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It’s an insult to call me and bench me – Chisamba

Chipolopolo midfielder and Russian Premier League side Ural FC captain has give his thoughts on not receiving enough game time with the Zambia national team.

Various papers have reported on Chisamba stating that the national team technical bench can do better in their choice on players –

Daily Mail Reports

“Yes, the new players have the skill but experience is needed. We have to use experience and skill to get positive results. We have to use the right players, otherwise we will not go anywhere like this. Players who are supposed to play are not playing,” he said.

“To be captain for my club is not easy, I work hard and always have to start games and it really feels bad being on the bench when I come to play for the national team, but I respect their decision.

“The most important thing for me is to see my country do well. There is no togetherness in the team. If I am not needed it’s better they don’t call me or tell me I am not in their plans,” he said.

The Post

“It feels very bad to be benched. If I am not in the plan of the coach, it’s better they don’t call me, I won’t complain. Personally it’s an insult to call me and bench me without a reason,” said Chisamba who was influential in Zambia’s 2012 AfCON victory.

“It’s not easy to be captain of a side, to be in the first eleven, so I am at my best. But when I come here, it’s something else.”

“Coming to the FAZ executive and coaches, they have to use players who are supposed to play. They have to mix experience and skill. If you have only skill in the team without experience, then you can play 100 games, but without experience you can’t go anywhere,” said Chisamba.

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  1. I agree with the players sentiments. Our coaches don’t have an understanding of the need to have players with big game temperament in international games. It almost feels like the coaches bow down to fans demands for certain players and yet they are supposed to be the professionals of the game

    It was a mistake to not start the game against GB without seasoned players like Chisamba and Fwayo. Yes there could be some argument on Mayuka but then again even a half baked Mayuka cannot be benched for a full baked Daka, the quality difference is sky high. Jacob Mulenga should be recalled because with the Daka’s and Ndlovu’s the next time Zambia wins another Afcon will be in 2080.

  2. I can agree with Chisamba on this one. Surely a seasoned, influential, good and senior player should be considered in the first team. We know Chisamba and we know what he can do. I was at pains to understand why the coaching staff had to bench players like Chisamba, Lubambo, Mayuka, etc, in preference to “small” time players.


  4. As much as i believe Chisamba should be in the first team. I am also reminded that all selection is based on performance. Give 100% even when coming off the bench and you will surely get the place you lost in the first eleven. Don’t be another Fwayo who cries to be selected but when he is selected puts up mediocre performances. Every one in Kalingalinga and Mtendere knows that after Kalaba Fwayo has no equal in skill as winger but the man always sulks when coming off the bench and generally produces rubbish. You select yourself when you consistently perform. When was the last time Kalaba had a poor game. The guy plays 100% every game. learn from him.

  5. Lwandamina Is a Pathetic Coach How Can He Bench Players Like Chisamba, Fwayo, Lubambo, Mayuka Was Better Than Daka, & Not Calling Rodger Kola, 4 a Crucial Match.

  6. I was shocked when the amateur patson daka started ahead of Mayuka. Allan mukuka is moving to amazulu. I’m sure kalu is pleased and will be collecting a cut. I was shocked to see mukuka starting ahead of seasoned professionals like chisamba and fwayo

    • As you talk about Lungu just look at where jAnza’s finger is pointing. He has direspected us before to derail the whole world cup program, just like Kennedy Mweene did. But i agree with your point sir. Lungu is capatain and he has a lot to offer. When time come Lungu and the rest of them including administration should just deliver.

  7. With Landamina Zambia Wil Not Qualif 4 Afcon 2017, coz We Hv Exprience Coaches In Our Group Who Can Beat Zambia. We Hv Paul Torres Of Guinea Bissau, Bobby Williamson Of Kenya & Claude Le Roye Of Congo Brazzaville.

    • Agreed it would be a miracle to win an Afcon with any of our local coaches…sad but true….they just don’t yet fit the bill of an Afcon winning coach. There is still a lot of work to be done.

