounce and contest for faz president. He is a big threat to the useless kamanga… And he knows better

  2. Daniel says:

    Kalusha is right. Kamangas interest is just to get to executive bodies of caf and fifa leting our nation team to suffer losses and not making it to the afcon on two occasions. Let him concentrate on improving the local game as we are transitioning the league. Unlike kalu has no ahievement were african football is concerned. This hunger he has to climb ladders in football management will back fire.I advise kalusha not to give up and also to contest the next FAZ elections.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The defeat at Moba was a big feat the conselors know they messed up. Zambian football is now in shumbles. The stupid Ivorian called our AFCON a win with witchcraft. Do pundits even retire? After missing out on 2 AFCONS i now believe Kalu is truly great Kalu.

  4. Mark says:


  5. Mark c says:

    Kamanga is a faliar he must go and concentrate to his businesses what did he achieved in his term. 2 afcon faliar at back to the drawing board

  6. Marie Rose says:

    Let them compete for Christs sake. Every one should have an equal chance

  7. Saidi says:

    Kananga hasn’t done Zambia any good. I strongly feel this mans successes is not in football, the other thing is that he should refrain from trying to humiliate Kalu at all levels

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