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Janza names AFCON Squad, recalls Kondwani but no Kola

Chipolopolo Boys coach Honour Janza has named a 27-man provisional squad.

Janza has maintained a youthful side and included a number of under-20 while there are no places for the long term saving Chipolopolo players.

Indian based midfielder cum defender Kondwani Mtonga has been recalled as expected while the form Israeli based Rodger Kola has been left out.

From the local league, with Nyambe Mulenga ruled out, Janza has opted for Bronson Chama and Chris Munthali as cover.

Under-20 midfielder Spencer Sautu has been included ahead of Shadreck Malambo while red-hot Patrick ‘Dudey’ Ngoma has earned himself a place after the exploits of at the Cosafa Under-20.

But the talking point is the omission of Rodger Kola and Jacob Mulenga who have scored both 9 goals this season at their respective clubs while Mayuka is yet to score.

Former captain Chris Katongo, Collins Mbesuma and Isaac Chansa are some of the high profile players left out.
Full Squad

Goalkeepers: Danny Munyao (Red Arrows), Kennedy Mweene (Sundowns, RSA),  Toaster Nsabata (Nchanga Rangers), Joshua Titima (Power Dynamos)

Defenders: Donashano Malama (Nkana), Bronson Chama (Red Arrows), Stopilla Sunzu (Sochaux, France), Aaron Katebe (Platinum, Zimbabwe), Christopher Munthali (Nkana), Emmanuel Mbola (Hapoel Ra’anana, Israel), Davies Nkausu (Bloemfontein Celtic, RSA), Rodrick Kabwe (Zanaco)

Midfielders: Nathan Sinkala (Grasshoppers, Switzerland), Chisamba Lungu (Ural, Russia) Mukuka Mulenga (Bloemfontein Celtic, RSA), Kondwani Mtonga (Northeast, India) Spencer Sautu (Green Eagles) Rainford Kalaba (TP Mazembe), Bruce Musakanya (Red Arrows), Lubambo Musonda (FC Ulisses, Armenia)

Strikers: Emmanuel Mayuka (Southampton, England), Ronald ‘Sate Sate’ Kampamba (Nkana) Evans Kangwa (Hapoel Ra’anana, Israel), Given Singuluma (TP Mazembe), Patrick Ngoma (Red Arrows), James Chamanga (Liaoning Whowin), 

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95 Comments to Janza names AFCON Squad, recalls Kondwani but no Kola

  1. egwugwu says:

    This guy loves chamanga but am happy for kondwani mtonga to cover Nathan who is not playing well at the moment

  2. Maite (Formerly Maite & Man City) says:

    Iwe Janza, CK11 is missing from this list. We should have also recalled certain players for further assessments like Fwayo & Jacob. Front line is too lean.

    I wonder what Chamanga will bring to the table. In his place , we should have included one of Hector Chilombo’s strikers (just for grooming but not for AFCON 2015)

  3. Roots says:

    Wonderful team. Don’t even think of fusing in those old guards you drooped for they consider themselves as celebrities. Our team is not for celebrities but for those wishing to serve the nation. Celebrities like Katonga should consider a career in film acting

  4. Billy says:

    Good to see Kondwani Mtonga. But I think Janza should have called Jacob Mulenga in place of Chamanga. Even Kola should have been given a chance. But I think other than that, the squad is OK.

  5. Yebo says:

    @egwugwu Very true about Nathan Sinkala. My feeling was calling another defensive midfielder like Richard Kasonde in place of an attacking midfielder (Mukuka Mulenga). There should have been some form of balance in all the arrears

  6. leo kayz says:

    the team luks gud nd o we need z 2 get them ready 4 dis cup

  7. Shi Mwamba says:

    Now its about Gelling…the team has to gel very fast…

  8. john says:

    Chamanga is pathetic Janza doesn’t listen Jacob mulenga should be called not Chamanga. Shame on Janza. He must drop Chamanga and bring jacob.

  9. john says:

    Rodgers kola deserves a chance ahead of Chamanga. Chamanga is 36 years old or so he’s too old kola is young and scoring

  10. Manfree says:

    The team looks gud but i would rather have jacob mulenga than chamanga anyway who knows this is football maybe chamanga have something that he brings to the team.All the best guys the whole zambia is behind u.Zambia zambia here we come again bring on Ghana.

