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Janza drops Chamanga, Chama, Nsabata and Katebe

Honour Janza has dropped James Chamanga, Bronson Chama, Toaster Nsabata and Aaron Katebe (instead of Patrick Ngoma) in his final squad for the Equatorial Guinea 2015 Africa Cup of Nations.

With FAZ not giving a media briefing on the final team that will do battle for Zambia, FAZ media officer Nkweto Tembwe told Zambianfootball.co.zm that unlike earlier speculated by several media houses, Janza had dropped defender Katebe and maintained U20 striker Ngoma.

Janza’s media briefing which was scheduled for Golden Court Milpark at 09:00hrs did not take off as announced.

Full Squad:

Goal Keepers: Kennedy Mweene (Mamelodi Sundowns), Joshua Titima (Power Dynamos), Danny Munyao (Red Arrows)

Defenders: Stoppila Sunzu (Shanghai Greenland Shenhua), Christopher Munthali (Power Dynamos), Donashano Malama (Nkana), Davies Nkausu (Bloemfontein Celtic), Rodrick ‘Rodriguez’ Kabwe (Zanaco), Emmanuel Mbola (Hapoel Ra’anana, Israel)

Midfielders: Nathan Sinkala (Grasshopper CZ, Switzerland), Chisamba Lungu (FC Ural Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia), Kondwani Mtonga (Zesco Utd), Spencer Sautu (Choma Green Eagles), Rainford Kalaba (TP Mazembe), Lubambo musonda (Ulisses Yerevan F.C, Armenia), Mukuka Mulenga (Bloemfontein Celtic ), Bruce Musakanya (Red Arrows)

Strikers: Ronald ‘Sate Sate’ Kampamba (Nkana), Given Singuluma (TP Mazembe), Jackson Mwanza (Zesco Utd), Emmanuel Mayuka (Southampton), and Evans Kangwa (Hapoel Ra’anana), Patrick Ngoma (Red Arrows)

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174 Comments to Janza drops Chamanga, Chama, Nsabata and Katebe

  1. k-ways says:

    Good move janza

  2. Maite (Formerly Maite & Man City) says:

    Jackson Mwanza better than Katongo and Jacob??I fail to understand this technical game of football.

    Could this be the end of the road for Felix, Mbesuma, Jacob, Isaac, FWAYO, Musonda and the Best CAPTAIN EVER????

  3. Kay Hummer says:

    Just like i have been saying. Stubborn and PATHETIC Honour Janza has just done the unthinkable by sticking with a team of small boys. We are DOOMED with this character in charge. We will just go to the AFCON as mere tourists with nothing to show for. We will be booted out in the first round. Congo DR and Tunisia will qualify from our group.

  4. Jackson Mwanza better than Jacob and Chris Katongo? Could this be the end of Katongo, Jacob ,Mbesuma , Chris, Fwayo and Felix?????

  5. Kay Hummer says:

    You can’t go to the AFCON with a bunch of small boys. We are going to be eaten alive there. It’s a pity that PATHETIC Honour Janza has decided to be stubborn. His days are numbered as coach of the national team. We are going to be mere passengers at the AFCON.

  6. Kay Hummer says:

    This is one of the most weakest teams we have ever sent to an AFCON tournament in 50 years. It is not balanced. It is made up of a bunch of small boys with little or no experience at all. We needed the likes of Roger Kola, Christopher Katongo and Isaac Chansa to offer that missing balance and experience. The strike force is blunt and appears to be completely TOOTHLESS!

    • Moore2015 says:

      My guy, I think you are not a real soccer Fan! What do you want in Life? I can imagine what you do and were u leave to be this negative ! All teams in Africa are rebuilding, if you must know, this is the kind of team we should have taken in 2013. But we took your so called experienced and AFCON winners, what did we gate? NOTHING! Just take a look @ Bafana Bafana, all new young and not experienced side won them all qualifiers ! They have senior players who are scoring and in form players who even played World Cup . Eg shabalala , is he in the team?and several others. Even if the boys fail to score even a goal it’s OK! They need exposure. So does Janza. 2017, 19 and World Cup 2018, then we can expect much from them. But even now, even if am sleeping, as coach I would rather play Lubambo than Chris.

  7. paradox says:

    am happy for evans, katebe and jackson mwanza, but am not happy for munthali and malama. janza could have done better. jacob was needed as a senior in yhat team.

  8. Kay Hammer ….I think we should have given Katongo Chris a final chance as this was meant to be his last tournament. I would have dropped your spencer Sautu in place of CK11.

    However, hope is not lost and we may by luck have another good outing like 2012. In this squad, only Mukuka Mulenga is on fire and i have followed him closely. If he performed at the level he is at, We may have good results. Its not a very bad team overall.

    I just dont know which Mbola will show up for the AFCON2015, am hoping its the 2010 one

  9. Kay Hummer says:

    Kalusha Bwalya and Honour Janza have no heart for Zambian football and the national team. They have hijacked the team. We need fresh minds and faces to take our football to the next level. We can’t continue like this. The two clowns are not helping us all at! #PATHETIC!

  10. Baaxy P says:

    The squad seems okay with me, since we rebuilding. The only thing we need to do is to support the team.

  11. mj says:


    • Uncle Bobs says:

      It confuses me-crying for players (so called experience) who failed the nation just two years ago! It shows the quality we have nowadays like Ba ROK and I finally came to conclude!

  12. Ck says:

    We wait ad c football is nt abt size big or small.All da best 2 da Guys at Afcon.

  13. OneZambia says:

    Good team. Am sure Chama failed to impress for the defence. Janza all the best. we dont need to be going to old tired legs. Some people have had enough chances to impress as strikers but no show…..bena Jacob awe! What we have thr is the best at the moment.Except from what we have seen in Muntali but if he was better than Chama, why not.

  14. P.A says:

    We have no choice but to support the team and respect Janza’s.Doubting and insulting our team is only working to our opponets advantage and in no way helping us.Please think about it

  15. Chris M. says:

    @Kay Hummer…..grow up!

  16. OneZambia says:

    Give Evans half of those chances Jacob used to have…..you people will see how a target man is supposed to be.

