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It’s official Sunzu signs for Chinese side

Chipolopopolo Boys captain Stopilla Sunzu has signed for Chinese side Shanghai Shenshua from French Ligue 2 side Sochaux.

And the 25 year old is set to fly straight to South Africa and join his international teammates were they are preparing for African Cup of Nations.

From the transfer deal believed to be worth $3 million, his former club TP Mazembe is also set to benefit as they had a roughly 30-50% in the clause.

The deal has been brokered by his agent Nir Karin from Israel.

Last year, the Chililabombwe born was been touted as one of the best defenders in Africa and his start at Sochaux was proving so as he called 4 goals in his first 13 matches in the second half of the 2013/14 season.

Sunzu has also played  for Chateauroux in France while in Zambia, he played for Afrisport, Konkola Blades and Zanaco.

Sunzu joins 34 year old James Chamanga in the Chinese Super League after exactly a year in the France but now it seems the dream of him going to England has ended.

Chris Katongo and Isaac Chansa also had spells in the Far East.

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  1. At 25 and u decide to play in china. Ba sunzu wat has happened to yo dream of playing in the EPL. Iyi yeve ni reverse gear in yo career regardless of the money. Hope u won’t live to regret it coz I have seen U-20 nd U 17 boys who are capable of piping you from your position in 2-3 yrs time, more especially with yo going to a mediocre chinese league where useless 46 yrs old james chamanga will be yo man to mark.

  2. One of Africa’s most talented defenders.
    I hope that Shanghai french coach Gilot will be offered a job in France (or elsewhere in Europe) so that he can take Sunzu with him.

  3. This is f00lishness of the highest order. Sunzu is a senseless boy why couldn’t he wait for afcon to conclude how can you go to shanghai? This is madness. The boy was shining in ligue 1 and you go to China. These moves are automatic when you are 30 once you do well in europe Sunzu has made a big mistake.

  4. Mweene should take over the captaincy of the chipololpolo Sunzu has no leadership and determination in him he’s a weak soul. Why couldn’t he wait till the end of afcon to make a decision

  5. A lot of the u-17 and u-20 boys will be signed by European clubs in June. People like Sunzu should beware. Their positions will be under threat. This is a poor move

  6. Morning fellow bloggers.. Lol..In light of this move,I would like to share a story I founf on Goal.Where the “Falcao” explains how hard it is for professional footballers to control their destiney

  7. I have said once and am saying it now, Sunzu is not fit enough to be the skipper of Chipolopolo.Currently only Mweene and Kalaba are ,this boy Sunnzu is not even vocal me I do not know what has gotten into Kalu and Janza and these are if not the brightest football brains of our generation and yet their conduct is very suspicious .

  8. Mulekeni u wine Sunzu asale chaina,he wants to be coming out man of the Match in every game he plays in besides the good salary see what happened to Noah Chivuta in Viatinam or Cambodia and he came back boasting that he has improved and wanted to ofer some of those improvements to the National team,so pathetic these players.

  9. From today onwards my hope and support will be on the U-17 and U-20 and youngsters like Lubambo, Mukuka, Patrick Ngoma etc. I have no faith in these so-called Chipolopolo stars like Sunzu anymore.

  10. I have a strong feeling that Bafana Bafana will beat Zambia so convincingly that CHANGES will be made to the final team to be submitted on the 6 th January 2015. so cool it, JACOB AND KOLA WILL BE CALLED IN.

    • Bakalamba Ba Frank, do not despair, our kids as just as exciting as Shakes’. We’re on the right track believe you me and in a year or two the gamble we’re taking now shall come to pass. Remember in 1978 when we had novices going for the Afcon in Ghana with a first round exit and missing Afcon 1980 in Nigeria but coming back very strongly in 1982 a cup i,ve always believed we should have won (with due respect to the eventual winners Ghana with a young Abedi Pele aged 17yrs far younger than ours we are saying are immature) save for referee’s biased referring against Libya in the semis.

