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Heart to Heart with Mashata…From walking to training to playing for Green Buffaloes

In 2019 Zambia U-20 national team won the COSAFA U-20 tournament and one of the players who were instrumental in the coach Oswald Mutapa tutored outfit was Golden Mashata.

Mashata’s impressive performance was first noticed by Charles Bwale back in 2018 when he called him for his first U-20 duty and convinced him to land a contract at Zambia Army-sponsored side Green Buffaloes.

The ZamFoot Crew caught up with the youngster to discuss his career journey so far.

Mashata told the ZamFoot Crew that his road to playing Professional football has not been easy as he had to walk miles at a young age in pursuit of his dream. The pacey and tricky winger had to stay with his coach when he was in Under -16 to avoid his daily trekking from Chainda to Woodlands.

“I started playing football when I was 8-years in Chainda. I joined a team called FORSTER I didn’t spend much time there. I was called to go for a holiday with my uncle who stayed in Nyumba Yanga. One day I went to watch Happy hearts training from Woodlands B primary school, that’s when I thought of challenging myself by joining the Under 10 at Happy Hearts F.C,” Mashata told the ZamFoot Crew.

“My football Journey has not been that easy it has been full of challenges because I used to stay in chainda and I would walk by foot to Woodlands B primary school just for training from my U-10 days to my U-14 days. When I graduated to U-16 the coach thought of maybe I should start staying with him, that’s when I started staying with him from U-16 to the day I joined Green Buffaloes football club,” he added.

Mashata had a chance to go to Italy but since he was a Minor and the club had no Academy by then he was forced to return to Zambia. Mashata was very prolific during his early days at Happy Hearts.

“At Happy Hearts, I become Top scorer for the club and I then had a chance to go to Italy for trails at SAMMURESE SD CALCIO I was a miner by then. The club wasn’t allowed to have a miner cause by then it did not have an academy. So I came back to Zambia and I had a chance to go to Europe with Lusaka Youth Soccer Academy we played Gothia Cup in Sweden, Dana Cup in Denmark, and Paris Cup in France, and in all the Tournaments I came out top Scorer,” Msahata explained.

“After coming back from the tournament in Europe the U-20 national team coach Mr. Bwale gave me a chance to play the Cosafa in Kitwe after the tournament Mr. Bwale (Charles) asked me to Join GBFC where he was an assistant coach and I agreed to join GBFC.”

Mashata during the 2019 U-20 COSAFA tournament

The young winger says his first season at Green Buffaloes was full of ups and downs. He is now targeting playing a lot of games so that he can help Soldiers push for a league title.

“My first season at GBFC I can say it has been sour and sweet at the same time. Sour because my first year I didn’t have much game time and sweet cause I am a squad player.in my first season with GBFC I have managed to win the Cosafa Cup with the U-20.and made my debut against Red Arrows,” he said.

“My second season at GBFC I want to work harder so that I can play games help the team push for the league title and get recognition for the national team. My aim is to go to Europe soon,” he added.

Mashata has unbelievable skills, he is quick and has an eye for goal. The soon to Kick off 2020/2021 season may just be his breakthrough.


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