  17. P.A says:

    We have no choice but to support the team and respect Janza’s.Doubting and insulting our team is only working to our opponents advantage and in no way helping us.Please think about it

  18. Chimpombwa says:

    Its an ok squad.. Patrick Ngoma should focus on impressing ku under 20 AFCON but at least he’s been noticed and that should spur him on.. Chamanga has served gallantly like the others in his generation (Chris et al).. Defense is our archilles heel but I think we have what it takes to ‘lock up’ given the right combination.. I hope Evans is on song to beef up the strike force (a Sata-Kangwa partnership can do wonders on its day).. All in all the gloves are off and its black or white, ur with us or against us! Crying to high heavens won’t change things now. The fat lady has sang on selection, now to sing on performance. Good luck lads, good luck Zambia.

  19. Ngake says:

    No real surprises here except maybe i thought chamanga would make it and Jackson Mwanza would be sent home. Otherwise he has kept the same team used in the qualifiers. We can only wish the best for the team and our beloved country – Zambia. We will do our jobs and support win or loose. I just hope we will not need too many sedatives to watch the games.

  20. Gerald k s says:

    IT is not about small bodies but commitment look at spain they won world cup with players with small bodies all the best chipolopolo.

  21. Kay Hummer says:

    The bunch of players will not compete. We will be booted out in the first round. Tunisia and DR Congo will qualify from our group.

    • paradox says:

      you. jst go and drink your soya milk and take a Good sleep Rather than expose yo foolishness here. this is the time to support the team and not pour insults on it and the coach.

  22. OneZambia says:

    @Chipombwa and Ngake that’s the spirit….Chipolopolo all the way.

  23. OneZambia says:

    @ Kaya Hammer football is not played on paper whr the names are written for people playing, but on the field 11 against 11 for 90 minutes. 10 days to go before the games begin. Janza do your Job.

  24. Now that the team is selected, lets have those light friendlies with clubs around our camp house just to try out a few formations here and there. These should be played behind closed doors to avoid negative comments from the fans in case of a loss.

    Its tome to try out our goal keepers just in case of Mweene’s injury.

    How are the boys & fans traveling for the first match going to VOTE????

  25. Rainford kalaba says:

    LETS wait n see!

  26. lee kunda says:

    The squad is ok looking at the players who were in camp, let’s suport the chipolopolo rather than insulting the couch and the FA president (kalu).

  27. Manfree says:

    Ba k harmer,too much of negativity my bro just wait and see how zambia will play this afcon u will be suprised.Good team though zambia here we come.Cudos to Poradox for sporting on.

  28. Manfree says:

    Its more like kaya hammer is UPND.Sorry bro.

  29. leo says:

    Zambia Calo cesu
    Remember with all the other great teams that we assembled in the past non of those came with the trophy
    Let these small boys go and play
    Just because my useless player muntali was not dropped that does not mean I’ll support Ghana or other countries….. Zed all the way….at the same time it gives me right attitude of misplaced expectations
    I don’t like Janza selection of the team but I support zed

  30. Kondi says:

    Hopeless janza does away with Isaac Chansa ed Jacob… We need two More friendlies

  31. Kay Hummer says:

    I will always be objective and call a spade a spade and not a big spoon. We can’t beat Tunisia or Cameroon with a bunch of small kids. This is not 2012. The team we had that time had been together for close to 10 years. The had chemistry and swag. They had the experience and pedigree. We will go there just to fulfill the fixtures and as tourists.

  32. Janza thank you for dropping Chamanga, we have assembled a strong squad. Its not about names but quality players. Bronson Chama,Ba Chamanga thanx guys. People are gud at criticizing.Janza is heading in a right direction. This is one of the strong squad.

  33. lee kunda says:

    All we need now is good combination of players, first game always important to get maxmum points. Wapya baisa zed forever….

  34. P.A says:

    Kay Hammer go to hell now you foreigner! I’m sick and tired of your rubbish you fool! You are totally brainless you donkey….f**k you

  35. metrix says:

    U will complain till 4eva…the team is goin to Afcon…..The people u r advocating for wouldn’t have qualified us to afcon..And th katongo team didn’t win afcon at th 1st attempt..The current team won’t win it now but the longer they stick together the greater the chemistry which will eventually yield us fruits….we don’t need ‘prophets to tell us how we will exit in th 1st round..Time to support the team and enjoy afcon.

  36. Papa says:

    Game over. First round elimination is now confirmed. You can’t progress with defenders like Munthali and Malama. They both have no pace, are poor at reading the game, make late tackles and if someone wants to know how bad this duo is, just look at how many goals Nkana leaked in the Caf champions league and Confederations cup. Nkana were scoring many goals, but were leaking even more and these are the players you’re taking to Afcon? Zambia will not win any aerial duals in the final third with leprechauns like Sate sate and Kangwa. Janza better ask the players to keep the ball on the ground otherwise long balls will be a donation to the opposition. Don’t say we never warned you. No defence, no midfield, no strike force is equal to no team.

  37. rare breed says:

    Has Mayuka ever scored a brace or a hat-trick?

  38. Mr. Lox says:

    Rome was not built by taking in people’s opinions. You are the same people who said national team has too many tired legs and called for an overhaul. Today you say team lacks experience. Let the man do his work; that’s why he’s coach and not you

  39. Anita says:

    Its all MIDGETS as strikers, no physical strength and height!

  40. Baaxy P says:

    Bloggers the team selection has bin done, it’s time to put Zed first. Let’s all put our hands together and support CHIPOLOPOLO. One zambia one nation @chipolopolo fanatic!!

  41. Duncandinho says:

    Okay it’s done and dusted, the coach has made his decision and there’s absolutely nothing we fans can do about it right now but to support the team. We never know maybe this team might just surprise us and do the unthinkable,the unus is now on the likes of Mweene, Sunzu, Sinkala, Chisambadiho, Mayuuka and our captain to carry this team forward.

  42. Roots says:

    Good team Mr Janza. You have done well to leave the madalas who nearly cost us a place at the Africa cup. Imagin those madalas even failed to beat Mozambique at home

  43. Duncandinho says:

    I forgot the likes of Nkausu and Mbola, by the way is there any other friendly lined up for the boys?

