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Guest article: Desperate times for our football

The FAZ guys are special with their blackmail and propaganda. After the 1998 Africa Cup, FAZ had a very long tiff with the government, we were never banned.

Around 2010, Andrew Kamanga and others formed a parallel FAZ executive, we were never banned.

Fifa doesn’t ban overnight – they allow for dialogue first and where possible, even appoint Normalization Committees.

That’s how Andrew Kamanga and others found themselves in Zurich in 2010 after the formation of a parallel executive which the Kalusha Bwalya-led team deemed illegal.

Zambian can never be thrown out of the Olympics, please. Fifa doesn’t organize the Olympics but the IOC. If Fifa banned Zambia today, our girls will still play at the tournament under neutral colours without maybe our national anthem being sang.

The uninformed are fearful of a ban while the propagandists are in full gear with their machinations and taking advantage of people’s gullibility.

When all that is happening, pertinent issues from others are being thrown under the carpet like they don’t matter!

FAZ should table the MUZA proposal and listen to the very pertinent and genuine cries of its members. That, to me, will solve the problem.

I mean, why are FAZ against reconciliation or doing things that their own members want discussed?

FAZ has the key to all this through a round table, give-and-take and bipartisan approach yet they’re crying the loudest on a mountain top as their attention-seeking antics reach top, desperate gear.

For the avoidance of doubt, no one wants Zambia banned – who will such an action benefit?

[Kennedy Gondwe]

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