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Janza rates Kola, Kalu doesn’t as striker is being judged on past form

Israel based striker Rodger Kola’s omission from Zambia’s 27-man African Cup of Nations provisional squad which Chipolopolo Boys coach Honour Janza has unveiled has left many wondering what criteria is used to select players.

Click here to watch Rodger Kola’s goals in Isreal this season

But Zambianfootball.co.zm can exclusively reveal that Kola is highly rated by Janza but highly placed sources including Chipolopolo players have indicated that Football Association of Zambia, FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya has never believed in the 25 year old.

“The problem for Kola is that the President [Kalusha] has never been impressed with him. As you might be aware, Presido [Kalu] still plays a major role in the selection of the team,” a Chipolopolo Boys technical bench member told the ZamFoot Crew on Tuesday evening in Lusaka.

Rightly so, Kola has never delivered in senior Chipolopolo shirts save for the match Janza was in-charge in a friendly match against Chile prior to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

In the past whenever previous Chipolopolo Boys coaches called him, Kola would either fail to pitch up or pull out of the squad owing to niggling minor injuries and that made him go down the pecking orders.

The problem has also being compounded with Kola failing to adapt in Belgium and this resulted in him sent back on loan to Israel.

“There has never been patience on Kola like Emmanuel Mayuka, Nathan Sinkala or Emmanuel Mbola. And the player is aware of this. Imagine the way Mayuka earns call ups.

In Israel, Kola has already scored 7 goals in 13 league matches for his table topping club compared to Evans Kangwa who has just scored 3 goals while the latter has been called.

There has been an outcry for Kola's inclusion in the AFCON Squad

There has been an outcry for Kola’s inclusion in the AFCON Squad

“He is scoring the goals in Israel but Kalusha hasn’t seen any of those goals. Kalu still thinks it is the same old boy.

At 25, Kola seems to have come out of age and more mature.

“The same goes to Zanaco’s Moses Phiri, Kalusha is believed to have categorically told the technical bench not to waste time on the striker.

But under Renard or Bonetti’s tenure, there was no interference from Kalusha but things have changed now since a local coach is now in-charge.

“With the previous coaches, it will only end  as a discussion but now Kalu is like the Technical Director. Whatever he says is been implemented by the coaching stuff.

Many believe Kola could have offered something different to the team especially with Jacob Mulenga also out of the team. His aerial strength and hold up play could be key.

‘Sate Sate and Evans Kangwa play with goal the goal in front of them while Kola can play with goal on his back. He is a target man and could bring others into play.

With team lacking height, he could have useful at set pieces both defending and attacking. Four of his goals this season are headers.

But it’s a wild  guess to say James Chamanga is there in the team to play the ‘target man [Kola] role’.


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36 Comments to Janza rates Kola, Kalu doesn’t as striker is being judged on past form

  1. Nkonde Chulu says:

    Ba Janza be serious with a striker

    • Nostra says:

      I just watched him, he is a good striker…. much better than his name.
      Kola is way better than Evans Kangwa. The way he runs, he can play even in midfield.
      1. Mweene
      2. Katebe
      3. Kabwe
      4. Kondwani
      5. Sunzu
      6. Sinkala
      7. Chisamba
      8. Kola
      9. Patrick Dude
      10. Singuluma
      11. Kalaba

      Any team will receive 3-0

  2. tc soccerman says:

    Kola might be the best Striker Zambia has currently and these clowns leave him out? Mxxm

  3. Nazo says:

    Janza is more pathetic than Renard was,honestly how do you leave a player of such caliber,and how do you can call munthali and Malama who were struggling to contain strikers during the qualifiers.

  4. Seen from afar says:

    Hmm, i dont think this is a burning issue. Kola is a striker who does have talent and can and should provide for zambia at some point but right now all he has done is score a few goals this season and isnt really involved in squad. The reasons why can be debated and speculated but that is the fact.

    Having said that i would chance Kola, because a chance is all Kola would be coming into the squad at this stage, over James Chamanga. I would chance quite a few players James Chamanga, sorry James is a great player but as a provider in national team now others are much stronger.

  5. john says:

    Rodgers kola is better than chamanga. The boy is red hot and the best African striker in Israel. The goal he scored against dynamo Moscow in the europa proves he can play in any league. Kola must be called immediately as fans we must force these selectors to call kola. This is kola of 2014 he’s dangerous and we need him. We must protest as fans!

  6. Naked goal says:

    Kalu and Janza are not serious people who take things personal.