  44. MAN JOSE' says:

    The team selected is fine,we r not goin backwards but forward we need new players n new blood,look at cameroun they assembled a young nd hardworkin players,they dropped A song,eTo and the. Like,that’s way to go,its not always that u hv to critise,let th coach do his Job he is paid to do….he hs listened to us so many tym,u watched game at LEVY hw many of us wanted th same guys u r crying for subsituted? Th team is named now we need friendlies w one or two countries n few clubs to sharpen our cohesion n geling

  45. Zagwa says:

    Senegal with all the big names where in 2012 eliminated in the first round, So were, Algeria, Tunisia and Morroco including defending Champions Zambia in 2013. The complexion or pedigree of the team may not mean much. Let us just encourage our boys. Even if we had the names you guys are crying for, with a poor attitude, we would still be knocked out in the first round. Lets just make our boys believe that they can do it, and I think they wont embarass us. Good luck boys!!!!!

  46. Africa Unite says:

    Good team; I think Kola would be better replacement to Mayuka.. Good luck guys..looking forward to your ‘ New goal scoring celebrations’ Favour Favour Favour..

  47. mambwe says:

    I agree this is the weakest team assembled by Zambia ever since I wz a toddler. We r back to the miserable 1998-2008 era. Since thrz nothin we cn do about it KUTAMBAKO FYE.

  48. ROK says:

    It is now a done deal and let us just sound the war drum, bring them on. I do criticize at times but i cannot afford to support my team. My personal experience is that, whilst the boys may have lost to Bafana Bafana,(some bloggers like Justice are complaining about this loss but South Africa clobbered us 0-3 in 1997 with Kalu, Litana, Dabid Chilufya and other stars featuring. I remember this particular game because it made me miss my flight back home but luckily, because of some connections, i was put on the plane carrying William Harrington, late B Y Mwila) once they enter the ‘war’ zone, the temperament will be different. Sometimes it just takes one game to engage in top gear and conquer.
    We should support our team to the hilt. In any case, even if Janza was to rop in some players, he would not please everyone. My advice to Janza is that he should demand for commitment and demand for results from each and every player. We should respect but not fear any team there but take them on as they come and conquer them all. WE HAVE DONE IT BEFORE AND WE CAN DO IT AGAIN. No more lamentations guys. Zamfoot you may consider introducing a lamentations thread for those who wish to continue with their lamentations as some of us we want to support the boys to the hilt. Admittedly, it may not be the best team but from the worst we have got available, we can come with the best.

    • Uncle Bobs says:

      Thank God my Rok is back-aalways mature, sensible, never emotional, a counselor, a mentor, a coach, always objective….

      • ROK says:

        Uncle Bobs, I am humbled with your description of me. However, I thought you should have also included that I do criticize when I deem it fit (kekekekeke). I honestly feel it will help any blogger at this stage to continue discussing players who are not going to Equatorial Guinea.

  49. Zagwa says:

    And by the way, teams are scared of Zambia, and for a good reason! Not only are we the latest participating Champions(Egypt- winners 2006, 2008 and 2010, Nigeria winner 2013 failed to qualify), the last time any team beat zambia at the finals was via that late goal from Cameroon on 17th January 2010. We have not lost in open play since then!!!!!!. Lets be proud. We are a force other teams(especially Ghana) genuinely fear!!!!

    • kwarcee says:

      Ghana phobia,no team will take u guys with kids gloves again.Run your mouth on Ghana and pray we dont meet u,that 4 goals u received in london will even b father christmas for u pepo,be warned that,u wont b treated as underdogs cos u pepo think uve arrived,we will destine u to uor proper place.

  50. @ P.A ,Kay hummer is always judgmental and objective with baseless ideas. At first he said Zambia won’t qualify for Afcon 2015. Now,where is Zambia? you guys calling for Chris Katongo to come back,are not consistency .Katongo has failed to deliver both nation and club leave. the coach has just done what is right.No player would earn a place straight into the squad without proper assessments.

  51. Papa says:

    With Munthali and Malama in their defence, Nkana conceded a whopping 26 goals in 14 matches in both the Champions league and Confederations cup last year. Nkana only had 3 clean sheets in 14 matches. They conceded 3 goals or more in 7 matches with the famous one being a 5-0 bashing at the hands of Al Ahly. We desperately needed the enterprise and steel defensive qualities of Joseph Musonda.

  52. GOD KNOWS says:

    @ZAGWA HAHAHA bro qualify to the world cup first before you say GHANA is scared of you. And oh yeah qualify to the world cup with 3 free points and dont be denied by LESOTHO. Fool

  53. Pembela Nsokele says:

    The team is okay, its time to build for the future. Remember how players like Sunzu cost us against Cameroon in Afcon but today we are praising them. Why? it’s because they gain the experience through those games though they made mistakes. We won Afcon because the most of the players had been to the tournament. The current players need the same exposure even though they may make the mistakes the same way the experienced ones made mistakes. Lets us support the boys.

  54. Papa jizz says:

    @ZAGWA HAHAHA bro qualify to the world cup first before you say GHANA is scared of you. And .oh yeah qualify to the world cup with 3 free points and dont be denied by LESOTHO. Fool

  55. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Kay Hummer what are you on about? And to top it all you even blatantly call yourself objective when there is completely no objectivity in your argument. Let me break it down for you so you understand what objectivity and calling a spade a spade really means instead of just blurting it out anyhow.
    You say the team is full of youngsters, lets look at the team.
    Goal Keeper – Kennedy is a senior player with uncountable caps…definitely not a kid.
    Defenders – Stoppila, Davies and Mbola definitely senior players. Munthali and Rodrick Kabwe have been in the squad for some time as well and have had game time in the national team. So Katebe has been in the team as well only has not had quality game time so that basically rubbishes your kid’s theory on the defenders.
    Midfielders – Nathan, Chisamba, Kondwani,Rainford and Mukuka are all in the realm of senior players. The only kids here are Spencer and Lubambo and Lubambo has shown his quality despite his age. The likely hood they will both start any match is close to Zero so basically our midfield will at the most only have one youngster if any per game.
    Strikers – Should I really even go there??
    So what is your point Mr. Hummer? I guess to you because the team does not have Chris Isaac and Jacob (three players) in your objective spade is a spade mind the team is full of youngsters.

    • Kay Hummer says:

      MR.Big Steve 4rm SA, Truth be told that this team is one of the most weakest teams that we have ever had in 50 years. Mr. MR.Big Steve 4rm SA, i am not talking about senior players here. Don’t get it twisted. I am talking about experience. Some of your so called senior players have little or no experience at all. They are novices. I will not even waste my time to start mentioning names here. This team will be booted out in the first round.

