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Kachepa on Ball: FAZ to hire a European coach

The Football Association of Zambia, FAZ are set to announce a a new coach as Chipolopolo Boys coach, the ZamFoot Crew understands.

Though the Football House hierarchy is yet to confirm the termination of the contract of current Chipolopolo Boys coach Wedson Nyirenda, the ZamFoot Crew can exclusively reveal that FAZ President Andrew Kamanga has already head hunted for a coach from Europe.

“What we are getting is that the boss [Kamanga] has already identified a coach from Eastern Europe,” a ZamFoot Crew source said.

It is believed, the association has a the blessings from the government who will be the main funders.

Before Nyirenda was given a contract, FAZ had identified South African coach Gordon Igesund but they pulled off the plug after the government’s failure to commit themselves.

Having seen and observed the stagnation of the Chipolopolo under local coaches, there’s a general consensus that it’s time for an expatriate coach.

After the African Cup of Nations winning coach Herve Renard left, his assistance Patrice Beaumulle briefly took over but the association was too broke to pay his wages.

Patrice left, and joined Renard in France, and then Honor Janza took over as stop gap but after a poor start in the 2017 African Cup of Nations qualifiers, Janza was sacked at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport upon arrival from an international fixture.

George Lwandamina took over but again Zambia faltered and failed to qualify to AFCOn 2017, the second time in the last two decades.

Under Patrick Phiri in 2004, Benin qualified at the expense of the mighty Chipolopolo.

Then there was talk of an expatriate coach and Wada Wada was earmarked initially as assistant but lack of funds forced Kamanga to stick with the outspoken coach.

Fair enough to Nyirenda, Zambia has continued to rise on the FIFA Rankings but the coach has failed to win the support of the Chipolopolo faithful.

“A Serbian coach is being mentioned at Football House but I ‘ll get back to you.

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  1. It’s time to move on, Wada must go he costed us a world cup opportunity. He is big headed. Let’s see if the new coach won’t play big names !

  2. I am a little torn on this situation. I think Wada was somewhat treated unfairly when it comes to CHAN. FAZ did not adequately support the team with any real friendlies or real preparation for the tournament. Let’s not forget the logistical issues that Wada had to contend with.

    Wada made the best of what was a less than ideal situation, but FAZ need to really step up and understand their role in the success of the national team. They need to hold themselves accountable.

    With that said; Wada showed some serious naïveté in the game against Sudan. He also showed that same weakness in his tactical acumen in games against Cameroon and that first game against Nigeria. It took the birth of the Under 20 national team to save Zambia’s hopes of qualifying to world cup 2018. That injection of ability was really his saving grace. Without it, I’m pretty sure Zambia would have finished bottom of that group.

    I have nothing against Wada, but I honestly think that the talent that Zambia has is not realizing its full potential under him. I look at a team like Liverpool with a player like Salah or Oxelaide Chamberlain who were bellow par in the same league that they are out performing in under different tutelage. I think there is need to see if there is a coach out there who can unleash the full power of the Chipolopolo. Unfortunately in my personal and humble opinion, I do not think Wedson Nyirenda for all he has done for Zambia is that guy at the moment.

    I miss the old days when FAZ had foresight and would send coaches to Europe to learn more. If I was FAZ, I wouldn’t fire Wadda. I would send him on assignment to Europe and have him shadow some coaches in the big leagues and also maintain him as an assistant. If that is below his standard, I would identify the next coach or coaches and start grooming them via education.

    • Positive thinking as your name states I support your sentiments especially the suggestion of sending the Coach on attachment under big teams to Europ but believe you this wise counsel will fall into deaf ears as they want to heap the blame onto WADA WADA your words will be remembered we are still here to bare witness!

    • excellent. Lets start thinking “independent”. Wada has actually done far better than a number of EU coaches.
      He has his weaknesses. But, is there no coach out there in zambia who can choose and bring out the best in our players?
      Must we always run to Europe?

      Why not promote the U20 world cup qualifying, afcon winning coach?

  3. Fire this coach ..and this should mark the end of sending chipolopolo with a local coach at a major tournament… Never should it happen …they think they are smart …we know they go their to sell games.. Becoz of poverty …period .. All the logic behind the exit at chan cannoy be missed by any coach every thing was done deliberately… Not reserving players on yellow cards …using in inexperienced player at central defence at the expense of other players available… Malama could have played silwimabas position… Shamujompa cud have played with ziyo coz he has experience… You don’t disturb a coordinating central defence …all these cannon be missed by any coach everything was done deliberately after receiving money …therre fire fire this coach immediately ….the barga …

  4. Well Done Ba Faz, Our Zambian Coaches Ar Not Good Tacticians Thats Why We Always Perish In Quarter Finals. The Only Advise I Can Give To Our Coaches Is That They Should Go & Study Tactics In European Countries Like Spain, England, German To Name A Few. Lwandamina’s Best Perfomance Was Quarter Finals At Chan With Only Draws, Beston Chambeshi U20 Wc Quarter Finals Losing To Ten Man Italy, Wedson Nyirenda Quarter Finals At Chan Only Testing Mwengani Leaving Out Experienced Shamujompa & Solomon Sakala. Therefore, These Local Coaches Have Not Reached A Stage Where They Can Go Byond Quarter Finals. Ba Faz Naimwe Do Them A Favor By Giving Them Scholarships

