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Kalu snubs Kalaba for CAF award after voting for Billiat & Onyango

Zambian football icon and African football legend Kalusha Bwalya did not vote for Rainford Kalaba in the race for the CAF award for Best African Player based in Africa.

According to details availed by the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Kalusha gave his first vote worth five points Zimbabwean Khama Billiat, while his second vote worth four points went to eventual winner Dennis Onyango with Kalaba getting paltry three points from the former Football Association of Zambia president.

Each member association had carried a vote for everyone of the five finalists with the highest vote weighing five points.

A panel of media experts as well as techincal and development comittee members which Kalusha is member of also carried a vote each.

The Zambian vote was carried by Wedson Nyirenda (or Honor Janzza) and they voted Kalaba (5), Billiat (4) and Onyango (3).

While the whole of Zambia rallied behind the Chipolopolo skipper, the 1988 African Footballer of the Year went for the Sundowns pair.

Click link below to see how they voted.


Kalaba was third behind Onyango and Billiat on the award.

For the African Footballer of the year award the Zambian vote went to Riyad Mahrez  (5), Pierre Aubameyang  (4) and Seidou Mane (3).

Kalusha Bwalya voted for Mahrez (5), Mane (4) and Aubameyang  (3).

The former FAZ boss recently received an endorsement by FAZ to vie for a position at FIFA.


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  1. Lets not bring about hatred because of our reporting. This headline has the potential to divide the football fraternity but above all it has the potential to induce hatred let us be mindful of our speech

    • I agree with you truth he doesn’t want any player from Zambia to make the name in African continent like him useless kalu kanshi naiwe Kamanga ngakuchingilefye damn

  2. Kalusha is a professional he cant eat poisoned food coz its from a zambia.. What was done its free and fair.. Tp mazembe and zambia failed to qualify for champions league final and afcon..

  3. Who cares about Kalusha anyway? The guy is history as far as Zambian football is concerned. For now we should focus our energies in identifying and grooming future world class players for Zambia who can be better than the veterans. Zambia is bigger than individuals.

  4. I am equally disappointment by Kalu’s voting pattern; I am not his supporter either, however; you have no right to call someone a son of a witch without any proof… honestly, how dare you do that!?

  5. There u go again Luapula Bize farting again! Kalu is not only selfish; he is a devious individual who shud b condemned roundly. This is not the first time he has stabbed a countryman in the back. Remember the Mulonga saga at Cosafa! Only a son of a witch can consistently b so callous.

    • Ba Slim, if farting is what you do using your mouth, dont think everyone does. You sound like a mentally and socially frustrated soul – Nonetheless, I dont blame you. My point was very simple for a sane person to understand – You have no right calling any person a son of a witch without any proof. Get it to your skull, its as simple as that.

  6. Zamfoot is this story true? or you just hate kalu ok if he did not vote for kalaba then can you tell us who voted for kalaba is it weddson nyirenda or honor janza? Because voting of these players is done through a secret ballot so how did you know that he did not vote for kalaba even you who are commenting like slim verify the story first before you start speaking what you don’t know

    • But the facts are there and we only put them down as they stand. It’s never a secret ballot as even last year we published an article on how they voted.

  7. When you look at the three players you will be able to see that Rainford kalaba was participating in the confederation cup which is like a europa cup in europe while Dennis oyango and khama billiant was in the caf champions league which is like the eufa champion league in europe and top of it kalaba did not help zambia to qualify to the Africa cup while dennis oyango and khama billiant they have helped they countries to qualify to the Afcon that why the two had an advantage over kalaba so can you stop blaming kalu

  8. For Kalu supporters, insoni ebuntu.Honestly speaking,Kalu is not a good person, he is too selfish and no sane person can support what he did. Is he not the same person who went wild over the fifa adoption letter,when cosafa had already decided on the mode of adoption? Fellow countrymen, let’s not support Kalu blindly.

  9. @ Undefeated Guru……..even if the other two “foreigners” were a shade better in terms of what their clubs achieved, Kalaba was far much better individually. Therefore, it goes without saying, that every patriotic Zambian wud cast a vote for Kalaba! But i have a sneaking feeling Kalus vote is designed to woo support from Uganda and ZIM for the Fifa elections, due this year. Thats the nature of the character we r dealing with; morally bankrupt!