      I will help you on the strikers since you have failed to give me the names of the so called senior players. The only senor striker is Emmanuel MAYUKA who is also out of form and maybe Given Singuluma to a certain extent who is not really an out and out striker but an attacking midfielder. The rest are a bunch of small players with height disadvantage who have little or no experience at this this level and this will come back to haunt Janza. I will say it again. I call a spade a spade and not a big spoon.

      • Uncle Bobs says:

        Bwana in 74 we took a team with no Afcon experience who came 2nd, again in 78 after a 4yr absence we took a team with no Afcon experience, aand 2006 after a 4yr absence we were back with perhaps a worser team than this one (Lameck Njovu and the likes), and on a lighter note if the strikers are small boys, then your memory is also small-kekekekeke

        • Brave Nchanga Rangers says:

          kikikikikiki nice one, never seen any positive contribution from this guy ever since he joined site. 2012 he was calling a spade a spade and not a big spoon, but we won the cup, he ended up swallowing the spade instead. Some pipo they never cease to surprise.

        • Kay Hummer says:

          Uncle Bobs or whatever you call yourself. You are so old school. This is not 1974. This is 2015 for heaven’s sake. I am not the type who is going to embrace mediocrity. This team is very weak. It will be booted out in the first round!

          • Uncle Bobs says:

            That much i know as even when you question Sate Sate’s abilities i very much know where you come from for the choice of strikers we used to be spoilt for and to have Sate as our best scoring striker with his thief in the night and unconvincing yet effective play boggles your mind. He’s more like the Paulo Rossi we saw beating the best Brazilian side we ever saw in 1982 with 3 unexplained goals to date.

          • Uncle Bobs says:

            Kay Hummer, my man your opinion is always respected and hoping you didn’t take my comments as insulting, if so accept my apologies, as i really blog with fun with no pan intended.

            As for being old school, but that’s what i am with pride and we need to pass on the baton of old school as you’ll also be the old school of tomorrow but please carry on the history we,ve held on for you!

            Infact i wouldn’t mind meeting you personally so that we take the Sate Sate debate face to face as fellow Kalampas-i’m on 0977 781007 if you don’t mind. You need YESTERDAY to be BETTER today than it but not better than TOMORROW!

    • Matt Sky says:

      @Big Steve.lol ‘So what is your point Mr. Hummer? I guess to you because the team does not have Chris Isaac and Jacob (three players) in your objective spade is a spade mind the team is full of youngsters’.lolest

  56. P.A says:

    @Germiston some people are really narrow minded because at this point there is nothing that can be done to change the squad.The only thing we can do is encourage the team to do well and they will definitely do well,not insulting the coach.Chris! Chris! Chris! Vichani that guy failed to perform at afcon 2013 and failed to perform during the Wc.Ever since he was dropped the team has gradually imporved…..please keep your dull comments to yourself

    • Uncle Bobs says:

      Hold on, maybe they’ll resort to juju to ensure their preferred former FLOPS come back to the team-kekekeke

  57. P.A says:

    @Germiston some people are really narrow minded because at this point there is nothing that can be done to change the squad.The only thing we can do is encourage the team to do well and they will definitely do well,not insulting the coach.Chris! Chris! Chris! Vichani that guy failed to perform at afcon 2013 and failed to perform during the Wc qualifiers.Ever since he was dropped the team has gradually imporved…..please keep your dull comments to yourself

  58. paradox says:

    pepo take it easy on hammer. dont forget that he is the baby ion this site, and u know that babies do things without thinking.

  59. How many players are there_ I see 22, not 23

  60. simwinga boas says:

    lets go chipolopolo!

  61. Billy says:

    Lets just support the team now. This is the best we have at the moment. I am glad Chamanga has been left out because what I saw of him at Orlando stadium last Sunday was really not impressive.
    The final team has been announced. As patriotic Chipolopolo Boys faithfuls, we just have to support this team and hope that the Boys will do us proud in Equatorial Guinea.

    • Billy says:

      But I don’t see Donashano Malama on the list. Or is it that I can’t see properly! Or probably it’s a mistake by Zamfoot.

    • Billy says:

      1. Kennedy Mweene (Mamelodi Sundowns)
      2. Joshua Titima (Power Dynamos)
      3. Danny Munyao (Red Arrows)
      4. Stoppilla Sunzu (Shanghai Shenua)
      5. Christopher Munthali (Power Dynamos)
      6. Aaron Katebe (Platinum FC, Zimbabwe)
      7. Davies Nkausu (Bloemfontein Celtic)
      8. Rodric Kabwe (Zanaco)
      9. Emmanuel Mbola(Hapoel el Ránanana, Israel)
      10. Donashano Malama (Nkana)
      11. Nathan Sinkala (Grasshoppers, Switzerland)
      12. Chisamba Lungu (Ural, Russia)
      13. Kondwani Kondwani Mtonga (Zesco Utd)
      14. Spencer Sautu (Green Eagles)
      15. Rainford Master Kalaba (TP Mazembe)
      16. Lubambo Musonda (Ulisses, Armenia)
      17. Mukuka Mulenga (Bloemfontein Celtic )
      18. Bruce Musakanya (Red Arrows)
      19. Ronald ‘Sate Sate’ Kampamba (Nkana)
      20. Given Singuluma (TP Mazembe)
      21. Jackson Zola Mwanza (Zesco Utd)
      22. Emmanuel Mayuka (Southampton)
      23. Evans Kangwa (Hapoel Ra’nanana)

  62. Wanangwa says:

    BIG UP TO JANZA.zambians don’t appreciate always tryna be negative were isn’t necessary.last AFCON same people who talking shit were calling for Old boys like felix,christopher,jacob,chamanga,Chansa,mbesuma As pathetic And need for fresh blood…….But Today,Janza has selected The Best Youthful and energetic Squad.People Still Talk Shit

  63. Mumbi says:

    The team is pathetic with no experienced players. We are bowing out in the first round but the bigger problem is that, we shall lose all 3 games by bigger scorelines.