  7. Discipline says:

    Please Kalu and Janza consider Kola and drop James,Malama and Munthali for the sake of mother Zambia,before half of the male folks of the country die of BP.better kanshi you bring back CK11 not Chamanga please twapapata moreover Chipolopolo belongs to us the fans not you greed clowns who are just interested in selecting players who will either give you a cut or you are marketingthem.Truely,marketing Malama and Munthali even a team from Botswana can not waste their had earned money on those two pathetic useless players period.

  8. Duncandinho says:

    Nayikakana, I just hope this whole situation will psyche up the guys to do better in EG, otherwise someone will end changing his nationality. But the bembas say eko usulile ekopa noko, so let’s wait for January and see if Janza ‘ll prove us wrong.

  9. tony mash says:

    lets shun bigotry and hatred.that is frivolous triviality and abomination of desolation.what crime did that young player commited which annoyed you to extend of hating him.please the honorable mister you should stamp your authority on this issue.ask faz and its technical crew to come up with a strong team.players should be selected on merit.jacob mulenga, rogers kola,chris katongo and chansa should be part of this team. what happened to kabaso chongo.the government should withdraw there sponsorship. if chipolopolo supporters are real supporter they should show us their true character by protesting. they should be forced a which they have no confidence with. there is no trust in this team.the fans should refuse to travel with this team. let the corrupt go there with family and support his personal team.chipolopolo it is now known as kalusha bwalya football club.kalusha is coaching zambia with a remote control.thats the reason why all the coaches who are coming are assistants to idiot jaza.kalusha knows that those white coach would not listen him therefore jaza is going to remain as long as kalu is there.amen

  10. GH MUMBI says:


  11. tony mash says:

    james chamanga is a deadwood and he is very foolish he is wasting his money giving to kalu and jaza to be part of the team.this deadwood was criticized by some fans after he exposed his slow motion style of play.idiot jaza did not use him against mozambique and cape verde .this is simply because he slowed the pace of the game up front.rodrick kabwe, malama,chamanga and munthali should be dropped these players are useless.may be chamanga is using juju.

  12. tony mash says:

    inform rogers kola is the most wanted player.if the parliament was going to be opened soon this issue was going to be debated.rogers kola i wish you the best in all your endeavors. continue scoring and working hard you are a darling to many chipolopolo fans. people they will be talking about during and after afcon.

  13. Logic says:

    Therein lies the problem with local coaches…No spine!

  14. Paradox incarnated says:

    Whatever squad Zambia assembles, Cape Verde will make them smell pepper just as Ghana and Lesotho denied Zambia a World Cup place. As said elsewhere, ZAMBIA WILL NEVER QUALIFY FOR THE WORLD CUP. Countries like Ghana. Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Algeria Tunisia, Egypt will always represent Africa. That is countries from West Africa and North Africa.
    Zambia must therefore do all things possible to do well in AFCON because that is the only level they can compete . BEYPND THAT IS OUT OF BOUNDS FOR ZAMBIA. They don’t have the quality “personnel” to compete at the mundial .
    I am praying that the Good Lord will lift the curse on them to develop to that level before the year 2028.

  15. Don says:

    Someone bellyful of fufu n kenkey is talking from their behind.

    • Judge Joe Bidden says:

      To some extent I feel this chap might be right, we dont have the ‘personnel’ right now who we can say can represent Zambia at World Cup level. Thats why we are begging Kalu and Ganza to include likes of Kola or Mulenga to be part of AFCON.

      • Seen from afar says:

        You seriously trying to say Kola is better than Mayuka, Mayuka scored in Israel and Switzerland and kola is only now starting to score. I dont have anything against Kola but he needs to refine his game. He deserves to be called and assessed but its maybe too late for this afcon. Dont kid yourself Kola can be some kind of saviour, you would be fooloing yourself. he has potential and he deserves a chance to be seen in the team but its very late for him to warrant a place in this afcon.

  16. Duncandinho says:

    It’s good to lose with your best players coz know that you did everything you could and people ‘ll understand.