    • Good observation. He always individualizes things so the thinking behind the vote was most likely for their support. Only word that comes to mind right now is “PATHETIC”

  10. Onyango and Billiat were excellent, so if I was given an opportunity to cast a vote, I will definately go for Onyango or Billiat. Zambians please, let us not be blinded by patriotism, Kalaba was third best to Sundowns contigent period.

  11. Wow! wow! some Zambian thinking is amazing. Kalusha this self styled King of Zambian football who according to some should still be heading Zambian football goes and votes for two foreign players who have not by any stretch of the imagination performed superiorly to Kalaba in 2016. Truth be told there is nothing between all three and any of them would have been a deserved winner. My problem is a Zambian legend who is still bitter about not leading Zambian football has shown complete disregard for Zambian football by showing that he has no personal allegiance to it. To top it off some of his cadres are still defending him while he throws mud in their faces. For us who went to Hillcrest Technical Secondary School there is a school motto which I will never forget my entire life “Let us by our deeds be judged”. How can you call yourself the real father of a child but in your actions you support the neighbors kids while disregarding the kids you claim are yours – come on guys are we such fools to defend this.

    • Well said….I’m also in so much shock at the level of blind loyalty people have for Kalusha. No wonder Africa still has leaders like Mugabe.

  12. This article is about self pity and about bringing division amongst Zambians, shame on whoever wrote this peice of garbage and shame on those gullible Zambians who fell for it….

    Im a South African by the way!

  13. Some people want Zambians divided for them to be able to score some points. If this is genuinely done by voting( which is factualy so) why does it have to be made public knowledge?
    Secondly, If it is has to be automatic that the vote has to be a patriotic one why would caf subject the voters to a situation whereby one has to award points by voting to competitors who include one’s own countryman( Then Kalusha exercised his right based on the opnion he had). I guess you wouldn’t pick the third best for position one in an athletics competition if you were a position judge
    Above all , may I share with those blaming him that in life there comes a time when being truthful prevails over everything , patriotism included. The level at which Janza or the current coach would cast their vote allows for a patriotic vote that is influenced nepotism/cronyism. It is understandable if Wedson does that as the Coach for Zambia but your own Kalusha is above that level. Otherwise, it would be meaningless to have caf footballer of the year. If the voting would be done as you wish.The best wouldnt be the African King.

  14. @ Ngake…… You have definitely hit the nail on the head, and there is nothing more to add. In Bemba we call a fella with Kalusha’s behaviour ” Ni Ntusha Bape”( No matter how much u bend over backwards to assist/help, he will turn round and bite yo bum). Having turned blind eyes to his misdemeanours such as ticketing scums, Nike scandals, thefts of players allowance etc Kalu turns round and spits in our faces! This is “Sympathy for Devil.”!!!

  15. So when you are trying to bring out isue concerning the well being of society you are called names before you comment every story on the social media investigate the story first because you will end up saying things that you don’t know as for me I don’t believe every story which is reported by the part

  16. @ Mamoduwe…you remember the goal of the tourny at Cosafa U20 held in South African; at that time Kalaba was under 20. They chose a goal by a s/african player! To this day s/african journalists and commentators swear it was a home town decision and Kalaba shud have walked away with the award! The s/african judges, if they were as stupid as some people here, wud have cast votes for Kalaba! Pres. Kennedy appointed his brother as Attorney General cos “he is my brother”! Dont b stupid guys.

  17. I argree with what mamadowu said the purpose of this story is to divide the football fraternity this story was created by the FAZ president andrew kamanga and his mouth piece the zambian report kamanga will remain a failure every were he goes infact we need to kick him out of football house he has failed to run our football

  18. kalu is a bitter man, just look at how he influenced chicken to make Zambia fail to qualify. the goal scaler was substituted then kalaba. this Kalu doesn’t want another Zambian to be clowned African footballer of the year. that’s were the hurtled and retiring katongo before his time came from.

  19. Am wondering,in 2012, kalaba and sunzu won afcon n champions league with tp mazembe but its Abouterika who got the aware,which fair criteria for was used which kalu thinks he applied now……? Am disappointed.

