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Interest in Moses Phiri confirmed, five more leave ZANACO… As they look to tie down Kiala

Zambia Super League side Sensational ZANACO has confirmed that 2020/2021 golden boot winner Moses Phiri has received interest from several clubs.

According to Sensational Zanaco FC Acting General Manager, Roy Mutombo the club was weighing up offers tabled for the former Buildcon skipper who has one year remaining on his contract.

Mutombo went on to confirm the departure of Namibian defender Tiberius Lombard, left-back Kebby Kamanga, Congolese defender Belchance Makiese, winger Mwansa Nsofwa, and striker Emmanuel Okutu.

Mutombo went further to explain the reason behind the departure of striker Roger Kola on a free transfer to the Tanzanian side, Azam FC.

“Apart from Roger Kola who joined AZAM in the Tanzanian league, Belchance Makiese, Kebson Kamanga, and Tiberius Lombard have already left the club,” Mutombo told the club’s official website.

“Kola left because his contract ended and he opted not to renew. We had been in talks with him to have it renewed eight months prior, but negotiations with his agency broke down because we considered that there were high demands of which we could not meet.

We also considered the best interests of the player, so we thought that it was good for him to retire at a good foreign club.”

“As a club, we are in business so we will accept a good offer that will be in the best interests of the player,” he added.

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) earlier this year at the 2020/21 Annual General Meeting held at Urban Bliss Hotel in Kabwe approved the new quota system meaning Zambian Premier League clubs will now only be allowed to have five foreign players on their books.

Mutombo confirmed that the Bankers are working on downsizing to the approved five from the fourteen they had last season.

The Club is also working around the clock to convince midfielder Kiala Lassa to pen a new deal after his contract elapsed on 30th June, The ZamFoot Crew understands.

“We had fourteen foreign players on our books, but as we head into the new season and beyond, we will reduce on that number so that we only have five foreign players by the end of 2022,” he said.

“Emmanuel Okutu, Belchance Makiese, and Tiberius Lombard’s contracts were not renewed after they ended last month.”

“However, there is one foreign player whose contract has already ended and we are still in talks with his agency to have his contract renewed,” he added.

The Bankers finished in second place in the 2020/2021 season hence will represent Zambia in the CAF Champions League together with Champions ZESCO United.

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7 Comments to Interest in Moses Phiri confirmed, five more leave ZANACO… As they look to tie down Kiala

  1. Slim says:

    14 foreign players on the books of Zanaco..goodness me what nonsense is this! The amounts of money wasted on these below average players could fund salaries of world class coaches. The training methods would improve at the clubs. This is how the game tactics changed at Red Devils and the copperbelt as a whole; Jeff Butler introduced scientific ways of improving our football. May his soul rest in peace.

  2. Chali says:


    It is very true. Our problems could be club coaches. Improve the club coaches and their products will improve and National team material will improve as well

  3. Chindika Popeye Nguni says:

    Unfortunately our local coaches hate school starting with Wada who refused to be taken for further studies. Opted to go to south were he only lasted a few months and was fired. As long as our coaches remain comfortable with caf E coaching budges our game wont improve and will continue going doqn wards

  4. Frog says:

    Zambian local coaches hate education with passion. Wada adamantly refused to go for further studies. Today he could have been a best option. He thought masetting sana

  5. BigJoe says:

    Do tell me that Micho did not go to school? Its not about school bane. Conel Brigtwel Banda did not go to school and founded GBFC and became one of the greatest coaches Zambia had. By the way which school do players go to learn their skill? We rush on blaming coaches. There is no coach that is good /bad , there is only one qualified for the particular team at a particular team. Can you say Morineo is did not go to school with all his continued firing? Look at successes he has scored. Herve Rena was just fortunate in 2012 but look what happened just a after winning it. It was a mess with the same team that won just after 12months. Zambians learn to appreciate,spend and be patient with your own. Very soon you will begin to cry for foreign players to be back. Iam for Zambian coaches. Senegal has maintained their own for a long time now. Viva Chipolopolo

  6. Chindika Popeye Nguni says:

    We not talking about school yama grade shani but aquiring coaching budges. Modern football keeps changing while our local coaches remains with stone age tactics. The micho you’re talking about has a uefa pro license that’s the education we talking about.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Offload those foreign players and recruit energetic Zambian players

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