  64. freddie sichone says:

    I now understand why Charles Musonda is stopping his children from playing for Zambia. I equally understand why lucky Msiska and Charles Musonda can’t work with Kalusha Bwalya. The man is bad hearted. Am sure he is even jealous of zambia’s most successful captain, Chris Katongo

  65. Justice Lukanga Kafusha says:

    Let us face facts this is not the best team Zambia can assemble. We are dead and buried whether we like it or not. Look at this team and compare it to that of 2012, miles behind. DRC and Tunisia will kick us and EG a draw if we are lucky. Janza knows this very well, but the idiot is pretending. Apart from keeper Mweene , Sunzu, Kangwa, Chisamba, Kondwani and Sate Sate I do not see anyone else good enough to win us games. We won’t win any games. The writings are all over the wall.

    Sinkala is a bench warmer and so is Mayuka. And that leaves 9 fit players. The defence is rubbish Muntahli is rubbish and we are down to 8 players. Chi Janza always subs Chisamba and we down to 8, mMbola is not like before, we down to 7 the rest you can guess. Fact is we will be beaten, don’t dream

    • Chipolopolo1 says:

      Which players did you want Janza to include, uuhmm, tell us?

    • Kay Hummer says:

      Justice Lukanga Kafusha, you have just hammered the nail on it’s head. This is what i am telling people on this blog, but they don’t seem to undertand and have resorted to insulting me and calling me names. I will not relent though because i love the national team very much. The writing is indeed on the wall. We don’t have a team but a bunch of small players. This is one of the most weakest teams that we have ever assembled in 50 years. Congo DR and Tunisia will eat us alive. They will skin us. Some people will have heart attacks here. I am scared to say the least.

      • Chipolopolo1 says:

        Justice and Kay Hummer. muli fipuba fe imwe babili. Leave the coach alone.

        • Better off than you mr. dreamer. Continue with your dreams and we see what good that will bring you

        • With your clueless coach who has shown how shallow minded he is what do you expect?? It first round and out no more. How can a normal person select a player like Munthali?? a useless player can only picked by a useless coach. Where did Janza coach? Why bring in 2 foreign assistants to help when he has Chintu. Dosent that ring bells in your small brain

          • Moore K says:

            I used to think Justice is Wise. Kanshi chimo na Stupid Hammer. you guys complain about everything. first it was herve. now Janza. you are Clueless chaps with no objectivity. do you understand what Future planing MEan? ubupuba. weather you support the team or not. no one care. and it wont affect any1 or change anything. growp up! i cant wait to see your comment when the team wins.

      • OneZambia says:

        Kaya Hammer what players did you want?? Which small boys or what do you mean by small boys??

  66. Zagwa says:

    @Papa jizz, we are talking about AFCON here and not the World Cup where your useless teams keeps disgracing Africa with all the useless theatricals eg Airlifting money, punching each other in camp, and the likes> Talk about AFCON, with a Golden Trophy not those 4-team tournaments that you kept exchanging with teams like Ethiopia, Congo-Brazzaville, Sudan(these were the winners of the sixties and 70s like yourselves). We are talking about a modern tournament, the third biggest football competition!!!!!

    • kwarcee says:

      We r useless as u claim but proud to b among ONLY three African countries to have qualified to quaterfinals of WC competion of which uor country is too mediocre to even appreciate let alone dream of qualifying,we r useless as u claim but have achieved anything the football world recognizes more of what u pride uorself in COSAFA.the last time i checked all winners of uor so called first and second football competitions had hosted their various competitions before,had participated in the world cup before ,dont run their mouths like u do,r humble ,yet minnows like u obviously r doing the opposite,u r trying hard to b noticed in football circles but the only time u came near was that cup which Herve renard attested to be FLUKE.
      This qualifies the fact that indeed,about 99% of football enthusiasts in uor country started appreciating football POST-AFCON 2012 cos uor mentalities all tilted to post afcon 2012,there isnt a single argument a zambian will raise without Afcon 2012,what of those who have won it for keeps? All in all,ive realised what u pepo cherish MOST is to beat Ghana than to qualify to the WC,its simple as that,such narrow mindedness.
      but let me borrow the words of that ugandan coach,”Ghana loosing to Zambia is always a mistake” paraphrase will always stand tall as long as u dont change from this hogwash and mediocre mentality.

      • Zagwa says:

        Hahaha, I now realise how backward you are. Let me educate you on teams that were torchbearers in African Football, teams that earned respect for Africa, not followers. 1)Tunisia were the first African team to win a game at World Cup in 1978 when they beat Mexico 3-1, 2)Zambia became the first African Country to reach the quarter finals of the Olympics in 1988, having drawn with iraq, beating Guatamala 4-0, beating Italy 4-0. 3)Cameroon became the first african team to reach the quarterfinals of the world cup. 4)South Africa became the first African country to host the World cup. Of cause other teams went on to equal or better these milestones, but these are the teams that earned Africa respect!!!!I m not seeing Ghana anywhere here. By the time they were reaching the quarter finals, Cameroon and Senegal had already done so. Cameroon and Nigeria went on to get Olympic gold and Ghana got a bronz, but Zambia had already earned them respect!!!!Therefore, unless you dont understand football, you cant say Zambia is not a footballing nation. Just another statistic that you may be interested in, Zambia first appeared at the AFCON finals in 1974, yet in terms of appearances, only Ghana, Egypt, Ivory Coast(courteous of the 2, 3 or 4 nation tournaments) have made more appearances, meaning that Zambia has made more apearances than any team at AFCON in the last 40 years, and you want to think Zambia doesnt know football!!!!

        • kwarcee says:

          yes u don’t know football,take it from me,suffice to even say we were r just followers not torchbearers,this had made me to know u r challenged or blighted from the obvious of the queens language cos my argument was on WC where we r among the only THREE to qualify for the quarterfinals in the whole of Africa,im not even surprised u r failing to understand this simple logic cos u r a one-plugged mental,thus AFCON 2012,simplito.Hear him also, that beating Guatemala earned Africa recognition,how absurd!!!!Winning against big teams doesn’t make u an instant giant but continuing to etch a an indelible mark makes u earn such recognition[not forceful acquisition].Senegal beat then defending champions France in their first WC match and continued wit a quarterfinal berth which was a huge success for Africa cos we maintained/improve the slots allocated us,das wat we call recognition!!!!
          Then also about AFCON participation,if u as soccer fan can pride uorself in having more appearances but a SINGLE FLUKE CUP courtesy Herve renard to show for than countries with less times of appearances yet have won more than once even for keeps? then i need not argue further cos its akin to someone seeing with the ears and listening with eyes instead of the otherwise……….