      For me, like Kalu says, winning Afcon 2015 shall be a bonus but come 2017 the likes of Lubambo Musonda, Patson Daka, Patrick Ngoma, Mangani Banda, Christopher Zulu, Kalale, Larry Bwalya, New Sate Sate at Nkana just watch this space etc shall be on Cloud 9.

      Let’s be realistic with our expectations you good fellow soccer fans. Even South Africa looking at their tough Group shall be competitive but may come short-Senegal (back in red-hot form), Algeria (team in top most form on the Continent as at now) and Ghana (same old story)

  11. It is a big lie that Sochaux forced Sunzu out. This boy is dull and likes money. He could have waited for the conclusion of afcon before running to this league for lazy people like chamanga. The national team needs a shake up. Mweene and kalaba should take over the leadership and captaincy in this team. Jacob and kola need to be called. The team is also lacking one creative player like felix katongo or Clifford mulenga to provide cover on the bench. These selectors are beginning to anger some of us fans. At the last afcon Renard carried pathetic chintu saying he was a team builder. I’m tired of these useless coaches carrying their favorites because they are pastors. We want players on the pitch nor pastors.

  12. I have always said that lack of education affects our boys in many ways. Am sure this Sunzu was just being told things that he couldn’t even understand and he was there nodding, just accepting whatever came. Even his agent has seen that the boy is gullible and has taken advantage of him to make a quick back! This boy must not be the captain of the national team! to start with he can’t express himself in simple english and he is not a good organiser on the pitch. Janza picked this boy to be the captain becoz he thought he can easily command him without question even when things are not in order Sunzu can’t argue!

  13. China players for Afcon? This is not gymnastics or ping pong, You better revise the squad yo face Cape Verde, your nemesis

      • Don’t want to be you. NEVER. Not to be close to an ill informed crap like you. Just inculcating the sense of reasonableness to some of you . A reformation needed in some of you who are still living in Northern Rhodesia and cannot see beyond your nose.

        • @paradox incarnated,das a missile to that creche thinker who abysmally started appreciating football post AFCON 2012 cos to him,football is AFCON 2012,with mindset like this,how wud uor players aim high,wasnt it about this Sunzu guy u pepo were jubilating to have been courted by MAN united and Liverpool?pathetic souls.

  14. SHOCKED!!!!! HOW? WHERE? WHY? Sunzu anyway at the end of the day its your career, your choice and your life I just pray am wrong cause I think this move is a humongous blunder. Anyway what’s done is done all the best in china my brother God bless

  15. Kikikikikiki ati Pastor James Chamangas and the other one has been promoted to Bishop Chitu Kampamba awe sure Kalu watu pesha nelyashi Lyobe I lya ma kick backs.

  16. I wonder who is shallow thinking here..Most people criticizing Sunzu probably don’t understand that football is big business nowadays. These players are property, they are owned by clubs and managed by Agents.who make money by buying and selling them. In short the player has no say maybe if you are Cristiano OR Messi but i doubt if they can also choose.Remember a bird in hand is worth 2 still in the bush they say, there is no guarantee sunzu will have a great tournament to attract your good teams…3 million is a lot of money for a team just relegated, they have to cut the wage bill and if a buyer come with a good offer the player just tags along.. In case you have forgotten Di Maria signed for Man U even when he wanted PSG who were playing in UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE…Why?? because United paid Real Madrid what they wanted… Thats football for you!!!!!!

  17. You.guys should shut up! Didn’t Drogba and Seidu Keita play for this same club and now they are playing for Chelsea, and Roma respectively? Frank Akyempong of Ghana,who starred in the champions league for Anderlecht played in Thailand as a youth and now he is on his way to AC Milan
    Why won’t Sunzu go for that big money when he knows very well that he will not.get 1/10th in Europe especially when no team wants him?
    Asamoah Gyan played in Italy , France and. England yet he was been given a peanut and when the chance came after a good season at Sunderland he quickly went for it, yet he is still shining
    Now he is the highest paid footballer in Africa in UAE and he was shortlisted among the best five players in Africa including those playing in Europe
    No wonder some of you are so poor. think Sunzu is fool like you

  18. Drogba and Keita were at Chelsea and Barcelona respectively and they had proved themselves hence when it did not workout in China it was easy for them to move back which I fill Sunzu will found to be difficult and the other Ghanaian player started young in those small leagues and now moving to Europe which makes sense to me but Sunzu my brother is gone for early retirement .I don’t not see him moving back to Europe if in the first place he could not even get a team there.

