Am one person who goes ballistic with excitement when watching good and well coordinated football. They say football is all about goals but coordinated football will increase the chances of you winning the match.


Football has evolved in the recent times and has given birth to what is called the modern theories of football like building an attack from the back, high press, defending from the front, both the left and right back contributing in attack just to mention a few.


Playing out from the back basically means to progress up the pitch with clear passes even under the highest pressure. In the long-term, the approach of building up from the back is a more promising one than to play long balls which are often connected to a lot of coincidence as the ball is put in a 50-50 situation and it is anyone’s ball.



Goalkeepers are known for pulling out those excellent saves because they are the last men in the line of defense but they should also contribute in the build up of an attack.


A goalkeeper should be able to knock the ball around with their feet, this is what made Kennedy Mweene different from others goalkeepers, it was his ability to play the ball down and exchange passes with his defenders.


Power Dynamos goalkeeper Jackson Kakunta and Green Buffaloes goalie Fred Silwamba are the well known goalkeepers in the league who are not scared to build up play from the back in the league.


A very good example of buildup play was the first goal in the Kopala derby which Luka Chamanga scored, that is how building play from behind will pays you. Kakunta started the move then there were some interchange of passes until Chamanga finish the move by putting the ball behind the net.


Long balls can be effective in instances were a free kick or corner is wiped in and the goalkeeper collects, this is the best way of catching your opponents on a break cause they will commit more bodies up front.



The left and right back position is another area which has seen improvements, in modern football a left and right back should not be good only in defending but should also contribute in attack.


They are called wing back Or full-back, indicating the greater emphasis on their responsibilities in attack. The fullbacks at some points take up the role of wingers, then the natural winger will move into the box hence increasing the number of targets to pick on. Therefore the fullbacks should have excellent vision into the box so as to be accurate with the crosses.


A wing-back needs to be of exceptional stamina, mobile, be able to provide crosses upfield and then defend effectively against an opponent’s attack down the flanks. It is the job of a defensive midfielder to cover up in case the Wing back is caught out of play.


Mwila Phiri is a very good example of a fullback and has flourished in that position at Zesco United and Kabwe Warriors Zachariah Chilongoshi. With a bit of teaching, Ernst Mbewe can do exceptionally well and can be one of the best player in this position, his speed is an added advantage.


In the Zambian League we are catching up with these evolvement though a lot of coaches prefer using the so called “traditional tactics”. A lot of work needs to done, that’s why it has been so difficult to see a Zambian goalkeeper or defender plying their trade in other continents though Stopilla Sunzu and Emmanuel Mbola have made it out there in recent times.

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