    • Lets no call him names, Daka is a player of the future so lets not be too quick to start killing off his confidence we will certainly need him in the near future as for now he has been rushed into the senior team.

  8. I have always this point right from the time Janza was appointed.Surely a future national team player must prove himself at various levels before he even comes near the senior team.Most of these young players have been such a disappointment at under 20 level and to expect them to raise their game at the senior level is a puzzle I will never solve!A half fit Mbesuma is more likely to score than a fully fit Daka or charles Zulu.It was clear that Chisamba and fwayo made a big difference when they came on against Guinea Bissau.The same can be said about Chris katongo coming on against Cape Verde in cape Verde .They changed the complexion of the game in a positive way.This rebuilding process has been calculated to serve certain individuals with interest to market some selected young players.Thisis where I blame Kalu!

      • Ba steve. Infact this is the more reason we need an expatriate coach. They don’t tolerate such interference unlike our local coaches.I remember Herve Renard refusing to travel with the team to South Africa because a certain player was being imposed on him for selection.

    • Thank you Amos Mumba. You’ve said well. These youngsters are being roped in the first team or starting IX, in order to market them by selfish individuals who want to make a quick buck. This is evident to all. There is no way a normal thinking coach can start Patson Daka ahead of Mayuka or Fwayo; Or start Mukuka ahead of Chisamba and Lubambo. No way.

  9. If Lwandamina Remains As A Coach We Wil Be Beaten In Nairobi, The Scotish Man Knows Zambia Very Well When He Was In Uganda, U can Rember Him In 2013 Afcon Qualifier Second Leg In Kampala Were We Play Penalties 2 Qualify. Lwandamina Struggled 2 Beat Mbabane Swallows Of Swazilnd & Fail 2 Beat As Kaloum Of Guinea In 2015 Caf Champions Ligue.

  10. Hey guys weres clavias stace,as Zambian we should focus arewself the team that we have at the moment is n1we don’t have exerlent
    goalkeeper lineup 2d,malama 3nkausu 4a,katebe 5,muntali 6mutonga 7a,mukuka 8l,musonda 9sate sate 10c,lungu 11l,kalaba

      • Kikikikikik@ Paddy, I think @ Ikulu munsapato meant the first eleven though could not name the goal keeper between D. Munyau and J. Banda. We don’t have an excellent team at the moment but we should just focus on this team;2.D Malama 3.D Nkausu 4. A katebe 5. C Muntali 6. Mutonga 7.A Mukuka 8.L Musonda 9.Sate Sate 10.C Lungu 11.R kalaba. Am just wondering why @ Ikulu has left out players Mbesuma, Sunzu, M Mulenga, Kangwa, Kola and other notable players. Lolest

  11. People of this forum please correct me if am wrong, according to my observation and understanding, most of our local coaches have never played proffersional football(in europe) so they have not been exposed to football at its highest level as a result their knowledge is limited. Their thinking and mentality is still stone age football. So our local coaches will never take us anywhere. Kalu tried but he only does things that will benefit his pocket..

  12. The post and their reporting leaves much to be desired . You can create hatred between a player and the coach reporting like that. Sometimes be professional for a few minutes it doesn’t hurt.

  13. The real issue here is Janza did not know how to manage his players. To keep each individual player focused at their role in the team. HR and Beaumelle could do this but not our local coaches it seems. We had good coaches and then they were taken away and this is one of the results. There are many more negative results truth be told.

  14. The truth has been said. This is happening in Zambia only were star players sit on the bench . Its not to captain a team in a nation of pure racist and rebels . Chisamba earned this Arm band through hard working and perseverance .

  15. Its all about money end of the day, Kalu gets money then gives to coach, end of the day if I am chisamba, mayuka, lubambo, fwayo, j mulenga, or kalo. I would never come play for national team, until they fire kalu and hire new coach. its insult to best players we have

  16. i agree with chisamba, why bench experienced players like fwayo mayuka lubambo and others then you put Daka and mukuka in the team.This has proved that local players are not capable of coaching the national team we just need an expatriate coach for us to qualify to the AFCon or else we wont qualify with local coaches

  17. we are tired of these pathetic local coaches who put players on bench like chisamba, fwayo, lubambo & not calling rodger & jacob for crucia match & they cant even beat minows like malawi, namibia & guinea bissau, we need a coach who can give us gud results & qualify zambia 2 2017 afcon & 2018 fifa w/cup. with lwandamina we are going no where.