  19. My heart bleeds for Sunzu and Zambia. Are our players this dull and desperate. Going to China at 25yrs means Sunzu will never play in the big leagues in Europe. He could’ve marketed himself once more at Afcon 2015. I guess the West Africans are right when they call Chipolopolo a second rate Chinese product. But kwena! Yaba!

  20. List of leagues that are better than Chinesse league 1.FAZ super division
    2. Zambian Division 1
    3.Zambian Division 2
    4. Zambian Division 3
    5. Zambian Super amatuer
    6. Chilanga Christmas tournament

    why didnt Sunzu sign for one of the clubs in these strong and competitive leagues…

  21. good move ba sunzu shangani is one of best teams in this world. remain focused and disciplined. this move has both increased his salary and and price tag.these players they play soccer to earn a living to please fans by playing in europe where you will be playing for peanuts.shangai definitely sell him some where else. football is serious business.sunzu is a well disciplined player.if he performs well at afcon those who will be interested in him will no where to get him.those who influenced sate sate to dump platinum stars they mislead the young star. its good to have solid foundation.he should have emulated from what sunzu did. in life you need its time for sunzu to reap.where you play does not matter.look at the zambians they have skill and pace especially that chisamba lungu.zambia have won afcon with home grown professionals.

  22. zambia they won afcon and none of the players were bought.what makes you feel clubs they are going to buy our players. this is not an under 20 tournament.sunzu is one of the clever boy with direction,dignity,discipline,determination and dialogue. he used his brains.he was at afcon for the last four edition but no clubs offered him something tangible.jaza leave sunsu alone he listen to his manager and his club only

  23. Anita is such a good analyst. Such an intellectual. This boy Sunzu has been swindled by his agent. The agent karin was out to make money. How can you allow your client to move from Europe to China. This boy is finished how will he break back into Europe. Nobody is following that Chinese league. This boy is truly dull. From China his next stop is south Africa. What a dull boy. Fwayo tembo is another dull boy who has ruined his own career.

    • Big john finally you’ve given up on Fwayo. You should’ve provided Counseling and Mentoring sessions to him than just praising his talent when he was busy self-destructing. It’s not too late for you to do the same to Mayuka before you give up on him as well!

  24. The current under 20 and 17 is red hot. I expect a lot of them to be bought by European clubs. People like Sunzu and fwayo who lack seriousness will find their positions under threat. Some will miss world cup 2018 if we qualify because of stupidity. With strikers like patson daka in the youth ranks some senior players are in trouble. You can already see lubambo musonda the boy is red hot. He will be playing in a top European league soon.

    • Word-exactly what I,ve been propagating on this blog while many cried for waning “experienced” players continue under-performing on the back drop of AFCON 2012 triumph.

  25. You start wondering whether some football agents consider their pockets first or the player’s and ultimately, the country’s. I am not a FIFA Players Agent but I can assure you I have enough contacts in Germany which could have seen Sunzu play for the Germany Bundeslige. I am ready to work with any of the two Zambian FIFA Players’ Agents at no fee if approached.
    For now, I will zero in on my PhD.

  26. China is a bad destination for football. Sunzu should have stayed at Sochaux and help them return to ligue 1. But money is devil. Sometimes you can even think of your religion before going to China. Will Sunzu be ready to worship with monks at a shaolin temple?

    • First time this dude, mumbi, is attempting to make sense. It appears my recent admonishings to mumbi are beginning to take effect. Keep it up, brother.

  27. I guess it time to finish those flats in salama park buy a few more plots and farms sunzu is focused on making hay while the sun is still shining the say “a bird in hand is better than two in the bush” you can’t blame a man for thinking like a realist survival ni nkondo those of you who think he should have stayed in france are not using your brains nicely don’t feel lazy to think guys

    • Bro, it’s not always that houses (hole in the ground) give you passive income (one can maintain his/her lifestyle way into retirement). He needs to have proper financial advisors-we can help if called upon!