  17. positive thinking aka realist says:

    People are you serious. Even calling for Kabaso Chongo who has not put in a single outstanding performance? His best game was against Brazil and since then he has been a bust. Then we are calling for basically everyone that featured in 2012 and 2013, to what end? Those same players couldn’t beat Niger or Cape Verde or Mozambique. The players that have been selected each contributed to Zambia’s qualification. They are the ones who performed. Why revert to the system that failed. Kola has only started scoring goals and now he is the answer. The guy has only managed 2 goals in the national team jersey in 16 appearances. So now he has scored 7 at club level and we are all of a sudden thinking we have found our fountain of goals. He is not a guy who was never given an opportunity. Festus Mbewe has scored more national team goals than Kola. When is the last time any of you watched Kola in the national team shirt and was impressed…it was against Chile in 2010 or so. Let the coach coach, and you all need to move on. If the man fails he will have no excuses about players being imposed on him. I for one am keeping an open mind, we were all complaining when the qualifiers looked lost and Janza turned it around with these guys he selected, why ask him to go back to the ones who were misfiring. The logic is being lost in your emotional outbursts.

    • Sokafan says:

      Don’t even mention Festus iwe. Lipulanga ilyo. Kola deserves to be in the national team. AFCON temunobe. Zambia will be eliminated if we don’t strengthen our squad. We need reinforcement. If Kangwa can be called, then Kola deserves to be included as well. The logic is simple. It’s not about emotional outbursts or anything like that, but this is for the GREATER GOOD of Zambia and the National Soccer Team.

    • Watch Over says:

      Positive Thinking aka realist well said you can’t leave core team that was involved in the qualification and got results. And place so much faith and hope in another player that they would deliver!

  18. Billy says:

    The problem here is Kalusha. This guy has no leadership qualities. Everything is personal to holder. Even team selection now that a local coach is in charge. Players should be selected based on current form and not past form. Roger Kola is being judged based on past form. He is a Zambian and is entitled to playing for the Chipolopolo Boys if he is in form as is the case now. Surely how can you leave out a striker who is baniging in goals for a top most team in league and you get a striker in the same league who is coming off the bench to play? Let us be fair in the way we run our football. Iwe Janza call Kola now. We are running out of patience. Ba Chamanga balipwa and you call him just because he is loyal to you. Is loyalty going to win games? It’s performance. Please include Kola in the squad.

  19. MAN JOSE' says:

    Positve thinkn,I love your tact n precise comment because Kola is doin fine does nt mean he has to b automatically put on a plane to AFCON 15,there players who worked really hard in qualifiers and deserve to be called……….and talking on this article its aa personal and fabricated story an good reader can tell..I wud only drop malama,chama(no international experience) and chamanga,on Chris katongo for he has not shown any remorse for what he did, stand to be corrected if he ever apologised publicly for his indiscipline behavior

  20. Anonymous says:

    Mark Janza and. fax,,,,taking Zambia nowhere..currently kola is the best striker in Zambia….these guys are ….don’t take us for granted

  21. Kay Hummer says:

    I have always doubted this JANZA character. Roger Kola for heavens sake deserves to be in the national team. Kalusha Bwalya with all due respect seems to be living in the past. Kola is much more mature now. He has come of age and is now very ripe to lead our strike force. Mayuka is out of form. We needed Kola is the team. Christopher Katongo and Jacob Mulenga should be recalled as well!

  22. john says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to warn the technical bench if they don’t drop Chamanga and recall kola they risk facing the anger of the Zambian fans. For crying out loud kola is on top of the log in Israel. He scored goals in the europa. He has been outstanding. The front line is lacking height we need kola to five us some height up front. If kola is not called up we shall protest.

  23. slim says:

    Sports Minister(KAMBWILI) intervene in this matter. Kola must feature at AFCON 2015. failure to which we shall all protest as soccer fans by voting for Sondashi in January elections. This is no laughing matter…….

  24. Nazo says:

    OK, we do it this way,let us make another team – Technical Bench – George Lwandamina (HeadCoach), Fighton Simukonda (First ASS.) Albert Kachinga ( Second Ass).

    GoalKeepers – Dan Munyau, Joshua Titima.

    Diffenders – Joseph Musonda,Jimmy Chisenga,Kabaso Chongo,Danis Banda, Billy Mutale,George Chilufya.
    Midfieders – Justin Zulu,Isaac Chansa,Fwayo Tembo,Timothy Mbewe,Felix Katongo,Seith Sakala, Chris Katongo.
    Strikers- Jacob Mulenga,Collins Mbesuma, Alex N’gonga, Patson Daka, Josphat Kasusu, Moses Phiri.And see which team can win between Janza’s and mine. with CAF license

  25. Nazo says:

    Kola to be among strikers.

  26. Lusanga says:

    Kola should be considered based on the present.

  27. Kushipa says:

    Kamanga we need u to work football is food ,win zambia

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