  11. john says:

    Guys as soccer fans let’s protest we can’t allow Janza to select a passenger like chamanga. We failed to beat Niger in niamey because of this Chinese character. How can you select little known Patrick noma and passenger chamanga ahead of performing European strikers like kola and Jacob. No let us protest the performing European strikers kola and Jacob must replace chamanga and ngoma who are passengers. We must protest chamanga’s inclusion and kola and Jacobs exclusion.

    • man link says:

      Janza let katongo b pat of the team bakadoli
      bapakisa we nid exprience and goals in front.

    • Judge Joe Bidden says:

      Did you follow the COSAFA U20 2014? if you did I dont even know why you complaining of a ‘little known’ Patrick Ngoma, thats the same mentality FAZ has – playing known names, as Iam typing FAZ is still chewing on its socks after “the unknown” U20 shook nets 19 times and conceding only 1 in the tourney… and that your little known boy was behind the menace.

      • miya says:

        Baba. This is Africa Cup not under something cup. We are taking chances. We are actually rebuilding so forget about participating

    • Nkonde Chulu says:

      It is true,Janza doesn;t know the game

  12. john says:

    Janza should know he risks angering the fans if he does not select kola and Jacob and drop Chamanga

  13. Yebo says:

    Another source is saying Jackson Mwanza has made the cut.

  14. john says:

    Rodgers kola and Jacob have both scored almost a combined 20 goals how can you leave them out and bring chamanga awe sure people in the technical must be smoking some banned substance

  15. Chocho says:


  16. Wasp says:

    Donashano & Chamanga shouldn’t be in this team !

  17. janza is clueless ,how do you call Chamanga and leave out Jacob and kola. janza always fails with the team selection ,someone really needs to help him.defence is very weak. suggestions would be :left back fuckson kapumbu ,centreback sunzu and Chama rightback nkusu. striker’s mayuka ,Ronald k ,Jackson mwanza ,Jacob, Evans kangwa, singuluma, ngonga. understudies for defense can be left back mbola, centreback Aaron katebe ,Christopher munthali right back Chongo kabaso.

  18. moses kalumba says:

    What is Chamanga, Donashano and Ngoma doing in the squard iwe Janza what is wrong, can you bring Jacob,Kola,and Fwayo in place of these Jokers you have included. this AFCON mind you not cosafa…Ninshi kanshi iwe…

  19. The provision squad is gud but I just feel if Janza should have recalled Jacob Mulenga. Chamanga respects the coach and young players called unlike Chris thinks is bigger than Zambia. Am happy about few players eg Mukuka and Lubambo Musonda,let’s support Janza some players don’t respect Janza

  20. Frank Nonde from Gabs says:


  21. Kez Kez says:

    Mr Janza why leaving out Kola and Jacob? I’ve been wondering why all the coaches tend to overlook Kola even when the boy has proved that his one of the best strikers Zambia has ever produced, he has been in Europe since after implacing at the 2007 U20 World Cup in Canada were he was a twin partner to Emmanuel Mayuka with Fwayo on the Right and Cliford on the left while saome of these guys have played so much for the senior team but kola has been given little chance. Kola and Jacob must replace Ngoma and Chamanga as strikers and the coming of Kondwani is very welcome to cover Sinkala or the defence, in the defence I would have liked to see a wing defender like Kabaso Chongo because am seeing most of central defenders

    • Billy says:

      Nkausu is also there as the right wing defender, but I am not sure about his fitness levels as he is mostly in the stands at Bloem Celtics. He does not even sit on the bench.

  22. Discipline says:

    Indeed maybe these selectors take some banned substances,honestly what is Chamanga going to bring to the team.Why not Jacob in his place or Ngonga.Malama and Munthali were having problems in qualifiers what makes you think,Caoch,that they will be o.k against the likes of Bolas.there is also that Kasonde boy at Power who is a tough nut to crack in midfield but you go for Sautu,GANJA you people and too much liking cut from the likes of Chamanga.

  23. Billy says:

    I am really worried about this AFCON. Most of our players don’t seem to be in good form. Most of them are just returning from injuries like Sunzu, Bronson Chama and Singuluma. Sinkala and Nkausu, has had no game time at their respective clubs. And then we have inform players like Jacob Mulenga and Roger Kola being left out of the squad. Anyway I hope the players will pick up form by the time we kick-off against DR Congo. And lets hope for the better.

  24. Nazo says:

    Anyway, i will be behind South- Africa because Zambia is not going anywhere with this team.But Janza should remember,Zambia is not his personal property.