  28. I have just seen the DRC squad we are in serious trouble. Awe twafwa mwe ( we are dead). That DRC on paper is 10 times better than zambia. Janza is a very useless coach who has failed to manage egos. How can you call a useless old man like chamanga when we have players scoring in europe. We are not going to accept mediocrity at this afcon. Janza must bring the cup. We are not going there for rebuilding no. Rebuilding is done at under 20 and 17 not here. We told him to select the best he didn’t want to listen therefore he has no excuse.

    • Zaire as i prefer to call them always have players of note but end up being good from afar yet far from good. Do not despair brother john!

      I remember 1989 in the 1990 World Cup qualifiers when they brought a star studded squad (Pangi Merikan, Santos Mutubile, Ngalula Bwana, Kabongo Ngoyi etc) at Independence but goals from Derby,Msiska, Kalu, and Stone Nyirenda saw us beating them 4-2

  29. This is fool who has was talking about Chelsea, Arsenal and now he will be doing kung Fu with Chinese Pandas? Yaba, thank you Kalu and Faz for guiding these kids. No leadership, no mentorship at all.

  30. SUNZU SPEAKS NO ENGLISH. HOW CANHE BE THE CAPTAIN? Compare him with Ghana’s captain who speaks fluent English and has once been interviewed by the BBC. I am looking forward to the day when Sunzus interview with the BBC happens. The world would be turned upside down and NORTHERN RHODESIA will be the focus of the then new world order.

    • My sister, not Katongo please, Lubambo will ably handle the wing. Katongo became a bad groundnut according to what came from FAZ. Shouldn’t we make being in the national team a privilege (discipline being of paramount importance) than a right?

      But your opinion is respected my sister.

  31. Zambian players lack vision thts they wil neva shine in europe. We nid these ben carson books to be translated in bemba so tht these guyz can learn to THINK BIG

  32. I’m very disappointed in Sunzu, could have and should have done better. No doubt he’s one of the best defenders on the continent. Why China? Sometimes it only takes being patient to reach the ultimate destiny; great things doesn’t come around too easy. I would understand if he was traded/loaned by his current club, cos as a player might not have any choice. In this case according to the article, Sunzu “has signed for Chinese side.” Let’s aim higher my brothers, for only $3m?

  33. This China club have TOP French coaches and TOP facilities.Drogba and Anelka were there and went back after to the mozongosmleague so same will be for Sunzu. China is the future in football and pipo will see it soon. In addition Sochaux didn’t agree to sell him for lige 1 and Sochaux is a shit club and pipo.
    Yes also good money…
    Anyways it’s a good move!
    PD: u all talk but after AFCON 2012 how many Zambians signed in Europe? I think just 1… Anyways you pipo talk but Sunzu work!!!

  34. You know what, its ok Sunzu is playing in china. Let him play there. These counties, qatar, india, china are paying good money and are willing to give a chance to our players. There is no gurantees any of these big european clubs will ever value our boys so why wait for them.

    We are Zambians and we have struggled to break the big leagues, thats why when we play their players its time prove something.

    • Ghanaians shut up. Isn’t Gyan playing for money in the Mideast with Osama bin laden people? Shut your trap, this forum is for Zambians to complain for whatever reasons,not your kenke filed mouths to come and vomit nonsense here.

  35. Chinese league wont take anything away from sunzu. he will remain one of the best defenders in africa. in zambia he has sat a record which might take years to be broken.he is the most expensive and highest paid player. last time is was katongo and he was based in china now it is sunzu.this boy wasted his precious time playing at mazembe that is why his price tag is low. he should perform very well at afcon and hopefully zambia will reach to the semi final.

