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Jacob, Felix Katongo on target

Turkish based striker Jacob Mulenga scored the only goal of the match to earn his club maximum points in the second tier.

And in Egypt, Felix Katongo scored in Al Attihad as they demolished Al Ahly 4-1 in the Egyptian top flight.

This was Jacob’s 8th league goal in 14 appearances and now his club is 4th on the log with 27 points from 15 games with the leaders on 31.

Jacob will be hoping his club wins promotion to the Turkish Super League.

The 30 year old is one of the high profile players to have been left out of Honour Janza’s Chipolopolo side.


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  1. Jacob is better than useless chamanga I would much rather have Jacob on the bench than chamanga. Mayuka, state sate and evans Kangwa are the main strikers. I hope Mayuka plays 90 minutes against bafana to sharpen him up. Mayuka will be lethal at this afcon he is playing to leave southampton and sign for another club in europe.

  2. Okay, I think I will swallow my pride and say that we need to add Jacob to the afcon squad. He is by far the highest performing player outside of Zambia.

    • Boss-but the guy was given ample chance by Janza during the qualifiers and flopped big time-save for the silver platter goal courtesy of a Kalaba assist against Cape Verde away. Infact fans even started booing him at Levy at some point.

      Granted people may detest Chamanga, but Jacob’s time with Zambia is up and we need to move on. Patson Daka believe you me can provide better cover than Jacob who we should just leave to continue with his impressive club form.

  3. At Euro and World Cup Italy had Mario,he was on top of the world ,forget about his off field antics,then came his move to AC Milan and Liverpool and coupled with the lose of form.Enter the little known Pelle,signed by the Saints and he was scoring goals left,right and centre.The Italian coach did not have to think twice or for the Fans to insult him to know who will be the main striker between the experienced Mario and Pelle,he went for the inexperienced later and he did not disappoint.My point is why can our Coach not go with Kola and Jacob and not the so obidient Chamanga so that we have depth on the bench.

  4. A lot of fans have questioned Jacob Mulenga’s omission from the CAN 2015 provisional squad! My take is that Janza was spot on for the decision. The reason is that Jacob has under performed for the National team during the qualifiers and I think he can only play well when a team employs an offensive tactic, otherwise he make aimless runs. If you compare him to Mayuka, you will note that the Saints striker is quicker, holds on to the ball better when deployed as a lone striker and troubles defenders unlike Mulenga who easily loses possession.

  5. Jacob should have been included in this squad. Surely Janza why get Chamanga and leave Jacob and Kola. We are not going anywhere in this AFCON tournament.

  6. Iam apologizing on behalf of chris Katongo for sleeping with janza’s girl friend while in camp but for the sake of progress let Jacob mulenga,Rodger Kola and Felix Katongo join the team because reason he has given on Chamanga, it is the reason Chintu Kampamba is there fore.How many team builders are we going to have? Gentlemen, let us be serious. We are not going to accept any lose be it with Bafana – bafana Friendly because as soccer fan will ask for Janza’ blood if negative falls on our part.

  7. Janza is a very useless coach if he can’t manage egocentric players. He has poor management skills. Chamanga is crop. Kola and Jacob are miles ahead of Chamanga. My other concern is that we are lacking 1 creative player. I would have called either felix or Clifford to sit on the bench and provide cover. This afcon team is not convincing. We are not going to accept anything less than the cup. Janza should be fired if he fails to bring the cup.

  8. You Fans do not get it ah,those players like James,Chitu,Malama and Munthali give a cut to Kalu hence they cannot be dropped ,this Kalu is so greed that is why they even make dull Sunzu as the skipper so that intelligent players like Mweene and Kalaba can not say anything even if things are not right.

  9. If you pay the cops on inter city highway once ,you will travel say from kitwe to Lusaka with the same ka piece of paper with just a signature and a date stamp without further arrests over the same offence,moral of this is that Janza and his pathetic,useless players have given and assured Kalu further kick backs that is why they continue being selected.Just last week Janza gave trials to Festus and left out players like Ngonga.