    • Judge Joe Bidden says:

      We cant download all the Zambian players from the internet, some are just junk. The only player I feel would have been included is Jacob Mulenga and I dont have any qualms with putting the U20 prodigy Patrick Ngoma. If you want to support Bafana Bafana in place of Zambia yes its OK its called freedom of choice.

  25. Maite (Formerly Maite & Man City) says:

    If you put FWAYO on intensive 10 days training, the guy can come good and destroy alot of defenses out there..

  26. Kay Hummer says:

    Biased team selection by the unconvincing Honour Janza. We need the old heads in the team. Patson Daka, one of the most prolific strikers this country has ever produced should have been called to the team as soon!

  27. Amos Mumba says:

    Since we are just going there to participate,the team is ok.We seem to have made up our mind not to win the cup.

  28. Paradox incarnated says:

    Mumbi is silent becos he has no ideas to offer. Paradox is dumb and follows the footsteps of his mentor mumbi

  29. Watch Over says:

    Jacob is a very good striker banging goals in European leagues but fails to find his feet when he is playing with colleagues here. Often times we seem like one man down when he is in the team. The link with other players is not there.

    I often wonder if he is the same Jacob we always hear about scoring goals, very disappointing to say the least but lets not shy away from this truth. Maybe this could have been a contributing factor for not calling him.

    On Chris; apart from disciplinary issues he really makes very meaningful contributions to the team. I still feel he can still feel he has a lot to offer.

    Chamanga is a very outrages decision Janza has made.Rodger Kola could have been called for assessment as well.

    All in all the team looks good ,prepare adequately let and gel.

    • Positive Thinking says:

      Watchover, I agree on Jacob Mulenga. Since 2010, I am yet to see Jacob excel at National team level. The style of play that Zambia plays does not suit his strengths. He doesn’t have the needed mobility and also lacks the touch to hold on to the ball upfront. He is an anomaly like a certain Andy Cole who used to score goals at club level but used to struggle for England or Paul Chellah who in the mid 90’s was the most lethal striker in the Zambian league, but could not replicate his form at the national team level.

      Janza I think has made the right call on Jacob. Unfortunate as it may sound. On Chamanga, I don’t know anymore. I used to be a staunch supporter of Chamanga because despite anything, he found a way to find the net. However, that is not the case now. The only reason I can think of for the inclusion of Chamanga is Zambia needs another kind of striker depending on the opposition. Guys like Mayuka and Sate Sate with their small stature can be physically abused and outmuscled. Having a player like Chamanga gives you an option to counter that. He also provides an aerial threat, and is probably more consistent goal scorer as compared to Jacob or Kola. There are only 2 active Zambian players who have scored more goals for Zambia than Chamanga and they Collins Mbesuma and Christopher Katongo.

  30. Fivestargeneral says:

    Janza is a health risk for all male Zambia soccer fans I hope he knows what he is doing

  31. Frank Nonde from Gabs says:

    I don’t understand why We are concerned so much with our U17 AND U20 BOYS inclusion in the team. Honestly the only player ready from them is Lubambe Musonda , The rest will mature as they have proper routes to go before reaching the senior team. they will play at the highest AFRICAN JUNIOR TOURNAMENTS and will proceed to the world junior championship and then Olympics, only then will they will be ready. Remove them from the squad and bring on board KOLA AND JACOB. Surely ,this is not asking too much. PLEASE HONOR MY REQUEST JANZA.

  32. Patrick Kawimbe says:

    Remove Chamanga and bring in jacob ba Janza. Also remove Donashamo and Munthali from the team, there are far better players in Zambia than these plangas. What more does Janza need to see on Munthali and Donashamo when they already proved their mediocrity in the qualifiers. Also remove Bronson Chama, he can be replaced by Kondwani Mtonga or another deserving person

  33. Kez Kez says:

    I for one have no hope of doing well at this coming AFCON, we are going out of the tournament in the group stage ‘make my wards’ our team seems to be rebuilding and most of our best or experienced players seems to be off form due to injuries or lack of game time at there respective clubs. The upcoming players are not experienced enough to take up the whole burden at a big tournament like the AFCON, Our hopes seems to rely on the same experienced players if they will rise there game at AFCON as evidenced by the way we performed in our qualifiers when it took Rainford Kalaba, Given Singulima and Kennedy Mweene realise that all hopes lay in them to qualify our boys to this same AFCON when they all upped there game in the last three games and we won all of them to qualify

    • Watch Over says:

      Kez Kez chances of exiting the group stages bro could have been extremely high if we had maintained the same afcon 2012 team. The core of the 2012 is still there only few lads have been added to just provide a different dimension of the game. At this point moving on is inevitable.