  36. drc is very strong on paper as compared to zambia but on the pitch zambia is more stronger.the team is not judged by number of European based players you have. what is important is cohesion and chemistry. i mean coordination.zambia dismantled cape verde which was a taem of european based professionals and 2012 afcon zambia reduced the much fancied ivory coast to an ordinary side. Egypt used to bash the all stars teams like ivory coast and the dark charcoal stars.

  37. We need a strong physical spine all through the middle. Look at 2008 when lack of height we got spanked.kola or Jacob are needed for something different.. When you need someone to defend at key times or get a goal in the last minute. Our strikers are all the same size which means zambia will play the way with no plan b. Atleast if we got big strikers we can have two wingers who gets the ball in. Going through the middle won’t work especially these days teams play 3 in there. How are we going to penetrate teams with no physical striker? We need height in middle of defence, midfield and also forward. We need to make sure we can defend set pieces and free kick before anything. zambia has history with me in giving away stupid lame free kicks in dangerous position im expecting us not to have learnt this lesson and watch team score from these situation cause the lack height.

  38. Sunzu look like kung fun artist with those big nose and maybe he ll be the first zambian and for that matter, African to bring thre BLACK BELT IN MARTIAL ARTS TO ZAMBIA by knocking out JET LI WITH THEM TANKER HEAD! LOL

  39. Well it’s official and I bet Sunzu is excited to meet his new team mates Geng Xiaofeng, Xiong Fei, Byung-Kuk Cho, Chen Po-liang, Fan Lingjiang, Xu Liang, and the rest.

  40. Typical case of a player without ambition. There can be no footballing reasons involved in this move. Cracking it in Europe takes more than just being an Afcon winner. It’s all about hard work and personal sacrifice. And that thats why thr majority of those that make it there are those that go there while still kids (15 -17 yrs). By the time they hit 20 yrs they already have the work ethic needed. I hope Mayuka won’t be tempted to follow the easy path too.

  41. The only question; Is good at all?? if His French Club can sell him away at $3million without looking back,

    This is mediocrity at its best. How do we expect how players and our national game to improve if we sucumb to such low levels. Its a real shame that our none of our players can not make it in any renowned team…. Look at Mayuka, I wonder where the wind will take him in January.

    My second question is who advises and manages these boys? Do they have their interests at heart and the interest of developing Zambian football. For once I hope people like Kalusha can remove the thinking which is based in their pocket…. And be honest for once.

    I think a change of mind in FAZ is necessary. And by this I mean change of the entire executive….. full stop.

  42. Such moves are made when the players career is in his twilight. Not now and at 25. Leaves me wondering what type of pressure Sunzu was under to sign this deal.

  43. Give him a break…it’s his career,his life and his choice..the dice has been it automatic that sunzu’s attributes as a defender will downgrade? Time will come when he’ll leave china..Ati he can’t speak english,so what if he can’t?? Why hasn’t honor janza picked u since you speak english?? Express your frustrations but please don’t insult King sunzu…Katongo ws performing just ok the time he played in china…

  44. we have to give to west Africans who work hard to make in Europe, Zambian players are just dull. I wonder how Sunzu is the captain, how is he going to read those anti racism messages before games? so how much did Sunzu get? If club got 30%, I am sure the agent tricked the uneducated Sunzu and gave him 30 000 dollars

  45. Soccer fans in your own reasoning Sunzu seemed to va made a wrong move!but he has his own GOOD reasons to go to china.Every person in what ever job/professional wld like to go where the grass is greener.Most of you are interested in seeing sunzu go to greater footballing countries but the owner whom God gave that life and talent wants money,so its not a wrong decision.mulekeni apanga ulupiya before talapwa.

  46. This website is not current at all, old stories running for days. No wander some Zambian bloggers troop to for current news.

  47. With these kind of players who are impatient. expect us to come back in the first rind again. Coincidence again that a Sunzu transfer is happening before Afcon. last year we failed to come out of the group stages.

    • ………. and uor so called taunts on GSN r laced with shallow mindedness interpersed with pea sized brain full of creche thinking,even uor countrymen like sokafan and chipolopolo1 all attest to uor myopic mindset yet u r too full of uorself to admit,u dont need to b told to grow up bcos it will b of no use if u do.

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