          • Uncle Bobs says:

            Ok ok Kwarcee u win the contest time to move on my brother let’s talk Afcon where both of us have a challenge. Fact is Ghana has better soccer pedigree than us at alll levels but head to head with us we are always equal to the challenge call us want you want!

    • Joshua Nkomo says:

      You live in a dream world. The “third biggest competition”? Which ones are the first two. Mediocrity at its best. You are happy with the third and wouldn’t OR CANNOT take part in the first or second. WHY? You level is below that. The Country u are talking about has been to the first one three times. The 2012 mishap of your country having that win (WHICH IS YOUR ONLY ACHIEVEMENT) will never happen again on this continent. It was a comedy of errors.
      A better and more convincing achievement will be to qualify for the WORLD CUP where all the best nations are gathered. With the management issues that confronted Ghana, it was the only country to draw blood from the Germans (THE ULTIMATE CHAMPIONS).
      The Germans will destroy your young boys if ever u were to meet them(will never happen becos u will never qualify for the BIG ONE.
      SIT DOWN IN THE BUSH UNDER A PALM TREE AND CONTINUE TO MAKE THE INCOMPARABLE COMPARISONS. You are one of the least thought of nations in African football. With Afcon near the corner, have u heard of any analyst saying u are favourites or even in the “GROUP OF DEATH”. You are unknown. Make enough noise so that people may know that u exist.

    • positive thinking aka realist says:

      Zagwa, let’s not argue for arguments sake. Ghana has been a positive torch bearer for Africa at every world cup. They deserve respect because they have earned it. They are a top performer and are the only team to have taken the world champions Germany to the limit. We need to stop this nonsense of throwing stones at eachother.

    • positive thinking aka realist says:

      As for Kwarcee, you guys seriously need to move on. Yes we won AFCON once, and is it wrong for us to be proud of that? Ivorycoast has boasted the greatest generation of footballers for the last 12 years and have no AFCON trophy since 92. If they won, would you call them fluke champions? It’s time to cease fire. We are not thinking about Ghana, and yet you are thinking about Zambia. Aren’t you guys in like the toughest group….don’t you think that should be your focus. If you want respect, you have to give respect. Some of us are tired of your guys and your personal vendetta against Zambia…move on please.

      • kwarcee says:

        @ positive-thinking,some of uor colleagues r only about beating Ghana of which u r not in a group with,u guys arnt even worried about opposition watch Ala DRC,how they held mighty Cameroon today in the dreaded Amadu Ahidjo stadium with their bolassies and their mbokanis yet u worry about beating Ghana.Associating negativeness to Ghana starts from uor pepo and we wont stand aloof for such to go on unabated,the records have to b set straight.
        Anyways ,i imbibe uor advise to move on out of respect to you bro,thanx.

  67. Kay Hummer says:

    I am shocked that some bloggers have decided to embrace mediocrity. How to you have useless players like Christopher Munthali and Donashano Malama and a bunch of other kids in the team. (I have no problem though with Lubambo Musonda because the young boy is brilliant). I am sorry but i will call a spade a spade and not a big spoon. You can’t go to the AFCON with a bunch of novices and expect miracles to happen. It is impossible.It won’t happen!!!

  68. Zagwa says:

    Gentlemen!!!!!!!!Hold your fire!!!!So, so what are you suggesting, we withdraw??????

  69. SONG says:

    There will always be a number of supporters who will not agree with player selection.I had thought Jimmy Chisenga would make the cut but he was not even named in the provisional squad.At the end of the day the Coach is in charge.I am happy for Jackson Mwanza and Evans Kangwa. The lengthy layoff Bronson Chama had due to injury has cost him.This Africa cup marks a dawn of a new era in Zambian football.It is indeed hard to forget the heroics of Christopher Katongo,Isaac Chansa and even James Chamanga(remember his performance in Angola 2010) but time has come to accept that age has caught up with these brave sons of the soil.

    • Uncle Bobs says:

      Song-you’re always on song and your analysis is always very objective and never emotional. Just like I’d have liked Kelvin Mubanga, Shadreck Musonda, Mathew Chaila, George Chilufya, Govenda Simwala (one of the best right backs with Jimmy Chisenga), Timothy Mbewe (based on his 2014 performance), Dominic Yobe, Boyd Mkandawire (I’ve never been a fan of Mbola), power’s Kasonde “Djemba” etc we can’t always have our personal preferences and endlessly move with spades and not big spoons, let flexible Janza do his job after all he’s met us half way by getting rid of our most loaathed player James Chamanga (guess he’s cursing God for being a Zambian!!!) although we want him to still recaall players that have always nevr exploded and some that have become insolent and big headed. Let’s stop overeating ourselves as none of the players we are calling experienced has come to our aid during the free fall since 2012 (conveniently we want to ignore the 2013 major flop that the same players we want were a part of). Yes some of you have written off Janza’s team and I agree with you except I do it from aa realistic point of view of creating sustainability with a start by exposing our future greats! I may still be guided by you great people. I’m glad I’ve got back my ROK who was being contaminated with wild expectations from this beautiful young team with a great future Janza has created, regardless of what happens at Afcon 2015 (let’s always bear the flopp afcon 2013 outing by being realistic with our chance like Bafana Bafana are!)

  70. lee kunda says:

    The team has been selected nomata what you people can say nothing will change, understand that we are building a new team and thank God at the same time we are geting positive results, insult and conclude after the first match against congo dr then by that time we will knw our weakneses and our stregth and who to insult and who to advise.

  71. Ba Mumbi, which experience if the same players like Chris Katongo,Chamanga ,Jacob Mulenga,Isaac Chansa and Mbesuma failed to shoot down Lesotho only managed a draw,a goal from King David .We failed to go to the World cup with the same players above. Experience means overcoming pressure and win under difficult situation. Ba Mumbi you are a bemba who will understand better this proverb. “Ubulimi bwakale tabutalalika umwana”meaning you can’t comfort the situation with the previous wealth your kids have been enjoying.

  72. Kay Hummer says:

    It’s time to rally behind the under 17 and under 20 teams who i think appear to have what it takes to go all the way at this year’s junior championships. The current national team is a shambles and a complete joke!!!!