  10. So Jacob doesn’t even play in the super division. Mr Janza, just consider Kola and leave out the already discarded madalas. Lets move forward please

  11. chamanga promised to deliver and it really shows that he is an idiot.he knows that players who are being sabotaged they can do better than him.this move will affect the performance of other players.people of zambia are being forcefully subjected to silly things.if jaza and that kalu does not call kola and jacob and the team fail to win any medal you should not walk in zambia. you are behind this dirt game. consume poison in or hang yourself. chamanga= satan

  12. One important consideration which most people are not paying attention to is the importance of height and physique in a tournament like Afcon. You cannot have a team full of dwarfs like Sate Sate, Evans Kangwa, Bruce Musakanya and Emmanuel Mbulo. We’ll not compete with the likes of Tunisia and Senegal or even Congo Dr. Jacob not only brings goal scoring pedigree, but also height and physique.

  13. @papa spot on I be saying this aswell. We need a strong physical spine all through the middle. Look at 2008 when lack of height we got spanked.kola or Jacob are needed for something different.. When you need someone to defend at key times or get a goal in the last minute. Our strikers are all the same size which means zambia will play the way with no plan b. Atleast if we got big strikers we can have two wingers who gets the ball in. Going through the middle won’t work especially these days teams play 3 in there. How are we going to penetrate teams with no physical striker? We need height in middle of defence, midfield and also forward. We need to make sure we can defend set pieces and free kick before anything.zambia had history with me in giving away stupid lame free kicks in dangerous position im expecting us not to have learnt this lesson and watch team score from these situation cause the lack height.

  14. Let’s wait and see, if Janza perform poorly at Afcon he will be under fire. For now he has made the decision to leave out the likes of Jacob Chris Felix and more and nothing we can do,Janza has already named the squad.

  15. iwe janza I know you are reading from this site.afcon cannot be won by those dwarfs you have picked ,musakanya very weak ,sautu and ngoma too raw,chamanga useless, these youngsters are needed team as they are the future, they should be slowly introduced to the team not at once .we don’t want to be embarrassed at afcon. if were you going by the performance of the players my final 23 would be as follows

    1.kennedy mweene(captain,he coordinates the team.)
    7.kalaba-vice captain
    10.sate sate
    11.singuluma(this guy is on fire,mark my words)


  16. People-let’s be honest with ourselves:
    1. Preferred Team (Mostly 2012 Players)-these guys have been under-performing since 2012 with a dismal Afcon 2013 outing. This continued in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers and Afcon 2013 qualifiers to an extent where we’d not even be making these suggestions today. Janza took a risk of cleaning up the act belatedly a risk which paid off.
    2. New Team-as much as it is a bitter pill to swallow, Janza and Shakes Mashaba took great gambles, and i think these are good for the future and winning Afcon 2015 should be a bonus which SAFA did infact tell Shakes but Great Kalu by doing the same has not been s darling of us the stakeholders. Even the 2012 guys (Kalaba, Chamanga, Chris, Mweene etc) were once at this stage where we are and didnt win it there and then. So to hold Janza solely accountable if we under-perform at Afcon 2015 may be a bit unfair-as to whether he’s the best we can have should be a story for another day.

    We need to learn to manage our expectations as they tend to have a way of haunting us-Is Sunzu we were labelling the best African defender just a year ago at PSG, Arsenal, Juve etc?

  17. There is a problem in Zambian football too much politics and wrong advice. Jacob when he played for Zambia he scored and where he is, is scoring. Felix most often comes in as a substitute and the temple of the game changes.

    If we are playing football we will come out we early like. That is why FAZ president said we are not going to win the Africa cup because he knows the problem they have.

    Am worried

  18. @ Uncle bobs, we are not against the idea of bringing in young players, we are not sure why your Janza brought Chamanga instead of Mulenga or atleast Kola. If you compare Mulenga to Chamanga then you will see why most fans are against Chamanga. The last time I saw Chamanga scoring for Zambia was in 2012 against Sudan at the AFCON. Ask yourself about Jacob.

  19. Jacob has continued to score goals for his club,but has failed to score for zambia.What is the problem with him? So stop blaming Janza for his bold action he has taken for leaving him out.

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