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Its embarrassing that I am not having game-time at Ajax – Clifford Mulenga

Clifford Mulenga is disappointed with his lack of game time at Ajax Cape Town, describing his current situation as embarrassing.

The experienced Zambian has made one league start under Roger de Sa at the Mother City outfit so far this season.

At 27, the well-travelled former SuperSport United and Mpumalanga Black Aces player believes that he should be playing regular PSL football.

“I came to Ajax hoping that I would put everything that has happened in my career behind me; that I would come to a young team and that things would go well. But I’m not playing and people are even asking me if I am still playing football.

“It’s quite embarrassing for me, you know. I feel like I can still contribute to the team, but unfortunately it’s not working out for me. At the age where I am right now, I feel like I should be in my prime, enjoying my football and preparing to call it a day. But I still feel I’ve got at least five or six more years to go in my football career.

“What I’ve gone through in the last few years has also contributed to me being where I am. But I feel I must just keep myself in good shape and, you never know, next season things could change. Even this season, there are still quite a couple of games to go. I’m staying positive and I’ll keep working hard,” said Mulenga.


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  1. Biggy…I guess there has to be a drastic change of lifystyle to get back to that promise we saw and remember. At ’27’ one shouldn’t be in your position, I mean your body is at its strongest and you are bloody talented BUT who am to judge you?? Work hard tata, do more to get back in shape, cycle, workout…get your energy levels up…and above all work on your mental issues and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep well every night…

  2. At 27 yrs you are now realizing your attitude is now catching up with you? If you had setup higher goals to play for bigger clubs in Europe..which cames with good behavior and how you carry yourself, then you would not be in this position. Goodluck getting a team in China or India. What a waste of talent this guy has been.

  3. he falls in the bracket of Emmanuel Zulu and perry mutapa. players who never achieve their full potential. this boy was more lethal than fwayo and mayuka at under 20 since he was already a regular in the senior team. he actually made an impact before kalaba. try and see what can happen in china and prepare for retirement.

  4. There are clubs in Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and any other …asia. This chap is just reaping what he sowed. Since AFCON 2012 misbehavior even clubs never took him serious, national team players who fall on wayward based on indiscipline find it hard at club level, thats why grandpa Chris Katongo wont survive next season, he will come back and start driving a taxi. At 27 you are not making it even at bench, papa run away, very fast before you go into menopause at Ajax.

  5. And some funs have been crying for his inclusion to the national team, just like they have been for those others who used to be good players some time back and have just remained with their names to show for it. Thats why Mr Janza is trying to groom a new team because of players like this

    • But as you are saying to a lot of guys even in here still feel he needs to be in the national team. If you hear a player saying this from his heart just know that things are really bad for him.

  6. Ajax Cape Town is the BEST club in Southern Africa any young player who wants to break into Europe MUST go at any cost. Sorry for clifford you are at Ajax when you are grown up. Had you been disciplined and started at a club like Ajax you have been in Europe. However work hard

    • And since every player that plays in ajax cape town, goes to Europe, how many of SOUTH Africa PLAYERS ARE IN EUROPE THEN?

  7. Clifford Mulenga – what an excellent player at under 20 for Zambia. I used to love the guys game. Some of his goals even in the PSL were absolutely amazing. He once made a former Liverpool goalkeeper then playing for Ajax Capetown (forgot his name) look like a fool with his curling free-kicks. He was also bought by Gavin Hunt then at Supersport united who desperately tried to get the best out of him but he never performed consistently and was eventually sold. Despite his amazing talent which every person and coach could see, his personal life issues always seemed to diminish him playing well consistently. Ultimately his life story as a footballer will be that of potential unfulfilled. He needs to move to China, Thailand or Malaysia and go make some money for his family. All the best to him.

    • C Katongo is Zambia’s best hope of scoring goals! Evn at 32! Had he bn part of the 2015 afcon team, he wud have definitely scored!

  8. Come back home join the local league. Isaac Chansa , Katongo brothers, Fwayo were not foolish to make that decision.

    Isaac chansa did it & now he is in Iraq making $.

    So both Clifford & Mukuka Mulenga should swallow their pride & match back home.

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