  73. Wesu Nandibo says:

    Can somebody pliz tell me, on BBC and super sport Aaron Katebe’s name is appealing yet others are saying he has been dropped. Who are the players that have been dropped kanshi apart from Chamanga, Chama and Nsabata?

  74. Slu says:

    Lets just support the team!

  75. positive thinking aka realist says:

    Zamfoot. What is the true list then? Your article says Aaron Katebe was dropped, but the list includes him and not Patrick Ngoma….what’s the true list here?

  76. positive thinking aka realist says:

    I have to agree with some bloggers. The time for arguing about team selection is over. It’s time to rally behind the team.

  77. tc soccerman says:

    MEANWHILE KALU donates $20,000 to HH campaign so that he can get favors once HH get elected presido of Zed. “Kaili yali ni nkongolefye pantu pa FAZ tapali indalama” He said this to furnish his corrupt deals using FAZ. Yaba.

  78. tc soccerman says:

    Thanks for dropping potato head chamanga. You should have had Kola though, but we will rally behind the team since its all said and done now.

  79. Nazo says:

    The team is not inspiring but nothing we can do, 18th January is not heaven but here on earth.We shall see you their.

  80. Nazo says:

    The team is not inspiring but nothing we can do, 18th January is not heaven but here on earth.We shall see you there.

  81. tc soccerman says:

    Just being positive and trusting that Maestro Kalaba and Mweene will rally the boys to atleast a semi final birth when everybody least expects. This is the time that Sate Sate introduces himself to the world scene. Singuluma will be leathal too. So its time we stop worrying and know that we are better off than the draws we experienced back in 2013. Good lucky boys.

  82. paradox says:

    better we go to afcon with a bunch of youngstars to expose them and prepare them for 2017 afcon and worldcup in Russia

    • Seen from afar says:

      You can have youngsters and still have a strong team. Just because we are rebuilding does not mean we have to send a team that doesn’t make sense.

  83. Nazo says:

    Thanks,Janza.This will be my first time to watch AFCON with boys from Zambia without pressure because this is not Zambia nationl, it is something else.

  84. Nazo says:

    Thanks,Janza.This will be my first time to watch AFCON with boys from Zambia without pressure because this is not Zambia national team, it is something else.

  85. gb says:

    I count 22 players with malama’s name missing.

  86. gb says:

    Everyone here has the right to comment on the way he or she sees the team.To some the names of players selected does not give them confidence others pretend all is well and yet some are happy because they wanted an overhaul of the team. In my case I don’t know which side I should ride.

  87. Moore2015 says:

    Kay Hammer! My guy, I think you are not a real soccer Fan! What do you want in Life? I can imagine what you do and were u leave to be this negative ! All teams in Africa are rebuilding, if you must know, this is the kind of team we should have taken in 2013. But we took your so called experienced and AFCON winners, what did we gate? NOTHING! Just take a look @ Bafana Bafana, all new young and not experienced side won them all qualifiers ! They have senior players who are scoring and in form players who even played World Cup . Eg shabalala , is he in the team?and several others. Even if the boys fail to score even a goal it’s OK! They need exposure. So does Janza. 2017, 19 and World Cup 2018, then we can expect much from them. But even now, even if am sleeping, as coach I would rather play Lubambo than Chris.

  88. Seen from afar says:

    How can he drop katebe and chama together, who is going to be cover for central defence. Oh i cant believe this. Madness.

  89. Fufu man says:

    Ghana is just an average team, I’ll see the way they’ll be handled by the other 3 teams in group C.

    • Joshua Nkomo says:

      Just imagine how DRC, Tunisia and Cape Verde will massacre the untested Chipo boys. Chipo will be shown the exit in the first two games. This is not a “boys” arena.

  90. mambwe says:

    Mwebantu we can talk nd talk debate as much as we wnt bt nothin is goin 2 change NABASALA KALE. Let’s jst pick positives out of it thts if there any. Otherwize gudluck 2 the guyz nd prove us wrong.

  91. derick says:

    We have better coaches in country but why going for an amateur, why???

  92. kalaba more than a cmptain yesterday my wife met chipolopolo in shopng center my wife never grew up in zambia she speaks few words in nyanja but when spoke to kalaba and told her how I luv chipolopolo kalaba and chisamba called me its the sweetest call I have ever received

    • KWAME NKRUMAH says:

      SO WHAT?


      Kekekekekeke NOBODY CARES!!

  93. asilikale says:

    The midfield lucks experience, atleast one of the two, mukuka mulenga or bruce musakanya should have been dropped

  94. Paddy says:

    The coach’s decision is final – fact. This coach’s decisions are hopeless – fact. I ain’t got time to defend mediocrity. As someone has already said building for the future shouldn’t be a reason to settle for a bunch of mediocre players especially when we’ve got enough quality to choose from. I’ll support Zambia simply because I’m Zambian – nothing else!

  95. Don says:

    Chipolopolo all the way!

  96. Don says:

    Algeria beat Germany at the 1982 w/cup finals yet some team in Africa draws with the same team accruing just a point and thinks they are all that.What a shame now!

    • Joshua Nkomo says:

      Just qualify for the World Cup is all we are asking for. Algeria on 1982? Those years count, right? Ghana has won Afcon SEVERAL times and a country wins a fluke in 2012 and that country is claiming equal status with Ghana. Oh NO. WHAT A SHAME

  97. chipolopolo cream says:

    This is much better Mr. Janza though I would have preferred certain players to be part of the team. Its touch and go from here on, so as a soccer fan I encourage you to device a solid and concrete plan. One that will restore dignity to Zambia as a foot balling Nation. Go Zambia

  98. paradox says:

    now this ghanain fool with a midget brain called kwarcee, jst becoz Ghana drew with German he now thinks that his team can beat Algeria. u will be skinned alive

  99. Ba Reubeh says:

    The biggest problem we have in the final 23 team is lack of not only experienced by lethal strikers!! The only striker of note we have is Mayuka who unfortunately has been blunt in front of goal for 2 years now. Its surprising that Janza decided to leave Rodger Kola, the second Highest top scorer in the Isreali league with 12 goals in 18 games. His team are also topping the Isreali league half way into the season. He has also dropped Jacob Mulenga the top scorer at his Turkish team with 9 league goals in 16 matches. Sate Sate is the most useless striker in that strike force. He has no pace, no physical presence, cant dribble, and is only there becoz of the “noisy Kopala chimwela”. Next to Munthali, he is the most undeserving player to accompany the team. Both Kola and Jaccob, even CK wud have added something more to the team.