  18. Its not gud for chisadino or any other player to come out like that in the public he could have approached the coach personally on that matter to kno why he was left on the bench.May be the had made a stratege to kill the match with the skill of Chisadinho or Fawyo or Lumbo wen the opponent got tired but it could not.If the coach is against Chisadinho,he proved chicken by his skills and passes.What am sayin Chisadinho should be humble if he is captain so what?he should play evry much,the answer is a big No.In this he shown is pride.Fellow Chipolopolo fans we may lose Chisadinho from the national forever or sometime.Kalusha proved Bukard wrong on the pitch not on the media.Sometimes Chisadinho is not good in marking that he should no,but the zambian coaches don’t know how to use Chisadinho’s skills to his strenth that is behind the striker.

  19. true that,it is not these coaches to make the team,but Kalu is the one to select the team.That clown of a coach is just there to make numbers just like the half baked lads they are always playing so that they amass a few caps.

  20. Allan Mukuka is not a bad player. Much as the coach has the right to bench certain players, but benching a Captain at a foreign club is an insult to such players. Jaob Mulenga also expressed the same when he was benched during the Afcon in 2013 in South Africa. What Chisa is saying about lack of togetherness should be taken seriously and be dealt with by ghe coaches. It’s good for players to speak out as this is the only way that we can know why the team is doing badly. Am craving for a new coach, these local coaches are just fontinis. Katongo was chucked out for speaking the truth. Guess who next?

  21. Chisamba Lungu has hit the nail on the head. The current team is lacking cohesion and it is clear to see. When he says there is no togetherness it is was seen quite clearly at AFCON. Zambia was leading against opposition twice. First against Congo DR, and second against Tunisia. Did you see the reaction of the players after conceding the equalizers. They all looked like they were blaming eachother. There are clearly no motivators and inspiration inciting players on that team. The camaraderie that saw us on top in 2012 is gone. And allow me to reiterate; firing Janza was a mistake!!! The timing was off, the whole thing was terribly executed. That decision should have come immediately after AFCON.

  22. chisamba is the third player to expose the technical bench after katongo and fwayo.if they fire chisamba there is likely to be a massive one knows why charlie did not like to play for zambia and he extended it by barring his kids. next is mayuka he endured a lot of patience.sunzu’s refusal to put on an armband speaks a lot.the players were silent for a long period of time. faz should intervene at solve this issue with immediate effect. there is serious divison in the team.chisamba said their is no togetherness in the team meaning the relationship of players is not all that good.chisamba has the right to say so as a senior player in that team. its not good to hear players complaining when the team is on rebuilding.

  23. Government said there will be a new coach the other week. The sports minister seems a smart guy. I think what he meant was the money was there and they were willing. Now ball is in Fazs court, we wait, we wait, we wait… Watch how long we will wait.

  24. We need chisamba, katongo,fwayo,Jacob,kola,mbesuma and mweene, let mweene find anaza team for game time. Or we use munyau.keep experience players near always.

  25. Paradox is missing in action as ideas are being expressed. We need his opinion on such matters. His good old friend Mumbi, is lost over half a decade now. Embittered couple .

  26. why everyone is blaming coach, its not the coach who selects team in Zambia its kalusha, why is no one blaming kalusha, kalusha is useless he needs to be fired now. otherwise Zambia is useless soccer team

  27. I hoped to see Chisamba,sate sate in the starting lineup but was disappointed to note otherwise.When are our coaches going to learn and take each game that Zambia plays seriously?Ba George and your assistants be more objective in your player selection or else chipolopolo will become wiping boys very soon.

  28. Chisamba is miles ahead of a lot of players in our team but yet he gets benched??
    This boy has proved his abilities in the National colours.

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