  34. Naked goal says:

    What the fuck is wrong with Janza ? Chamanga is dead and gone. Kola,J. Mulenga or C. Katongo can do much much better than Chamanga.

  35. Big ups to anza for including Patrick Ngoma!!! This kid is hotest striker cum winger in Zambia.The likes of Sate Sate can be good at goal but cannot match this boy because he has the fighting spirit as well as the nuk for goal as evidenced at the just ended COSAFA youth tourney where he scored 7 goals, this not a joke. The likes of kola and mulenga are scoring 9 goals in 15 games but this boy can score 7 in a single tournament plus he was instrumental in the U-20 qualifications. Put this boy and Lubambo on the flanks against SA and u will see what am saying.

    Bottom line is u can criticise the inclusion of Chamanga but not the inclusion of Patrick Ngoma and Lubambo Musonda because records are there to see for all those who have been following the junior Chipolopolo.

  36. bk says:

    chamanga out kola in!

  37. Watch Over says:

    Do I sense panic here? gentlemen calm down the people you want to endorse have been tried & tested and have been seen to be so predictable that any ordinary defender is able to put Jacob Mulenga out of the game.

    On Chris, we have young dynamic, Swift and intelligent midfielders to do the Job(Kalaba, Chisamba, Lubambo, Mukuka,Singuluma etc) they are all capable of scoring. Worry not much we are capable of doing this.

  38. john says:

    Let us come together and protest that front line with chamanga and ngoma. This is Africa cup not cosafa under 20 we want the performing strikers in europe. Kola and Jacob are scoring why are they being ignored. Chamanga is an imposter adding little.

    • Billy says:

      @john, Patrick Ngoma is OK. This an upcoming young talent full of promise and should be in the team. The issue is on Chamanga, who should not have been included. In place of him, Roger Kola should have been included.

  39. Positive Thinking says:

    Overall this is a good squad. Biggest concern will be finding cover for Sinkala. A yellow card or two could completely change Zambia’s midfield. I think Janza has chosen the best players available to him. Those calling for guys like Kola (who has only managed 2 goals in 17 appearances) or Jacob who’s last AFCON in 2013 was a disaster should really give Janza some benefit of doubt. Though I am not putting any hopes on winning this tournament. Just waiting to see how it goes.

  40. john says:

    This is not cosafa cup. Only lubambo musonda has what it takes the rest of the kids let them prove themselves in their afcons i.e under 17 and 20. This afcon is for the performing strikers in europe. Therefore I would rather have kola and Jacob on the bench than pathetic chamanga. As fans we must protest and force Janza to drop Chamanga and call kola and Jacob. Chamanga must not be allowed near the team he is old he’s time is up!

    • Positive Thinking says:

      John, based on what? Have you not watched the last couple of games Jacob has been involved in. In AFCON 2013 he couldn’t even control the ball when passed to him. In the friendly against Japan he came off the bench and the front line died. He is not a performer at national team level. He is a highly confident striker in Europe and he started to flourish again under Bonetti because he was asked to drift to the right wing similar to his days at Utrecht, but he is not the same player anymore. I am a fan of Jacob, but he has just not proven himself when it mattered for your argument to hold water.

      • Watch over says:

        Positive thinking exactly my sentiments Jacob has not matched our expectations at all! I really love the guy and av been advocating for his for his inclusion but to really prove what he brings to the national team it’s very difficult show or prove!

    • Chamanga says:

      Who are the performing players in Europe Ba John?

  41. Discipline says:

    Ha ha ha ha ki ki ki ki ati Janza is a health risk to male Zambians awe shuwa,Kalu and Janza mulli Ba dobo sana,with your qualifications honestly Chamangas,Malama and Munthali for what?

