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Grant must resign, pack and go says Mamadou Gaye

Supersport analyst Mamadou Gaye wants Chipolopolo Boyso coach Avram Grant to leave his post.

Speaking on Soccer Africa, the outspoken Ivorian said Grant ‘must resign, pack and go.’

Zambia failed to win any game in Group F at the on going the 34th edition of the African Cup of Nations.

“Get the Zambian coach on the list. Yes, because that was the failure of the Zambian coach. Get him in the list. He must be no.7 on that list,” he said

“In those six coaches fired, Zambia coach was supposed to be part of it.

Gaye said he was in disbelief that Zambia failed to pick even a point against Morocco

“Because if you cannot secure a draw to qualify then what are you doing there. Against Morocco…just a draw. I think also he must resign, pack and go.

Zambian legend Kennedy Mweene agreed with the Ivorian’s assessment.

“I think he is right. They gave us space to play. It was the Morocco we know,” Mweene

“Zambia were to conscious and very conservative. In a game they knew they needed to win, they didn’t go for it,” Thomas Kwenaite.

Below is the list of sacked/resigned coaches

  1. Chris Houghton (Ghana) – Sacked
  2. Tom Saintfiet (The Gambia) – Resigned
  3. Jalel Kadri (Tunisia) – Resigned
  4. Jean Louis Gasset – Resigned
  5. Djamel Belmadi (Algeria) – Resigned
  6. Adel Amrouche (Tanzania) – Sacked

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  1. It’s not a good reason to fire the Coach but the players are the ones who was on the ground or football peach was supposed to put more efforts it’s more like if your child fails exams then should you blame the teacher?

  2. The coach is ok , you mamadou you don’t know what we have pass through with local coaches , you have no idea on that , Grant has transformed the team and we beat you 3-0 in qualifiers and topped the group , then you you come and say that rubbish , in tournaments this happens sometimes . We are on right track..

  3. WHY??? Is it because Ivory Coast miraculously made it all the way to the semi final ? Anyway they will eventually fail to make it to the final & their coach will resign.

    Coach Avram Grant is OKAY. Infact he will take us to the World Cup for the very first time. We still have two (2) more encounters with Morocco & Tanzania. The player’s first experience of AFCON at that level may have contributed to the nervy performances. Well, Nsunzu is an exception.

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