  5. I hope some these are out anger,because I don’t see wisdom in them.If colonial masters were to come back,these comments clearly indicate that they easily give the country to these foreigners. How would you cry for other people to rule you,as if yourselves don’t Ave capable coaches.its not normal for a personal to cry, saying I want our neighbour to become our father,because our father is not good enough. Nowander you empower foreigners on expense of indigenous Zambians. You give a big chunk of the land to Chinese, Nigerians and Senegalese because you lack faith in your own people. Very backward way of thinking. How would you be proud of having a foreigner, coach your team on the expense of Zambians .Some people behave like woman who is married but content with her husband and she want another man,very immoral mind.Gone are the days when football associations relied on foreigners to coach there team.Many are now seriously investing on local coaches.When are you going to start trusting our fellow Zambians. In chess we call this move,a wrong and an ambitious move.it easily be gambit ,.Were you are carelessly audacious and violently but deep loopholes in defence. Very easy to be checkmate by the opponent. How embarrassing it will be to the administration and the so called government who have blessed this move, if this foreign coach fails to perform.These are pure politics in football.

    • The problem with local coaches they are biased towards some players. Just go through the team which went to CHAN, I expected Charles Zulu to be in that team.

  6. If a boy is naught but he can perform in the team why leave him out. Talk to the boy give him some fatherly warning and call him back in the team, this has been wadas outdoing.

    • On that one I reserve my comments, Lets try a new thing. BBC even mentioned the beautiful football even though we had camped in Mongu. We have quality players who can play good football at the moment.

  7. In my humble opinion WN pulled off some minor miracles. He tried to utilize the talent of our wingers with great effect, unearthed a few gems and shamed the N Africans.
    He was onto something.
    It will be a pity if we have a defensive ,boring, overseas players – reliant light skinned person.

  8. Seriously though I think this move us a potential double edged sword and I strongly concur with Positive thinking’s take take on this matter.And I feel it is about time FAZ started investing in our nationals.Of all the three local coaches after Renard’s departure Wada Wada showed promise despite some short comings.Local coaches should be sent out for training and being attached to the European teams so that they learn further especially on the tactical aspect of the game were we are most lacking . I know this is a global village were you acquire the best expertise according to your financial muscle but by now we shud have a cadre of local coaches who are highly trained and exposed who we should fall back on.This trend will continue if FAZ does not re think and act on training and exposing our local coaches to highly competitive leagues.

  9. The problem is not the training of local coaches its the way coaching talent is identified there are no systems for coaching talent identification….after identifying talent correctly then we can talk about talent development which includes training

  10. Seems football coaching is the only area in Zambia where we believe only WHITES can do better!!!!Unfortunately, it doesnt matter what your credentials are, as long as you are White, you ll get the job in Zambia!!!!You can be a Bhukhard Ziese, a Borneti, or that lunatic Jan Brower, you ll get the job!!!!Why not just look for competency and not skin colour!!!!And what happened to grooming of local talent???Do we have a deliberate policy to groom our own coaches!!!!we know pipo whose lives revolves around football, Mbesuma, Katongo, Musonda, Mweene, Milanzi, Kalaba, these are pipo whose leadership credentials and knowledge of the local game is unparalled, do we really need someone whose knowledge is restricted to just a dozen TV clips?????Any wonder Moses Sichone, with all the contempt he had for the local team can even be considered for a coaching position ahead of the trully committed former footballers like Misheck Lungu, Elija Tana and Elija Litana, laughter Chilembi, Hilary Makasa, Andrew tembo, Masauso Tembo, Mark Sinyangwe but name a few footballers we ve forgotten???

  11. Wedson Wada wada Nyirenda needs no training. What he should do is step down or be sacked.

    To be fair if FAZ had to send someone for further training for the benefit of our football it should have been QUICK SILVER [Chambeshi]. His record with the U.20 boys demands that Faz should have invested in him.

    FIRE THIS CLUELESS WEDSON WADA WADA NYIRENDA. He had his chance. Time has gone, if we use him against Namibia we are out of AFCON.

  12. I don’t know why people giving Wadda a hard time for not benching Silwimba in the game against Namibia. I was of the same mindset too, but in hindsight that was the best decision Wadda could have made.

    If Zambia lost against Namibia then they would have had to face Morocco in the quarter finals. Wadda was not going to risk playing a fresh face against Namibia only to find ourselves facing a very talented and pretty much the favourites to win Morocco. In my opinion he made the absolute right call based on his target of having the best route to the semi-final.

    Though playing Mwengani in that central defence role was a gamble that completely backfired.

    Wadda has a talent for this. It’s like comparing home cooking and that from a master chef. All he needs is a little more depth and training to unlock his ability.

    People forget that Renard went through a similar transition. Renards first term as Zambia national team coach ended with Zambia in the quarterfinals at AFCON. The man then went to Angola and later coached ASM Algiers and came back with a different mindset. He learned something during that time away from Zambia and look at him now.

  13. Welldone faz!local coaches suck..all those calling for faz to train local coaches send them to europe scholarship etc Forget!its the duty of an individual to go to skul not would be employers kasambe uteye!

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