  42. john says:

    Positive thinking tell me how chamanga is better than Jacob. Tell me how chamanga is better than kola. As we speak Jacob is preparing to face besiktas in a Turkish cup match and he has been banging in goals. Kola has matured he banged in a fantastic goal against dynamo Moscow in the europa league and is the top performing African striker in Israel. These 2 would certainly add more competition to the front line. Chamanga is a waste of space. Even if Jacob and kola sit on the bench they are adding value not Chamanga

    • Positive Thinking says:

      I said in an earlier post. There are only 2 active national team players who have scored more goals than Chamanga for the national team and they Mbesuma and Christopher Katongo. Chamanga, hate him or love him has been a goal scorer in every AFCON he has appeared in except the one in 2013. Chamanga is a better performer in the national team than Jacob Mulenga based on that. Do I think he is a better player…NO!!!! However, Chamanga has a longer history of being able to deliver at the national team level.

  43. tc soccerman says:

    Useless Coach, leaving out Chris, Jacob and Kola? This coach is going to regret. A good coach manages the ego of players not dropping them, if Chris, Jacob have an ego then Janza should have found a way to be a coach for “All” Players not just those that bow down to him. West African Countries are loving this squad with Chris and Jacob. Useless coach. Now those that don’t agree with my stance, go ahead and curse me.

  44. tc soccerman says:

    Forget this Africa cup. Might as well hand it to Algeria and everyone save your money.

  45. Chiefsoccerfan says:

    lets talk about who should be droped from the final Squad
    1. James chamanga
    2. Spencer Sautu
    3. Bruce Musakanya
    4. Munyao
    5. Rodrick Kabwe
    So no complaints

  46. Chindika Popeye Nguni says:

    Is coach is totally lost. What is donashano Malama and Munthali doing in the squard or when is he going to drop these 2 useless players?

  47. TIKO says:

    In Place of Chamanga why not Fwayo who can even take players one on one.

  48. leo says:

    There’s is no rocket science here ba janza
    Muntali will be exposed big time
    Chamanga ubwanga umu men uyu
    D.malama is not afcon material
    First round we are coming back home

  49. P.A says:

    Janza is a joke..no brain at all..useless man he is now giving us sleepless nights even before Afcon kicks off

  50. Kwame santo says:

    Anticipation of death is worst than death itsel,comments laced with defeatist tendencies characterized your low esteem and confidence in yourselves,you’ll be where you belong come January,yes!bottom of the order.

  51. Ba Reubeh says:

    Please Janza, not this Sate Sate boy!! He adds nothing to the team!! Replace ths Sate boy with Kola! And if you nid experience, pliz drop Chamanga for CK! The Sate Sate “noisy” is the Kopala “Chimwela’! Otherwise the boy doesnt even deserve a place on the bench! He is technically poor, his height is useless, he has no pace, the hype about the boy is unfounded!! Thats he failed trials even in Israel, let alone Switzerland as Mayuka replacement at Young Boys! He is just for COSAFA

  52. BIG 5 says:

    Janza,janza,janza pliz twakupapata do the right thing B4 its too late by calling chris katongo isaac chansa and joseph musonda we don’t want experiments they is no time 4that chipolopolo teyaba wiso you shoul know that pantu tukakwikatamo…!

  53. Watch over says:

    Why is it that Mozambique vs Zambia ,Zambia vs Cape Verde and Zambia vs Niger : there wasn’t such public outcry about Jacob and even Chris when he was just dropped? Tell me the results of those matches ? I know all 3 results were “fluke”!!! You will say….,How sure are you that Zambia will perform better if we include Chris n Jacob ? We tried them 2013 afcon was a disaster n kept hoping that it would change n carried the same formulae n blind faith that it would work with World Cup qualification ? What happened ? Ruined our world cup qualification just like we almost ruined afcon 2015 qualification again as that is not enough you are still calling for the same system that has not been workin of late to be deployed! God forbid change is inevitable!

    • positive thinking aka realist says:

      Watchover. I am with you bro. Calling for people who have failed based on past glory. Why don’t we get Kalu a jersey while we are at it.

  54. P.A says:

    Just shut up!

  55. gb says:

    Those with Janza’s phone number please call him. I have never seen this? unison at the displeasure of the team selection. Most of the players selected were either injured or lacked game time at their clubs. What is Mayuka bringing to the team? What about Chamanga? Chitumileni foni chi Janza.

  56. gb says:

    I have lost hope too. It’s not about having a low esteem or having a defeatist attitude, it’s about realism. The supporters of the Chipolopolo have no hope in this squad. Changes should have been piece meal and not wholesome. Janza needs to enrol for a course in Change Management.

