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Janza names seven foreign based players for Cosafa

Honour Janza will carry a strong squad with seven foreign based players to the 2015 COSAFA Cup which kicked off yesterday.

Janza has named fit again Chipolopolo vice captain Nathan Sinkala, veteran goalie Kennedy Mweene and Israeli based duo of Emmanuel Mbola and Evans Kangwa for the tournament being played in South Africa.

Zambia enter the quarter-finals stage this Sunday May 24 facing the winners of Group A that has Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Namibia and the Seychelles.

Zimbabwe have taken an early lead of Group A after match-day one which saw them bag a 2-0 victory over Mauritius in their tournament opener at the Moruleng Stadium.

In the opening match of the tournament, Namibia were frustrated as they played to a 0-0 draw with Seychelles.

The Chipolopolo leave for South Africa on Wednesday.

Chipolopolo Squad:

Goalkeepers: Kennedy Mweene, Danny Munyao,
Defenders: Davies Nkausu, Christopher Munthali, Bronson Chama, Aaron Katebe, Emmanuel Mbola, Donashano Malama
Midfielders: Justine Zulu, Kondwani Mtonga, Paul Simpemba, Jimmy Ndhlovu, Kennedy Mudenda, Allan Mukuka, Nathan Sinkala.
Strikers: Jackson Mwanza, Patson Daka, Bornwell Mwape, Evans Kangwa

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  1. This is a full strength chipolopolo no excuses, failure to win this tournament will be a huge dissappointment because only two regulars are missing… kalaba & sunzu



  2. What crime has rodgers kola committed. My heart bleeds every time i see him ignored when he is performing so well in israel.

  3. By the way why is xenophobic south Africa hosting cosafa. South Africa must never host any tournament since they are better than everyone else. By carrying out their so called operation fiela they are just proving that their government is just as xenophobic at its people.

    • South Africans are so self-centered, heartless and wicked. Apparently, they can’t distinguish good from bad. It’s sad my man.

  4. UNDER-23 national team coach Fighton Simukonda says beating Botswana in Friday’s 2015 CAF Africa Championship second round first leg is a must.
    Simukonda said in Lusaka yesterday that victory in Lobatse will put the junior Chipolopolo one foot into the final round.
    “It will be a difficult game but we have to beat Botswana at all costs. If we can start with a win from there [Lobatse], then here [Lusaka] it will ease the pressure on us.
    “It is important to get a positive result away because we want to avoid what happened when we played Nigeria here [National Heroes Stadium]. Anyway, we have done all our homework. We are actually more than ready for them.
    “I can’t rate Botswana against Zambia. I don’t know much about them. But all I can say is that we are there, we will not leave any stone unturned. There is no room for error. Any mistake will be regrettable,” Simukonda said.
    Zambia held Nigeria to a barren draw in the 2015 All-Africa Games final round first leg in Abuja.
    They lost the return tie 2-1 in Lusaka to bow out of the Congo Brazzaville Games.
    On injured midfielder Bruce Musakanya and striker Dave Daka, Simukonda said the duo’s absence is a blow, but was quick to point out that it will not affect the team’s performance in Lobatse.
    Musakanya is recovering from a hamstring injury while Daka has an ankle problem.
    He, however, said the team will miss Egypt-based striker Ronald Kampamba and Hapoel Ra’anana defender Emmanuel Mbola.
    The two have been ruled out due to club commitments.
    Simukonda appealed to soccer fans to rally behind the team.
    The squad is expected to leave for Botswana on Wednesday

  5. Janza should have indeed included Roger Kola seeing that the league in Israel is on recess. Bushe these useless grudges Zambian coaches have over certain players, ninshi? If you can call finished players like Felix, Chamanga etc, then I don’t see any reason why you should be ignoring Kola. Cosafa would be a good stage to asses him, I know he is way above Cosafa anyway. This is appalling to say the least.

  6. This is a developmental tournament, the team should consist 90% of fringe players and not the tried and tested. If we don’t take opportunities like this to develop promising talent then were do we think they will get developed for national duty.

    This is basically our full strength team. The coach obviously wants to win the tournament for the sake of cementing a contract with FAZ but we are missing the bigger picture here.

    For Patson Daka to be called up to two different national teams makes me wonder if these coaches even speak to each other.

  7. The only senior players that should have been called for this are:
    1. Kola – we need to see if his game is now at a level were he can deliver for the national team at the same level he does for his club
    2. Kennedy Mweene – He has had a serious shortage of game time and needs to rebuild match fitness for the upcoming qualifiers
    3. Aaron Katebe – Despite multiple call ups has not yet proved his worth in Zambia colors.

    In addition to these the rest of the players should be drawn from the U17,20 and 23 squads. The Patson Daka group of players.

  8. i still do not get the use of the benefits this tournament has brought to southern african football. why is it that despite playing cosafa evry year namibia and seychels remain minows who cant even qualify for afcon. the best southern african teams can do is strive to qualify for junior continental tournaments. that will get your players into europe. its only by having players in europe that football really improves. not the useless psl, not the useless cosafa.

  9. The COSAFA is slowly losing its mandate to bring up fresh talent. It should have been restricted either to home based players or the U23 players so that it can unearth NEW PLAYERS. With the current team if Zambia WINS THE TOURNAMENT, work done will be equal to ZERO as no news players will add to the pool of our team.We needed to send a team composed of players who played for AT LEAST U20 teams for the past 2 years and senior players who have been fringe players in the senior team the past 2 years.

  10. This team for me looks okay considering the raw talent that we seem to have at the moment. I expect them to defend the trophy!

  11. Well stated views guys. Every point said so far is spot on. The team selected has the smell of desperation by Faz and the coach.

  12. janza is a very useless coach i tell you.he want to prove the point by almost taking his first team,this is the time to use young prayers from under 20 and 23.even zim is better than us,we ar now lik botswana who take the full squad for casafa.kanshi where are we heading to bazambia?

    • Serious us it that u20 and 23 are not good players no its only the useless of zambian faz and they so called coach janza why taking same player why why

  13. Either this is desperate move by FAZ to cover for their misfiring squad or it is meant to cover up for lack of good quality friendly matches ahead of the AFCON 2017.
    Knowing that they can’t get quality friendlies, they are now using the COSAFA

  14. @john! I agree with u! These Idi0ts should not have been allowed to host this competition! They think they are special and the whole of Africa owes them something. They are just a bunch of illiterates who should be very thankful to the white person for building that country which they are destroying at a supersonic speed! The economic managers (whites) are all leaving for Australia, New zealand and Europe. Central Johannesburg is now stinking coz SA blacks have taken over and three quarters of whites have left. Give them 20 years and you will see what will remain of that country!

  15. Tell them @Anita South Africans are such a disappointment I also feel for their country the way it is down sliding is very alarming they will regret if they are not careful and they should get a leaf of what has come of countries like Zim.

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