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Full Transcript: Grant’s post match reaction v Congo

The Israel coach has transformed the Chipolopolo Boys in 11 months

Zambia coach Avram Grant spoke to the media following Friday’s 4-2 victory over Congo in the FIFA 2026 World Cup qualifier.

Grant’s general overview of the match

“We needed to show a lot of good football and mentality especially in the second half. We started the game well and we were leading 1-0,” Grant said

“But we slept a little bit and they scored two fantastic goals to be honest.

“Congo is a good team and know how to play good football.

Avram Grant is slowly becoming a national hero in Zambia

We were in control in the second half

“Second half we dominated the game completely and this is game which could have ended even more. We missed good chances and they also missed two good chances but we deserved to win.

“Yes, first half we did [made] mistakes, it cost us. That’s the reason for the two chances [they scored] even though the first goal was not a chance, it was a very good strike from the player of Congo but most important for me is [how] we recovered from this because many teams I think could have been difficult from 2-1 down.

“We came back strong and then we made it 2-2 and even before half time we missed big chances, also we hit the bar and the post.

“And second half we came [out] completely different. Also the players that came from the bench did a big impact and help us to win.

Shikulu will be hoping for a win against Niger on Tuesday

Are you able to rate Zambia’s performance out of 10?

“I never answer that question. Give me two days to think about it. [He joked]

“It was a good performance [and gave us] something we need to improve on. Until now the team as a defence play well.

“I think we [haven’t] conceded [competitive matches] to many goals. One goal against Lesotho that was also a mistake of the goalkeeper.

“But if you see today, there are no easy games. Lesotho did 1-1 in Nigeria.o there are no easy games anymore. The performance second half was good, first half was so so.

Avram Grant with FAZ President Andrew Kamanga

How crucial was Lameck Banda’s equaliser just before half time?

“I think it was very important [to equalise]. You would also want to see the team strong mentally but If you remember we missed a big chance 2 minutes before [the equaliser) and hit the post.

“We scored a goal which was good for us.

“Most important is that the team after [going] 2-1 down showed good mentality. They went forward at the right time and created chances. Goal before half time was good obvious.

Grant exchanging notes with his assistant Moses Sichone

How do you rate Francis Mwansa’s [goalkeeper] performance?

“I think Francis [Mwansa] is doing a very good job since he has been playing. But also Lawrence [Mulenga] did a good job against Ivory Coast and [Charles] Kalumba the third goalkeeper.

“I think all the three goalkeepers performed very well in the training camp. This is a position that we want to see more stability.

“I think anyone from this three we play will show good performance like Francis [Mwansa] did in the last three games and Lawrence before.

“He [Francis] is a good future goalkeeper for the country. He is young.

What your take about Patson Daka’ performance?

“He is a very good striker. He scored how many goals today? ah 2.

“He scored 2 goals and he has scored in almost every game since I have been here.

“He is doing a very good job. His movement is good. It’s not so good that he is not playing for his club so it’s not helping us a lot but he has good character.

“Normally he takes his chances 100%, today it was a little bit 50% but he has been good for us.

Lameck ‘The Beast’ being congratulated by Moses ‘Big Mo’ Sichone

Is Lameck Banda injured?

Lameck said he was little bit tired. He did a good job, scored a goal and gave an assist

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