  57. tatu saad says:

    Am happy that as socca funs we having a common ground its up to janza and kalu to hear our cry,majority rules,so its time to include kola and jacob drop sate sate and one goal keeper chamanga must also be dropped include bornwell mwape or else janza must risk himself to be dropped as assistant to the dutch coach

  58. Edger says:

    The team is just ok but remember we want good performance not premature defeat because of some fake players included people know who can play not that chamanga of yours is finished .

  59. Duncandinho says:

    Chris K should be included, pliz ba Janza, or even Mbesuma twapapata, they don’t have to be first choice, but our bench ‘ll be health with those guys on it.

  60. GH MUMBI says:


  61. tony mash says:

    this one goes to jaza for what you did thats lack of foresight over syupidity multiplied by ignorance which is equal to idiotism. you and kalu you are the big idiots in zambia fuck you.misguided and corrupt elements go to hell with that poor team selections.

  62. KK11 says:

    It’s laughable for some here to state that Jacob has not done anything at national team level. At Afcon 2010 he was the top striker for Zed. He missed out on 2012 due to injury. In the qualifiers for the WC he was scoring against Lesotho and Sudan. At Afcon 2013 he was coming back from injury, and did not feature much. This season he is again proving his worth and scoring goals. Not hear people claim he never does anything at national team level is shocking. He has scored more goals(critical) than Chamanga. He is a big versatile player that we will need, what has Chamanga done thus far in that erstwhile league in China?!! Injuries have conspired against Jacob over the years creating this impression that he never performs when I’m actual fact he always does when available. Leaving out Jacob and Kole for Chamanga and ngoma is a traversty!! Leave Jacob if age is the issue and bring Kola instead then, but no Chamanga.

    • john says:

      Kk 11 for once I agree with your analysis. It is criminal for these selectors to call chamanga and leave out performers like kola and Jacob we must protest. We pay tax we buy jerseys. We fund this FA therfore they cannot take us for a ride. We surely need to stage a protest!

    • positive thinking aka realist says:

      Kk11, point taken. Just don’t think Jacob has what it takes right now. I’m a fan of the guy, but I just haven’t seen it since 2010.

  63. positive thinking aka realist says:

    This squad is the future. People calling for the old guard are basically asking Janza to field the 2013 AFCON squad and expecting different results.

    • Chimpombwa says:

      Totally agree with you. Though I would have loved to see Kola called just for trials mostly coz of his aerial ability actually… Otherwise the squad is great and futuristic.. People should remember that its not just on form that the likes of Chris have been omitted. Imagine what an altercation with Janza can do to the rest of the team mid way through the tournament?

  64. EX ZIT says:

    Am happy my advcacy for Kondwani Mtonga has caught the ears of Mr Janza. Lets go boys, but Patson Daka is 100 times better than Mr Chamanga, but what can we say? Allow the coach to do his job for now

  65. Rainford kalaba says:

    what makes someone a complete striker?wit dis question answered then u wil knw y kola has been left out.On jacob wit him being part of da team wants to walk straight into the starting line up,who does that?with chamanga he z an old fashioned striker but disciplined hence his inclusion,i jst dnt agree wit the inclusion of munthali and malama.thx

  66. kapo says:

    Please mr janza drop chamanga and include ba jacob.

  67. kampombwa says:

    Very progressive looking squard I expect we will be playing a very pacy game with a lot of smart runs both on and off the ball the creative and pacy midfield players will make this a very interesting afcon I strongly believe that non of our opponents at the afcon are not expecting or preparing for the zambian team we are sending for all other chipolopolo fans out there I implore you to trust the coach implicitly I strongly feel that under janza zambia will play the kind of exciting football we associated with the team of the late 80’s and early 90’s

  68. √ Good team selection but it would have been better if together with Chamanga we had either Kola/Jacob Mulenga.
    √ Judging from the Cape Verde game, I doubt Mayuka & Sate Sate have the stature and strength to get past those big defenders when we face the blue sharks. hence the necessity to have a big sticker upfront
    √ Brilliant decision to bring in Kondwani Mutonga & the two boys from the under 20 team But Is it too early for Pats on Daka? I think he is capable of competing!

  69. i thought Janza learnt a lesson from brazil during the wold cup were they left senir players and opted for young blood the team should be a combination of young and experienced player who desreve to wear the national jersey but anyway w kno that its not janza wu makes the team we all kno of one man who makes the team ba janza is jst being told wt to do

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