    • Uncle Bobs says:

      And conveniently u forgot to mention Sate’s scoring prowess. Has the word useless been redefined in the dictionary?-kekekekeke

  100. Naked goal says:

    Whatever happens will be on the head of kalu and Janza. its fine,let us wait and see what janza has seen in these new and young boys. I wish chipolopolo all the best and i will sopport them though i have never liked BOLD headed JANZA

  101. Ba Reubeh says:

    By the way the dropping of Chamanga for Jackson Mwanza is a master stroke by Janza. Mwanza may just be the revelation of the tournament. He was the top scorer in the just ended Zambian season with ZESCO. He has electrifying pace, he is strong on the ball and a brilliant finisher. Dude Ngoma is for the future. He has massive potential and good Janza has included him on the final list. Few people remember that Katongo scored his 1st Afcon goal in 2006 against Egypt via an exquisite Kalaba pass. We drew 1-1 with Pharoahs but lost to Cameroun 5-1 a game in which Chansa, J Musonda, Kalaba and Mweene made there AFCON debutes!! It took these players 3 more Afcons in order for them to finally put their hands on that elusive Afcon trophy!! Its time the youngsters start learning too!!

  102. Papa jizz says:

    @Don and paradox. the only team germany struggled against throughout thier 2014 world cup snd basically almost lost to was GHANA. Lets not be blind and axt as if it wernt for Ghana’s internall problems they would have sailed yhrough ghat group. The Germans know Ghana is a force to be reconded with. Watch what Ghana black stars will do to the Algerians, im sure they saw how we denied thier northern arab brothers Egypt from the world cup by fucking them sideways 6-1. YES GHANA DID THAT TO THE SO CALLED GREAT EGYPT who were undefeated the whole time during thier wc qualifiers until the met GHANA. By this time the black stars had already stoped zambia from progressing. Actually zambia stoped themselves from qualifying because they failed to beat lesotho and failed to utilies 3 free points. Fifa felt sorry for your team and actually granted you a free pass to the wc but you still failed lol. If Ghana was ever given 3 free points the rest will be a breeze haha

    • kwarcee says:

      thered r some pepo never to b replied to on this site becos their level of thinking is so daft,bleak, CRECHE-like that descending to their level will b so shameful ,these r pepo who wash their faces upwards, their own countrymen allude to these,ask sokafan,chipolopolo1.
      @papa ,if u r dealing with pepo who think beating GUATEMALA in olympic games wayback in 1988 brought Africa recognition,then brace up for more of their mediocrity tainted comments cos to them,football is all about AFCON and AFCON is about 2012,they never and will never think beyond these,u mark it.Save some few who think otherwise like ROK,sokafan,kafusha, etc.

  103. Don says:

    @ Papa Jizz…hope we meet in the semis again.

  104. positive thinking aka realist says:

    I agree with Seen from Afar. There is a big hole in central defence. Without Chama and Katebe, we only have 2 recognized center backs with Mtonga who is a midfielder likely to start in central defence. Any injuries in that department, and we know Sunzu has knee issues will spell disaster.

    • kwarcee says:

      ….sorry realist,my bad.

      • positive thinking aka realist says:

        Kwarcee, it’s all gravey bro. Much respect for the black stars and Goodluck out there. It will be a tough one for everyone.

        • Ghana Revisited says:

          Sound and open minded persons like ROK and positive thinking are the stars of Africa. Africa lacks such quality persons and indeed we need them in abundance. Folks, go back to review the comments of ROK. From his writings, ideas, he is fit to be on the technical bench of any African team. May the good Lord help all of is to emulate the good thought processes of ROK .
          There are others like mumbi, paradox who are only interested in sowing animosities amongst ourselves. Let us ignore such hollow persons and let us look up to ROK and POSITVE THINKING to ensure that the continent will for once be free from internal squabbles .

  105. paradox says:

    the facts still remains Algeria and Senegal r sailing through. yo nightmares will become realistic and dont be cheated by yo team’s win over that Portuguese team. even banana republic can beat that team 6:0

  106. P.A says:

    People are you going to continue calling Janza names,doubting the capabilities of the rookies and continue discouraging them or rally behind the team and show them all your support…note that not everyone rallying behind the team is entirely happy with Janza’s team selection but we are supporting the team out of love for mother Zambia

  107. KWABENA PISO says:

    TC soccerman and your disciples, I hardly even hear your country’s name when pundits are analysing football. Talking about Nigeria, they are 100 times better even if they are absent. You can’t even better the achievements of Dr. Congo and South Africa, how much more Ghana and Nigeria? Tell me your achievements. silver medal once, gold medal once and you are making noise.

  108. Anonymous says:

    It’s so unfortunate that Zamfoot editorial policies on insult favor Zambians and not Ghanaians nor any other nationals…..so comments deemed insulting from some of us are never published or removed but typical insults are read here everyday from bloggers like Mumbi,paradox,tc soccerman
    Bad,very bad
    Like the animal farm,two legs bad,four legs good.

  109. metrix says:

    Uncle Bobs your analysis n yo views are music to my ears..

  110. SPEAR says:

    The issue of playing names is long gone

  111. CD says:

    Footbooll nation myfoot,never host afcon before best player value 3milion and paying in china

  112. ZAR says:

    As a South African I wish Chipolopolo a successful AFCON, I think Zambians will thank Janza in the next AFCON for this brave decision.The Katongo generation were together for at least ten years and they achieved their objectives with the 2012 Title.
    Going forward Zambia must build and this tournament gives you a chance to do just that, with the kind of players in the team I think they might even surprise a lot of people and teams.
    And also remember in 2012, you’ve played a third string South Africa and drew but you went on to win the title.
    So don’t read too much in the friendlies.

    “Ya ima sana”(My friend only taught me that)

  113. Zagwa says:

    @Anonymous, in Zambia we dont insult, we may taunt you but not insult. We see your insults on you Ghanasoccernet and apparently, its in your culture because such insults cannot be published here. We ve stopped contributing there because of such, we dont mind being taken on or taking on anybody but insulting is not in our culture. lament the way you like, but just understand that insults cant be published in ZED

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