  20. Am wondering,in 2012, kalaba and sunzu won afcon n champions league with tp mazembe but its Abouterika who got the aware,which fair criteria was used then ben by caf?I feel ba Kalu baisebanyafye abene……? Am disappointed.

  21. I am not a Kalu cadre, Kaluba failed to carry Chipolopolo on his back, so could be why arrogant and corrupt Kalu voted that way. You don’t just vote for someone based on the fact that one is from your country,but based on merit and what they achieved in that particular time and in this time,Kalaba simply couldn’t carry Zambia to the AFCON and TP Mazembe was average.

  22. very disappointed BA kalu I could you vote for onyango & khama instead of kalaba ninshi tawaishiba ati wako ni wako,you’re very selfish you doesn’t want any player from Zambia to make the name in African continent like you useless kalu

  23. Kalu just what were you thinking when casting those votes,you know that they are not secret and you have screwed up big time

  24. Over the past 5 years Kalaba has done so much for club and and country and its stup1d to speak of Kalaba in the same breath with those overrated children from sundowns. who heard about Billiat and Onyango two years ago in Africa! The fact is Kalu is bitter and a very jealousy person who only wants all the credit to go his direction.

  25. FAZ make final closure on the sad episode of our football; pliz vote wisely during the forthcoming Fifa elections. Deprive greedy Kalu of an income. That will leave him at the mercy of the Italian suzie!

    • Ba Slim, I am in TOTALLY NO support of what Kalusha did but if farting is what you do using your mouth, dont think everyone does it your way. You sound like a mentally and socially frustrated soul – Nonetheless, I dont blame you. My point was very simple for a sane adult to understand – You have no right calling any person a son of a witch without any proof. Get it to your skull, its as simple as that.

  26. Very sad that Kalu”s vote is being politicized. The guy has every right to vote for who thinks deserves the award. Clearly Onyango and Billiat were above Kalaba for winning a bigger competition and qualifying for AFCON. Amazing that Kalu should be forced to defend his vote just because he is Zambian, and at the end of the day. His voting for Kalaba would not have changed the outcome

  27. Fact is, Kalaba on this occasion was not better than Billiat and Onyango. Kalu voted with a clear conscience on that one – objectively. If we all took this approach even in politics and social relations, Zambia would havwe been a better place.

  28. Kalaba in 2012 achieved more than Aboutreka! But the North Africans all rallied, naturally, for their son. They wud hv looked foolish to hv behaved otherwise! i know some bloggers, like Luapula Bize, think Kalusha used his brains.. no no no, rancour strikes deep after being kicked out of office. i still mantain Kalu is a son of a witch and shud not b voted for by Kamanga’s FAZ at Fifa. Any retard unhappy abt this is not my business.

  29. eish its shocking how some people can actually make sense of this, how is it even possible for a brain to fathom a reason in support of Kalu’s nonsense…..we will forever be a suffering nation simply because we have too many people who think like this.

  30. The bottomline is Kalusha has a mind of a devil if not a devil himself. After all what Zambia has done to this man, giving him the respect, tolerating his corrupt activities while at FAZ, etc this is what he has to repay us with. Kalusha can go to hell, where he belongs.

  31. @ onyango and billiat helps their country 2 qualify for afcon but here we go in 2012 Might Chipolopolo won afcon and To mazembe won caf champions league with mupa(Kalaba),sunzu and sinkala but abtrika from Egypt won caf player of the year in 2012 how?and here you supporters of idiot kalu u’re busy saying onyango and billiat helped their countrys to qualify now in 2012 did abtrika helped Egypt to qualify?the answer is No,since 2010 Egypt didn’t qualify to afcon but he won and which criteria did they used.

  32. kalu is no longer supporting zambian football after losing faz elections. how can a football icon say the government must stop funding faz,
    you’ve done a lot for mother Zambia and we shall never stop appreciating for your contribution to zambian football, I guess this is the time u gave support to others.

  33. Faz,please,i beg you not to vote and support this useless Kalu.Don’t listen to any person go and vote for Mr.Patel that’s what patriotism means in Zambia.If you vote for selfish Kalu,then i will be attacking Faz every second,minute,hour,day,week,month and year.

  34. Bloggers, lets be honest, sundown was bitten by Kalaba’s TP Mazambians, only to be disqualified. Tell me whose better? the loser or the winner. I dont know, lets thinks!!

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